Rep McKinney Draws Fire
For Bush Remarks

By Melanie Eversley
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writer

Rep. McKinney Net Site

Washington -- Rep. Cynthia McKinney drew flak on Friday for her suggestion that the Bush administration may have had advance warnings of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, but the congresswoman defended her comment, saying the idea deserved investigation.
Sen. Zell Miller (D-Ga.), for example, issued a bristling statement, saying her comments were dangerous and irresponsible. He sarcastically referred to her behavior during President Bush's congressional appearances. McKinney, he wrote, "arrives early to get a coveted aisle seat, then leans way over as Bush walks down the aisle, hoping he will give her a kiss for all to see on national TV."
McKinney issued a nearly two-page statement expanding on her comments, to a Berkeley, Calif., public radio host.
"We hold thorough public inquiries into rail disasters, plane crashes and even natural disasters," she wrote. "Why then does the administration remain steadfast in its opposition to an investigation into the biggest terrorism attack in history?"
McKinney said that news organizations around the world had indicated the administration received warnings about the attacks.
She said while she had no evidence that the administration had profited from the attacks, corporations close to the administration have benefited from the increased defense spending following Sept. 11.
The White House, through spokesman Ari Fleischer, dismissed the comments. "All I can tell you is the congresswoman must be running for the hall of fame of the Grassy Knoll Society," Fleischer told reporters, referring to people who have theorized that President Kennedy's murder was a government conspiracy.
On Capitol Hill, the response was more dramatic. Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-Ga.) said all GOP members of the state delegation should sever communication with McKinney until she retracts her statements.
"She has a perfect right under the Constitution to say anything she pleases," Norwood said. "But as of her last statement, she will learn that the rest of the Georgia delegation has the precise same rights and obligations to their constituents and the nation."
The Southeastern Legal Foundation, a conservative nonprofit group based in Atlanta, called for the House Ethics Committee to investigate McKinney.
"I think this is so upsetting and so outrageous," said foundation president Phil Kent.
Striking a more moderate tone, Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) said he didn't agree with McKinney, but there should be no recriminations for her comments.
Striking a more moderate tone, Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) said he didn't agree with McKinney, but there should be no recriminations for her comments.
"She has the right to make statements," the Savannah congressman said. "If we start investigating every crazy statement made by a member of Congress, we won't have enough members left to serve on the Ethics Committee."
Political observers wondered whether the congresswoman would suffer at the polls this year. McKinney is being challenged for the Democratic nomination by Denise Majette, a former State Court judge from Stone Mountain.
Said Emory Univeristy political scientist Merle Black, "It reinforces the view among serious people in her district that she's a very ineffective representative if this is how she chooses to spend her political capital."
Majette weighed in herself: "For McKinney to believe privately what she says is disturbing," she said. "To trumpet it publicly without proof or substance is highly irresponsible and damaging to our country."
-- AJC staff writer Ben Smith contributed to this report. ___
'Your Turn' AJC Poll -
Are you satisfied the Bush administration had no advance warning of the Sept. 11 attacks?
Yes. 47% (4650)
I'm not sure. Congress should investigate. 2% (222)
No. I think officials knew it was coming. 51% (5093)
Total Votes 9965
'Bush 9-11 Plot' Finally Breaks In US Media Thanks To McKinney
From Bill Douglas
The `Bush 9-11 Plot' story has FINALLY broken in U.S. media due to the courageous and tireless efforts of U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney.
The Washington Post ran a story on her TODAY titled, "Democrat Implies Sept 11 Administration Plot".
As you can imagine the character assasination on her has begun in earnest, and the harder she pushes for the truth the more hateful it will become. WE MUST STAND BY HER SIDE NOW.
Here are 4 things you can do today to help her in this courageous cause for truth she has taken on on behalf of all of us.
We have a voice: 1). Contact the Washington Post and thank them for the article, and urge them to look at the FACTS Rep. McKinney has put forth, rather than simply quoting character assasination blurbs from other Congresspersons.
2). Contact Georgia Senator Zell Miller and complain to him about COVERING UP THE DISTURBING FACTS AROUND 9-11, and Bush ineptitude and possible complicity, by pathetic character assasination jibes and the courageous Rep. McKinney.
Encourage Miller to get some lessons in courage and honor from Rep. McKinney, and drop his gossip campaign (see his pathetic press release at the link below.
Miller's contact info is below the statement link.)
Senator Zell Miller,
(D-GA) 257 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-3643
Fax: (202) 228-2090
TDDY: (202) 228-2105
3). Send a donation to Rep. McKinney, and urge others you know to urge others they know, and on and on to do so. WHY? Because when a voice of courage stands up for us, the progressive movement too often leaves them dangling on the end of a rope. LET'S NOT LET THAT HAPPEN to Rep. Cynthia McKinney. Let's dig deep and work hard to urge everyone we know and every group we can contact to show this Congresswoman that she has our support in the most powerful way we can show it (the pocketbook.)
