Did 'Palestinian Terrorist' Forget
To Remove His Star Of David?

From John K. Whitley

OOOPS! Which of the "Palestinian Terrorists" in this Reutersphotograph is wearing a Star of David....?

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From Guy Dunphy
Also observe the taped together magazines on the guns. Two interesting points: One magazine is taped, the other seems to be done with with some kind of metal clip - since it doesn't go all the way round the spare magazine. This clip seems a bit more like an accessory a well funded army would have - like say the IDF. Ditto for the nice new balaclavas incidentally.
But the *main* point, is that the magazines are taped/clipped together wrong way round. Shooters tape magazines together so they can do a very quick swap when one is empty. Which means popping the pair out, turning it over, and shoving the _unobstructed_ opposite end (the open end of the full magazine) back in. If the open ends of the two magazines are taped together adjacent (as in the picture) they will obstruct reinsertion of the fresh magazine.
This mistake suggests these persons were not familiar with the weapons or their use, and the event was staged by someone equally lacking in such skills. Either that, or a deliberate choice, for the reason below:
Its also worth observing that with the magazines the way they are, you can't see if there are any rounds in the second magazine. As you could if it was taped 'open end down'. Consider that for a staged event, it would be unlikely that the actors would be given loaded weapons. Maybe one or two, if some 'wild shooting into the air' was in the script. But no live ammo for the extras.
Guy Dunphy
From Dale Hayashi
Dear Jeff,
After examining the photos and reading the text, I immediately found fault with some aspects of the writer's logic. While indeed that appears to be a Star of David, the manner in which the magazines are connected is not unusual. Indeed, to tape together magazines in the manner the writer suggests is a sign of a novice. Military organizations and professionals do indeed connect magazines in the manner the photo shows. There are even special devices made and issued to accomplish this. Some weapons manufacturers even design their magazines to connect to one another without any devices. The proper way to use side-by-side magazines is to attach both with the feed lips pointed in the same direction, but with a large gap in between to facilitate loading into a magazine well without either magazine interfering with the process.
This diatribe is not to digress from the more important matter, what is an alleged Palestinian doing with what appears to be a tattoo of the Star of David?
Jeff, Dale

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