Rare Planetary Line-Up
Heralds Calm?

By Matthew Jones

LONDON (Reuters) - Supermarket queues will be shorter, road rage will ease and everyone will be getting on better over the next few weeks thanks to a rare planetary grouping, British astrologers believe.
Absolute nonsense, say astronomers.
From now until early June the five planets that can be seen with the naked eye -- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn -- will move into a rough grouping on the same, visible, side of the sun, something that happens only once a century.
"People will be able to see the planets with the naked eye lining up about 45 minutes after sunset," Robert Warren at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London told Reuters Friday.
He said stargazers should watch the planets rising from the western horizon where the five should be grouped within a span of 10 degrees of sky, or about the width of a fist held at arm's length.
While astronomers are busy swinging their telescopes westwards, astrologers are reaching for their charts and predicting great changes.
"The coming together of the five naked-eye planets in conjunction with other cosmic influences will greatly affect the collective human unconscious," astrologer Walter Berg told Reuters.
Berg said a chart for April 30 predicted greater human harmony and increased teamwork.
"That will manifest itself in shorter supermarket queues, quieter roads and people getting on better," he said.
"It will be like an army marching in step."
Joyce Hopewell of the Astrological Psychology Institute agreed. "The focus is on Gemini which is all about communication," she said.
Berg said the movement of planets through space affects the solar magnetic field which in turn affects the geo magnetic field influencing people's central nervous system.
This in turn means people will be more in tune with each other and better equipped to avoid the petty hassles and confrontations of everyday life.
But not everyone is convinced.
"Complete rubbish," said Robert Massey, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory.
"It is bizarre to say planets have that sort of an impact. It would be really impressive if the planets suddenly produced world peace -- but I doubt it will happen," he said.

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