The Good, The Bad
And The Israelis

By Tim Rifat

There are three facets to the emergent New World Order. There is the good and spin doctors would have you believe that this naturally includes America, Britain and NATO. There are the bad and that encompasses Muslims, Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Libya, China and Russia. And then there are the Israelis who are above the law and may do as they please. If you are characterised as 'bad,' like Serbia, killing, torturing and destroying the homes of civilians is a War Crime, as Milosovic found out. If, however, you are Israel, killing, torturing and destroying the homes of Palestinian civilians is not a War Crime but part of a wider 'War against Terror.'
The new rules are that every Muslim is a potential terrorist, giving the US and Britain licence to cluster bomb civilians in Afghanistan - whatever you may think that is definitely not a War Crime. Israel can shoot, torture and drive Palestinians out of their homes with bulldozers because Palestinian children, women and the old are all potential suicide bombers. It may seem harsh but it is definitely not a War Crime. While if a Palestinian blows him/herself up and kills or maims innocent Israelis - then that is obviously an act of terror and the Palestinian leaders are all War Criminals (except Arafat who is a CIA asset).
These are the new rules of the New World Order, watch the news from this new perspective and see how it all makes sense. The lunatics have not just taken over the Whitehouse, they have taken over the entire western world. Remember, there are the good, there are the bad and then there are the Israelis, who are above the law.
As any capitalist will tell you, if you own property you can do with it as you please, as long as you have planning permission. Dismantle the laws and you will be free to do, as you like. This is exactly what the Zionist trillionaire elite intend, and if they have their way, then they and theirs will be free to do as they like. Jenin is a case in point: the Israelis can murder Palestinians, while 'Pontius Pilate Powell' washes his hands and goes back to America.
To illustrate the blatant hypocrisy of the Zionists and their Anglo American allies, there has been a hue and cry over Le Pen in France recently. His party came second in the French Presidential elections first round, pushing Socialist Jospin out of the race. Instantly, Blair publicly denounced Le Pen as a racist who must be stopped at all costs.
Excuse me if I find Blair's position hypocritical, but:
* Le Pen has not cluster bombed civilians to my knowledge.
* Le Pen has not been responsible in part for the deaths of one million Iraqis, primarily children, as Blair has been.
* Le Pen has not had Catholics exposed to cancer causing microwaves (as they have been by the British Army in Northern Ireland).
* Le Pen has not had tanks crush people in their homes or used bulldozers if tanks did not suffice.
* Le Pen has not had army snipers shoot children, women, old men.
* Le Pen has not had the gall to use tanks to blow up ambulances, so wounded civilians bled to death.
* Le Pen has not had helicopter gunships or 105mm depleted uranium tank rounds used against civilians in their homes.
Sharon does...but does Blair accuse him of anything and say he must be stopped at all costs? No, of course not. Sharon is a Zionist...and a Zionist trillionaire elite owns and controls the Bank of England and Britain itself.
Blair fawns before the transnationals, which are owned by the Zionist trillionaire elite. In contrast, Le Pen wants to take France out of the EU but the trillionaire elite run the EU through their ownership of the transnationals and the banking system. Le Pen wants to repatriate immigrants. However the trillionaire elite wants them in the West to drive down labour costs and in the process destroy European culture so that it can be McDonaldised.
Thus Le Pen poses the gravest danger to the trillionaire elite. Ideas spread, and now Le Pen has broken the credibility barrier and his party is no longer fringe; similar parties may spread. In fact, they already are as witness Joerg Haider in Austria.
In the medias storm of anti Le Pen rhetoric he is labelled as BAD, Bush and Blair are the GOOD. And Israel is the UGLY - but since the Zionist state is above the law it is free to murder, maim and demolish.
Which prompts one to ask: if a Yugoslav president carried out these actions in Bosnia or Kosova would he not be a War Criminal, too? Could it be because a Zionist trillionaire elite own the West? Every single year for well over two decades, Americans give BILLIONS of dollars to give Israel the latest helicopter gunships, tanks and aircraft. Sharon's use of over one hundred tanks and armoured vehicles to spearhead his offensive has undoubtedly bred more suicide bombers. But one must ignore what Israel does to the Palestinians - because they are, after all, above the law.
Instead, we should concentrate our attention on Le Pen, the French patriot who might gain power and copy the Israeli patriot Sharon - and then where would we be?

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