Chamish - Shimon Peres And
His European Nazi Pals

By Barry Chamish

"No, the Jews of France won't catch on and they'll join elitist marches against a man who has the audacity to challenge the nazi establishment ruling France. All we can say to them is; Go Le Pen, Go."
Shimon Peres' reputation in Israel has hit rock bottom and we can thank three journalists for that: David Bedein, Yoav Yitzhak and Karolyn Glick. Bedein revealed that in 1999, Peres handed the Middle East UN head Terje Larsen and his wife Marianne (Mona), the Norwegian ambassador to Israel, a $100,000 "prize" pilfered from the treasury of the Peres Center For Peace. Yitzhak revealed that the money was a payoff for Larsen's intervention to get Peres a Nobel Prize in 1994. And Glick put all the pieces together, showing how "peace" is just extortion in the hands of Peres and and his Oslo deputy Yossi Beilin.
So who is the Larsen that Peres bribed to arrange his Nobel laureate? Read on:
"Recent revelations, however, have shown that almost all of Norway's top politicians, including just-resigned Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, and three foreign ministers, Thorvald Stoltenberg, (minister when the secret Israeli-PLO meetings began), Johann Joergen Holst, (who died of a heart attack after overseeing the signing of Oslo I), and Bjorn Tore Godal (the current minister), are long-term supporters of the belief that a Palestinian state should replace all of Jewish Israel.
"As reported last May, Tore Godal was chairman of the Labour Party's Youth Organization (AUF) when, 25 years ago, it committed itself to "support the forces which struggle for the national and social liberation of the Palestinian people". "The qualification for lasting peace," the AUF insisted, "must be that Israel ceases to exist as a Jewish state, and that a progressive Palestinian state is established where all ethnic groups can live side by side in complete equality".
"Now we can reveal that, six years later, top Oslo Accords architect and Norway's recently appointed minister of planning, Terje Roed Larsen, was on the editorial committee of the Norwegian publication Palestine News (Issue No1) when it stated: "Fight the Zionistic State of Israel, US imperialism, and the enemies of the Palestinian people in the Arab world. 'No' to a two-state solution - support the battle for the liberation of all of Palestine."
"Israelis will most recently remember Larsen as the man who, with a spring in his step, entered the building straddling the "border" between Gaza and "Israel proper' on September 4 to witness the latest fruits of his handiwork - the first meeting and handshake between Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
"Right now, Larsen is battling for his young political life after a Norwegian tabloid on November 10 fingered him for financial mismanagement of state-sponsorship to the tune of millions of Norwegian kroner, accusing him of breaching Norway's strict institution governing laws.
"According to the Dagbladet reports, the Institute for Applied Social Science (FAFO), which Larsen headed, never accounted for a government subsidy it received in 1989-1991. FAFO was at the center of secret talks leading to the Oslo agreements, with both director Larsen and researcher Marianne Heiberg (Holst's wife) actively involved."
Look at the company Peres keeps. Here's how he operates his mafia. He seeks criminals like Marc Rich to pump his peace center full of money and they receive diplomatic dividends from Israel in return. The money is then circulated to Peres' gang of thugs and killers in his personal Shabak hit squad. That's how he buys loyalty in Israel. And the price is only Israel itself.
That is because the most vicious European enemies of Israel, nazis included, are Peres' pals. We switch from Norway to France and an inadvertently revealing book.
Peres And The French
"That shitty little country, Israel." -- Daniel Bernard, French Ambassador to England (and former French ambassador to the UN), December 2001.
"Arsonists have attacked synagogues in Lyons, Marseilles and Strasbourg. School buses, a soccer team and individuals walking down the street have also been assaulted. Gunmen fired on a kosher butcher shop in Toulouse.
"What have the French authorities been doing to prevent this? Precious little.
"Indeed, French officials have tended either to turn a blind eye to this ugliness, or to characterize it as an inevitable by-product of the fighting in Israel.
