The USA - Usurpers Siege Of America
By Martyn Mitchell

A Letter to America
Well, well...America, Home of the Free and Land of the Brave. To the rest of the world this is becoming more and more of a farce. Outside looking in I see Bush and his despicable cohorts making a mockery of all you Free and Brave folk. It is unbelievable that they are being permitted, if not encouraged, to wipe their feet on the good people on whose backs they prosper.
The smugness of the current administration is truly appalling. Not since Hitler have we seen such a wolf in sheep's clothing, such blatant disregard for the common man, such overwhelming conflict of interest on so many fronts. Your government does what their masters want with impunity and you sit and watch and applaud.
This administration is not merely disassembling your precious country brick by brick, they are taking it down with a wrecking ball and running off with the gold. Who challenges them? No one, lest you be branded unpatriotic. Well guess what, all you unthinking patriots deserve what you get. Only problem is that you're going to take down the rest of us with you.
With the possible exception of Mr. Powell your administration doesn't have a humanitarian bone amongst them. Anything that is done as far as foreign aid, and I use the term very loosely, is invariably tied to the self interest of some commercial or, perhaps more insidious, private concern. Big business along with big profit for insider shareholders is alive and thriving in America. Freedom and well being are casualties and are now only remembered through transparent lip service.
Benedict Arnold pales in comparison to Mr. Bush et al. And yes all you brainwashed and complacent people are unpatriotic for allowing the treasonous perpetrators of the Usurpation of America to remain hidden in plain sight and laugh in your face at your naiveté. Are you not affronted by the brazen disrespect for you the people displayed by Washington?
Rep. Cynthia McKinney recently had the courage and conviction to stand up to Bully Bush and state the obvious. The stampede of cowardly politicians lining up to attack her gall at even suggesting there could possibly be anything rotten in Denmark is truly pathetic. If you the people allow them to crucify and belittle truly courageous people such as she then you are just as guilty and ultimately complicit as are they. Even if she is wrong, and I suspect that she has grossly understated the matter, it can certainly do no harm to let Mr. Bush know that he does not have card blanche to do as he pleases and does have YOU the people to answer to.
I am sitting here wondering what will happen next to divert attention from Rep. McKinney. Perhaps another anthrax attack? A new flurry of high alerts for "terrorism" on the home front? Or perhaps just a barbecue on the White House lawn to roast the freshly slaughtered McKinney.
Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of life in the second millennium? Want someone else to do your thinking for you and relieve your pudgy brain? Mr. Bush and his entourage will be more than happy to relieve you of your burden. Just don't complain when Mr. Bush replaces all your military brass with yes men and the sky begins to fall.
Oh, I almost forgot, when was the last time you heard mention of Mr. Bin Laden, archenemy No.1 alias Patsy uttered from the icy cold lips of Mr. Bush? Still no clues as to the identity of the anthrax attacker? I'll bet the Enron clique is all but paralyzed with fear over the vicious investigations! Hmmmm.
No Guts, no Glory. Wake up and smell the stench as your flag sinks into the corporate cesspool and your American sons die for the treachery of their commander-in-chief.
America home of the Sheep and land of the unquestioning Patriot.
Am I concerned about repercussion for writing such blasphemy? Of course, which is precisely why it must be written, because if I do not feel secure in expressing such views something is very wrong in our so called free world. Let me be perfectly clear, I am not anti-American, I am, however, strongly opposed to abuse of trust and of power.
Martyn Mitchell
Toronto, Ontario
My email to author
When my ancestors fought their brothers, the British, Canadians waited for us to die to gain YOUR freedoms. You got a half-assed Charter ... your rights from the King, ours from God. You have no free speech, no gun rights, hell : WHAT DO YOU HAVE?
Harder for God to take our rights away, yet you are right we are being betrayed by our "leaders." Your nation is far worse off. The highest title an American can hold in these United States is "citizen." Many "leaders" have forgotten that, as have many citizens.
However, Americans have been willing to fight against each other (Revolutionary War, Civil War) when we feel an injustice cannot be resolved via the methods set forth by our Founding Fathers. Why do you think the SECOND AMENDMENT (Gun Rights) is second?
What would Canadians do? Wait again for us to save the world? Fire your muskets? We won't hold our breath.
An American Answers A Canadian
From Denie
Hey Martyn...
You've got the job. Come on down here and straighten out our country for us...Help us not elect politicians that are not elected by us in the first place in sham elections by corporate international interests.
Did you ever hear of : The Council of Foreign Relations The Bilderbergs The Tri-Lateral Commission ?
You should have...just as they run America...they also run Canada and are inflicting the New World Order on us all. America is just a contemporary front shill in the ever-evolving international corporate controlled world.
Have you ever heard of : IMF The World Bank ? These entire countries by making them debtor nations to be exploited.
Wake up...Let's see you change all this - and if you even try... let's see how long you survive.
Look to your own country my friend, it gets and takes the same benefits that America gets from America's action. What do you really know about who makes the decisons in America? Here's a flash for you: It's the same people who do it for Canada (in secret)!
Now, with you as Prime Minister of Canada...we could change all this. Unless, the CIA, Mossad, revamped KGB, or MI-5 or 6 (of either Britain or Canada) put a slug in your ear via a 'lone nut' misfit component. The point is...'you' don't know what's going on.
I applaud Ms. Mckinney and there's a whole lot of dissent in America about all this. There is always major dissent in America about things like this including farce wars.
It's not America that's the problem... it's the corrupt culture of Western and Eastern Civilization which created both democracy and communism...along with it's religious tribalism and illustions to self mutilate and subjugate the human organism and it's thought patterns.
Once you realize money is a substitute for human enslavement...which is what this planet is really about...controlling people's mind and lives than you have a starting point to save humanity.
Now...whose awake ? and whose asleep ? and who is responsible ? Did you say it was America, which is just a name for a place ? It's greed, my man ! It's horseshit philosophy ! It's the perverted world power elite ! It's their ego not a mythical place called America which is just 'a word'.
From Gene Kilber g
I can't help myself, I just have to reply to this article - one of the funniest things I have read in a very long time, (besides Gore's most recent nonsense). This is a Canadian talking about liberty and freedom. HA HA HA HA. Way too funny! Does this guy really think that anyone really believes this nonsense besides McKinney and two or three other paranoid nutcases?
The part I liked best was "your administration doesn't have a humanitarian bone amongst them." HA HA HA HA. Another good part was how McKinney had the "courage and conviction to stand up to Bully Bush and state the obvious."
"America home of the Sheep and land of the unquestioning Patriot" Help, I can't stop laughing. This is coming from a Canadian!
Martyn Mitchell, thanks for the article, it really cracked me up!
Gene Kilber

