'Wake Up Isreal, You Have Become
Everything You Should Despise'

From Timothy Woodill

Hi Jeff,
I was raised in Western country that strongly supported Israel. I was taught at school that the Jewish people had suffered terrible atrocities and had had to fight "tooth and nail" in several wars against their neighbours to secure some degree of security. I had always believed that they were a noble people who had eventually prevailed, although totally outnumbered, due to the brilliance of their military command, the toughness of their army and the sheer determination of their people. I left school with the utmost respect for Israel.
I have just watched several months of news footage from every source, rabidly pro Israeli, rabidly pro Palestinian and everything in between.
For the following reasons, I have lost all the respect I once had for Israel.
1. Israel is occupying and settling land outside its internationally recognised borders.
2. It uses heavy military weaponry in confined urban areas causing inevitable casualties among non-combatants (women, children, old people)
3. It uses deadly force against minors without restraint.
4. It inflicts disproportionate and indiscriminate casualties on random Palestinians in response to any attack upon it whatsoever.
5. Whenever the Palestinians seem to be calming down Israel demolishes some of their houses or sends in some tanks or something and inflames everything again.
6. Even though it is an aggressor occupying someone else's land and inflicting significantly disproportionate casualties, Israel seems to think that it is the victim (talk about self-deluded).
After what their people went through during World War II, you'd think that a Jewish state would know better than to try and utterly crush a people (hey dumbarses, the more you take away from them the less they have to lose).
I guess its just like child abuse. Abused children grow up to be abuers. Here we see it on a macroscopic scale. Survivors of fascism end up Nazis (as if its anything else to think that one of your dead is worth three of theirs). It's the old "it happened to us first, so now it's someone else's turn" mentality that belongs more in a kindergarden than on the international stage*.
Wake up Israel, you have become everything that you should despise.
Tim Woodill


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