"French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine illustrated just how anti-Zionism easily slips into anti-Semitism: He actually characterized the attacks on synagogues and Jewish schools as "expressions of sympathy" with the Palestinians.
"And Prime Minister Lionel Jospin responded to one synagogue arson by saying that the French police could hardly be expected to protect Jews wherever they went. Obscene.
"Although the French government may be starting to take a firmer stand, it seems to have made a cynical calculation in the worst tradition of French politics (and that's saying something!)." - NY Post, April 22/2002
Last January Yediot Ahronot published a six page "expose" of the academics and doctors who believe Yigal Amir didn't murder Yitzhak Rabin. Within days, Israel television called on an author named Michael Bar-Zohar to attack and mock these respected and established people. Why him, asked one of my correspondents, and he passed on a book to me by Bar-Zohar called Bitter Scent. And what do we discover but Bar-Zohar's book is a long praise for Peres' peace and murder partner, Jean Frydman.
We recall that Frydman pumped $6 million to promote Peres' Oslo deal and on Nov. 4, 1995, persuaded a suspicious Yitzhak Rabin to speak at a mass rally he paid for in Tel Aviv. Frydman and Peres also paid for and organized security at the rally and the most famous result was the murder of Rabin.
But it's not as if Frydman was the only French connection to Rabin's murder. Take the case of Shabak head Carmi Gillon. Against Rabin's wishes, Peres had Gillon appointed to head the Shabak and promised him a fine career ahead if he played ball with his contingencies for the intelligence service. Gillon prepared the plans on the ground for the Rabin murder and on the assassination night was in Paris coordinating the next steps with his counterparts in French Intelligence. And if French Intelligence was in on the murder, you can be darn tooting sure that so was French Prime Minister Francois Mitterand.
He would have no trouble murdering another Jew, since Bar-Zohar's book reveals that he was a nazi.
Let us begin at the end of Bitter Scent. The book is about Frydman's legal battle against the perfume giant L'Oreal and its nazi board of directors but wouldn't you know it, it concludes with the Rabin assassination. Let us look at Bar-Zohar's version of Frydman's role in the assassination and then compare it with Frydman's own version which appeared in the Paris Match, Dec.16,'95.
Bar Zohar - "One night in October 1995, Jean Frydman watched a television news broadcast in his Savyon home. The main item was a Jewish right wing rally in Jerusalem, protesting Yitzhak Rabin's peace initiative. The campaign focused on some young activists who carried signs saying: 'Rabin traitor,' and 'Rabin murderer.' Some of them displayed posters representing Rabin in SS uniform."
Even Bar-Zohar must have heard by now that is was the Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv who distributed the Rabin in SS uniform posters. Which means the posters were Carmi Gillon and ultimately Shimon Peres' idea. And even Bar-Zohar could have done a little checking to report accurately that the rally in Jerusalem took place in September, not October. But it all doesn't matter because Frydman traces his hatred of the Right a decade earlier, to the signing of the Taba Accord.
Frydman - "After the Taba Accord, I realized that Israeli public opinion was in the hands of the Far Right. Then at a rally of the Right Wing Likud, some displayed a photomontage with Rabin in an SS uniform. Others shouted, 'Death to the traitor Rabin.' When told of the incidents, Rabin was furious. He was well past fear but felt an injustice had been done him. On Saturday, October 6, I was at Shimon Peres' home. I told him, 'We cannot leave the streets in the hands of the Likud and Far Right. We must put up a fight.'"
Bar Zohar - "He called several of his friends and persuaded them to organize a huge rally in support of peace. He then met with Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres and described his idea. The prime minister and foreign minister reluctantly agreed...Jean Frydman and the former mayor of Tel Aviv, who organized the rally, had no doubt it would be a success.