From Sheryl Jackson
War by its very nature is an unHoly state. I say if Kathleen Parker is so gung-ho for the war, she should be over there at least covering it and not just running her mouth about Cynthia McKenney. I believe that to teach our children to run at bullets on command is an abomination. Let the OldeWhiteBoys and Girls that believe in this war go fight it. No bad backs, no flat feet, no being deaf as exclusions. You believe in war, put your money where your mouth is. Go spend a week on the front lines. Go see the womyn who cry over their dead children. Go see the dead and rotting corpses before they are plowed under by the Israeli tanks. Go watch the people starve and gnash their teeth. Perhaps you might want some of the flesh for lampshades. Or perhaps you might want some of their teeth for souvenirs that you can bring back and share with your friends over a bottle of tequila. Perhaps you should get yourself some estrogen and work on relieveing yourself of the massive testosterone that is so obviously coursing through your body. Suggested reading: The Bible, and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
In defense of Christianity: The Thou Shalt Nots are clear, concise and simple. The sixth commandment states unequivocally in four words. Thou Shalt Not Kill. Period. There are no exclusionary clauses, there are no exceptions. It does not say thou shalt not kill UNLESS you hear it from a BurningBush. Nada, nope, nothing comes after those four words. This is not a Holy war. This is the evil that men do. God has nothing to do with this war. What wrath are we binging upon our own nation by supporting this? Is God not Omnipotent? Then why do we think we need to run interference for the Israelis? Who are we to interfere with the affairs of God and His Chosen People? Are we preventing God from making more miracles? If we are how angry will He be with us. The question is never what kind of God would allow this, but what Kind of People would allow this war? By our silence we allow, by our silence we allow, by our silence we allow...

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