PLEASE SEND DONATIONS AND CARDS OF THANKS TO: U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney PO Box 371125 DeCatur, GA 30037 USA
[You can contact her Washington D.C. office if you want to verify the above address, or send a thank you note, HOWEVER, DO NOT SEND DONATIONS to her D.C. office. Send donations to the above address of her campaign office. 124 Cannon Building Washington, DC 20515 USA ph 202 225 1605 fax 202 226 0691]
4). Send the Washington Post article (link below) out to all media and congresspersons you can. Congressional and media contacts are below. Also, send them the BBC and Canadian Television expose's of Bush complicity in 9-11. (links also below).
God bless. Godspeed. Cynthia McKinney has laid it all on the line. Please make the above tasks your priority in coming days, and urge others in your various networks to do so as well.
= = = = VIDEO/PRINT/RADIO LINKS: (Contacts for media congress, below them). 9-11 Overview by Vision TV Bush / CIA Complicity in 9-11 -- Real Player Video Stream
Cynthia McKinney accuses Bush on 9-11, Washington Post
Reasonable Doubts About September 11th -- 53 minute Real Player Video stream
"9-11 and Pearl Harbor -- Real Player Video stream
U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney's statement
September 11 attacks exposed as 'an appalling fraud' The ultimate conspiracy theory book is flying off the shelves, writes Caroline Overington in New York.
From Terry Burrows
Dear Jeff,
Here is a copy of the e-mail of support I just sent to Rep. Cynthia McKinney in response to her statement on the need for a 911 investigation.
(Congresswoman McKinney Presses for Investigation of Bush Administration Links to 9-11
I encourage all of your listeners/ news readers to do likewise. I used the e-mail feedback form on her site at
Thank you,
Terry Toronto,
Dear Rep. McKinney,
Thank you very much for speaking out demanding the long overdue and unconscionably withheld investigation into Sept. 11. I agree with your comments entirely as do many of my friends here in Canada. We support you and stand by you in resistance to the attacks from your critics on this matter, whose comments only fuel the distrust which they have already richly and deservedly earned from many of the thinking peoples of the world.
It is very reassuring to us outside the imperial United States that not all in power in the USA are irresponsible megalomaniacs setting the whole world at risk for their suspiciously self-serving psychopathology. Thank you for being a courageous voice of sanity and reason. To be quite blunt, I don't think there is any intelligent person who has looked into the many holes, inconsistencies and provable lies of the official story on Sept. 11 that does not smell a huge rat.
We look to people such as your honourable self to be our advocate for truth and justice in this matter. We are very concerned that this very worrying administration is going to get us all killed, or worse. Please do continue speaking out strongly. I, along with millions more, am with you. Godspeed.
Yours sincerely for a real Sept. 11 peoples inquiry,
Terry Burrows
Toronto Canada
Copy to Rep. Ron Paul.
From Jeff Barrett
Dear Jeff,
Here is a letter I wrote and faxed to Rep. McKinney in support of her quest for a full and impartial investigation of 9/11. I hope this is helpful.
Rep. Cynthia McKinney
124 Cannon Building
Washington, DC 20515
Fax- 202-226-0691
2853 Candler Road, Suite 9
Decatur, GA 30334
Fax- 404-377-6909
Dear Rep. Cynthia McKinney:
Although you are not my representative as I live in California, I am writing to you to give you my voice of support in your raising of questions pertaining to the 9/11 tragedy. First of all, I commend you in even voicing these concerns in public given that you probably will receive a lot of bad publicity just as Oakland,CA Rep. Barbara Lee did. Please do not listen to those who would stop you from simply asking questions and insisting on an independent investigation into any US government agencyís role or possible fore-knowledge of the 9/11 tragedy. This is your patriotic and compassionate duty as representative of the American people and I thank you for that.
I too have many unanswered questions about 9/11 swirling around in my head and hope that someday they will be truthfully answered. I cannot buy from all the evidence I have personally investigated myself that certain agencies in the US government were not aware of the 9/11 threat nor did they fulfill their duties to protect the innocent people while the event was taking place. For instance, I feel that there are some serious questions left unanswered pertaining to the response of the US air defenses, specifically around the Pentagon and Washington, DC. For example, I still want to know why the Air National Guard stationed at Andrews Air Force Base, just 10 miles from the Pentagon, were not ordered to patrol the capitol after the first plane hit the World Trade Center or the second plane for that matter. This is just one of many questions that befuddles me still.
Again, I thank you for your courage in raising these questions which I hope someday will be truthfully answered so that peace and justice may be served.
Jeffery Barrett

From William Douglas
Since U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney has taken the courageous lead in demanding inquiry into what and when the Bush Administration knew about the 9-11 attacks, the citizen band of confederates known as The International Campaign to Demand Inquiry into 9-11 have sent her $10,000 in campaign donations.
Anyone wishing to send a donation and thanks to Congresswoman McKinney, can send it to:
U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney PO Box 371125 DeCatur, GA 30037 USA
You can contact her Washington D.C. office (below) if you want to verify the above address, or send a thank you note, HOWEVER, DO NOT SEND DONATIONS to her D.C. office. Send donations to the above address of her campaign office.
124 Cannon Building Washington, DC 20515 USA ph 202 225 1605 fax 202 226 0691

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