Frydman - On Monday Shimon and I were in Rabin's office. He asked me one question; 'Will you take responsibility for this great event?' I told him, 'Yes, if we do it your way.' Rabin and Peres gave me the green light. 'Let's go!' they said.
"With Lahat, we organized a dozen generals for our Israeli Woodstock festival of peace.
"I suggested November the 4th as the date of the event, but Rabin hesitated. He had an official dinner. Finally, he reorganized his agenda and accepted. I wish I had not arranged things for the day of his death."
So far, so good, though the versions don't exactly match. Frydman admits that Rabin was suspicious of the event and initially sought an excuse not to attend. Bar-Zohar skips over that detail but it is minor compared to the big story: Peres and Frydman personally oversaw the security for the rally.
Frydman - "We distributed posters reading, 'Say Yes To Peace, Say No To Violence.' We constructed a huge stage and a grand podium. We worked with security personnel, assigning 750 police officers, 250 border guards, sixty elite sharpshooters and three helicopters to patrol the skies. This was in addition to the Shabak forces that permanently protected Rabin and Peres. We placed special detection equipment at each entrance of the perimeter."
And still Rabin got killed. Now look at Bar-Zohar change history, oh that's too nice, watch him lie.
Bar-Zohar - "Rabin hugged Frydman. 'Thank You, Jean,' the prime minister said, 'for giving me the two happiest hours of my life.' Less than a minute later he was shot in the back by a right-wing assassin.
"In deep sorrow, Frydman followed the prime minister's car to Ichilov Hospital, where was told Rabin had died.
"Frydman didn't know how he would face Leah Rabin, the prime minister's widow. After all, the rally at which her husband died had been his idea. But when Leah Rabin saw him, she embraced him and said, 'Jean, thanks to you, Yitzhak died a happy man."
The violins play and the curtain falls on Bar-Zohar's infantile shmaltz. Rabin's driver turned the wrong way, away from the hospital, and got lost for 22 minutes. If Frydman was following him, he was either a commander of the murder squad or he just loved to joyride.
And yet, Bar-Zohar does us all a favor, by accident you can be sure. Because he exposes Shimon Peres' closest foreign ally, French President Francois Mitterand, as a nazi. Needless to say, Bar Zohar doesn't remind his readers that Mitterand sent his own personal hit squads, from the Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine, to murder Israelis. Or that its founder, George Habash literally died in Mitterand's arms. That connection comes much too close to Peres and his Oslo disaster. While Bar-Zohar writes like a paid ghostwriter for Frydman, he still manages to enlighten us about who runs France and who runs Peres.
"Frydman had introduced him to Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon and other Israeli leaders." pp2
"'My partners in that endeavor,' Frydman said, 'are General Hod, the former chief of the Israeli Air Force and General Amit, former chief of the Mossad.'" pp7
"He had earlier met David Ben Gurion, Moshe Dayan and Shimon Peres during their visits to Paris. He had even helped Peres, the young director general of Israel's Defence Ministry, to establish his first contacts with several French political leaders in the mid-fifties. These contacts helped forge the French-Israel alliance during the Suez War in 1956." pp41
"Besides becoming a partner in several Israeli companies, he became a supporter of the Israeli Labor Party led by his close friend Shimon Peres." pp43
"Jacques Correze (L'Oreal American Office Director) was briefly associated with a Jew, Baron Henri de Rothschild...Before the war he joined a lodge of Freemasons, a secret order with a history dating back to the Middle Ages and a belief in a 'supreme being' that could be the God of all religions." pp47
"Frydman chose as his attorney a former cabinet minister, Michel Jobert, who wasn't popular in Jewish circles for his harsh criticism of Israel." pp68
"(Former Vichy police chief) Rene Bosquet was indicted following charges by Serge Klarsfeld. He created a national scandal by revealing that Bousquet was a close friend and political supporter of President Mitterand, who knew all about his past. Judge Getti painstakingly prepared the evidence for the court, but Bousquet's trial never took place. On June 8, 1993 a mentally ill gunman ambushed the former Vichy police chief and shot him dead." pp80
