Racist Mugabe Says Whites
Inferior To Blacks
From Jan Lamprecht Southern Africa in Crisis

Robert Mugabe has stated white people in Zimbabwe are to be considered inferior to blacks.
The president has vowed to educate Zimbabwean children that whites are second or third class citizens.
He has also promised to end Zimbabwe's food shortages, provide jobs and end foreign exchange problems. He said he, would do this by creating an agricultural production boom on former white-owned farms allocated to 264,000 black families.
"The land has finally come to its rightful owners," he told a crowd celebrating the 22nd anniversary of independence from Britain at the 55,000 seat National Sports Stadium in Harare.
The stadium was only about a third full when Mugabe rose to give his 25-minute speech in a ceremony that preceded a soccer match between the country's two top teams with no charge for admission.
On the eve of the celebrations, Mugabe told a party for schoolchildren: "The soil that we walk is ours - every grain is ours. The white man is here as a second citizen: you are number one. He is number two or three. That must be taught to our children."
The ceremony was marked by a fly-past of MiG 21 jet fighter bombers and military displays. A strong crosswind caused a glitch when it blew out a flame of remembrance Mugabe attempted to light.
Mugabe announced the coming year would see maximum government efforts to get production going among 264,000 households given land under his "fast track reform programme" with distribution of feed seed and chemicals. Farming experts fear the near-bankrupt government will be unable to afford the inputs.
Due to disruptions in agricultural production and a two-month dry spell from January to February have contributed to current shortages of many staple foods including maize meal, milk, sugar and cooking oil.
A regional famine early warning unit reports that up to 7.8 million need food relief with 380,000 facing imminent starvation.
Story filed Thursday 4-18-02
Jan's Notes:
A lot of news reports have been blaming a drought for southern Africa's food shortages. I'm not so sure. I live here and haven't seen anything to indicate a big drought is under way. I think a lot of this is to hide the effects of Mugabe's "Land Reform" scheme. I think a lot of countries may be helping him to plug on along. He's created a TOTAL DISASTER, but they're trying to explain it away.
I must laugh at the above. BIG BOLD PROMISES. Yep, that's all these Marxists are capable. In 1980, this same Mugabe PROMISED THE BLACKS: By the year 2000 they would have: Free Education, Free thcare and Housing. Yeah, by the year 2000, Zimbabwe was falling apart at the seams.
I laugh, those 264,000 have to WORK THE LAND NOW! Work? What's that? Does a communist know the meaning of that? Ha! Steal, burn, lie, kill. Yeah, that they know well. But work? Worse still, HONEST HARD WORK!? I think not.
The sheer BOLDNESS of the statements by these liars has never ceased to amaze me. They stand there telling the boldest lies imaginable - sounding so convincing. But it is all HOT AIR. PEOPLE WILL DIE. BLACK PEOPLE WILL DIE. The best way they will survive is by getting the UN and all those bleeding heart Western Liberals to give and give. That's what Mugabe was counting on to begin with.
All of this is madness - complete insanity - not just on his part but the way much of the world actually comes to save them instead of letting them feel the consequences of their madness, delusions and folly. This is a total reign of unreality and madness.

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