Hamas Slams PA Decision To
Imprison Zeevi Killers


GAZA CITY (AFP) - The radical Palestinian movement Hamas lashed out at the Palestinian Authority's (PA) decision to imprison the suspected killers of an Israeli minister under a US-brokered plan that would lift Israel's month-long siege of Yasser Arafat.
The five, members of the militant Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), are wanted for the assassination last October of Israel's tourism minister Rehevam Zeevi.
"The PA accepted the proposal (of US President George W.) Bush to place Palestinian militants accused for the murder of a Zionist official in a prison under US and British guard", a Hamas communique said.
"We, Hamas, refuse and denounce this measure that constitutes a new submission to American and Zionist demands and conditions", it said.
Hamas made no mention of Fuad Shubaki, an advisor to Arafat implicated in an arms-running scandal, who is also to be imprisoned as part of the deal.
On Sunday, both Israel and the PA accepted a US plan to lift the siege on Arafat in return for the six Palestinians' imprisonment in a West Bank jail under US and British guard.
The PA decision "is a blow against Palestinian national unity and the sovereignty of the Palestinian people in their land", Hamas said.
The radical group also denounced the "concentration of all efforts on the question of raising the siege on Arafat."
"All of the Palestinian people is suffering because of the tight blockade, not just Mr. Arafat".

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