"In October, 1956, Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion secretly flew to Paris with chief-of-staff Moshe Dayan and Defence Ministry Director General, Shimon Peres. He held talks with France's leaders and the British Foreign Minister, and signed a secret agreement that amounted to a military alliance." pp83
"During the campaign of 1981, Mitterand solemnly promised the president of the Jewish community, Alain de Rothschild, that France would comply no longer with the Arab Boycott of Israel. Various members of his cabinet objected, including the foreign minister Claude Cheysson, the finance minister, Jacques Delors and the trade minister Michel Jobert." pp84
"President Mitterand didn't keep his word. He mentioned the boycott in a speech in Lisbon but that was the end of his initiative." pp184
"Correze reacted angrily, 'This investigation of yours, it's bullshit,' he muttered. 'Do you know who I am? I am a relative of Francois Mitterand.'" pp87
"Frydman had known Mitterand since 1945, and had met him before and after his election. He had been his guest for lunch at the Elysee. He trusted him as a man of his word, and as a friend of Israel." pp178
"'The Frydman brothers are naive in a way. They belong to a generation that believes a left-wing president is on the side of Israel, a right wing one against them. They sincerely believed Mitterand was a friend of the Jewish people. I didn't.'" pp179
"Then on April 27, 1993, the forty seven year old Bismuth suddenly died. The untimely passing of this brilliant scholar put an abrupt end to the Elysee's involvement in the boycott investigation. The fact is, Bismuth's death was very convenient for many people. It cut short a delicate investigation that could rock France's political establishment." pp185
"Andre Bennecourt, Oreal's owner, had written for a Vichy propaganda magazine and had been directly financed by Goebbel's people in Berlin." pp202
"David Frydman was sickened. Andre Bennecourt, the man widely known as Mitterand's close companion during the Resistance, had written this?" pp197
"In 1994, the Frydman brothers got an advance copy of a book by a prominent French historian, Pierre Pean, called A French Youth. It related the hitherto unknown story of Mitterand's right wing connections during his youth and his activities as an official of the Petain government in Vichy. A photograph, long concealed, appeared on the cover: Mitterand and Petain standing together, the young man looking admiringly at the old marshal. The French people were appalled to learn that their Socialist President had been a collaborator with the Nazis. The French also discovered that Mitterand kept his ties of close friendship with many former collaborators, including war criminals." pp206
"During his student years, Mitterand was attracted to right wing political movements. Some rare photographs of the handsome youth during a student protest against foreigners, one tainted with anti-semitic sentiments, date from the time the three friends were inseparable." pp209
"Mitterand was employed at the Vichy government department in charge of prisoners of war." pp209 (And we know who those prisoners mostly were)
"The former 'colonel' of the fascist Legion was a member of Mitterand's extended family. The niece of Correze was Mitterand's brother Robert's first wife." pp211
"Bettencourt told Pean that he, 'maintained the liaison with the Americans and the British, especially with Allen Dulles of the OSS." pp214 (Dulles became director of the CIA. Dulles' uncle is the Jesuit Cardinal for Washington, DC)
"According to his biographer Peter Grose, Allen Dulles crossed the border and headed for Lyon." pp 217 (Peter Grose wrote A Changing Israel, the Council On Foreign Relations' war program against Israel).
"Mitterand willing accepted (the Nazi) Schueller's assistance, and the ensuing victory started him on the long road leading to the presidential palace." pp223
Bennecourt's defence for writing tracts calling for the extermination of French Jews: "In the course of my ministerial functions, I have been received by Mrs. Golda Meir and Foreign Minister Abba Eben. I served as the representative of France at the funeral of Ben Gurion." pp240
As we noted before, the company Shimon Peres keeps!! French nazis. And the Jews of France just don't get it. Le Pen is a blessing for them. Those who have read my book The Last Days Of Israel know that, at the least, Jacques Chirac knows who really murdered Yitzhak Rabin. But those Jews will vote for Chirac and the nazis who have infected the French government and reject a man whose main objection is Arab immigrants...Those same immigrants who have been burning synagogues the length and breadth of France, encouraged by the deliberate neglect of the ruling order.
Those with a long memory will recall that I wrote Jorge Haider would be a huge improvement over his Kreiskyite socialist opponent. And there you have it: Austria is about the only European state where anti-Israel protests haven't broke out since Israel's admirable partial smashing of the PLO began a month ago.
Because Haider was anti-EU, anti-Euro and anti-Arab immigration, the New World Order branded him an anti-semite. Le Pen is anti-Euro, anti-EU and anti- Arab immigration, so the same tactics have been used against him. But all the detractors could find was a 1982 sentence in which Le Pen called the Holocaust "a historical detail," a blunder but one Le Pen has explained convincingly.
No, the Jews of France won't catch on and they'll join elitist marches against a man who has the audacity to challenge the nazi establishment ruling France. All we can say to them is; Go Le Pen, Go.
Of course, my readers know that the Vatican has long infiltrated the French political system and the Jesuit branch calls the shots. And that is the primary cause for the war against Israel. But you need Israeli traitors at the highest levels to keep the blood flowing.
Yossi Beilin comes close to matching Peres for treason. Not only did he hatch the Oslo process but three months earlier, he initiated the Vatican process as well. The official story is while in luscious embrace with his homosexual lover, Shlomo Gur, he asked if Shlomo knew someone who could get him in with the Holy See. While Shlomo was tending to his whip burns, it hit him. A friend of his knew an Israeli convert to Catholicism in Texas named Father David Jager. Yossi was so happy to hear this, his mascara ran. Thus, through Jager did Yossi get to play with the pope.
Then we have Rabbi David Melchior, Peres' Vatican emissary. Turns out that daddy Melchior is chief rabbi of Denmark and the leading fundraiser there for the PLO cause.
In our last sendout, we learned that George Mitchell of Jesuit Georgetown University, who authored the famous report which brought so much peace to Israel, is in close contact with one Father Bernard Law. An appeal for further information brought results. We now discover the George Mitchell-Jesuit connection to the Bush administration via John Ashcroft.
"I knew Bernie Law at Harvard in '52, 'ambitious' good organizer was my impression.
He's from Louisiana. From Bishop Law of the southern sector of Missouri he moved to Cardinal in Boston before I moved to S.W. Missouri. (dot connection: Ashcroft?)." - From journalist and former US military officer stationed in the Middle East during the '50s, Joe Nix
"Tell Barry that Bernard Law is a Knight of Malta along with Alexandre de Marenches, former chief of French Intelligence under Giscard d'Estaing, himself a Knight of Malta. That is the same French Intelligence that sought to give Saddam Hussein a nuclear reactor for the building of a nuclear device." - Jon Eric Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins.
More shenanigans in Europe. A writer figures out the Milan airplane bombing of the Lombardy government offices:
Hi Barry,
Just interesting to note:
National Post April 16, 2002 Italy abstained from supporting "armed struggle" and backing Palestinian violence.
Two days later, April 18, 2002 the Lombardy Government Administration Bldg. was hit by the plane. Connection? I don't know ~ Just interesting! UN backs Palestinian violence Arab, European nations pass resolution supporting use of 'armed struggle' EU members Austria, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain and Sweden approved the resolution, and Italy abstained.
Belgium and Spain have been pushing for tough EU measures against the Jewish state, with Belgium calling for sanctions based on a human rights clause in the EU-Israeli Free Association agreement, which grants Israel preferential trading terms.
FIVE days later, Tuesday April 23,2002
Ha'aretz New Flash 21:22 EU's Solana: calls for 'fastest possible formula' to create independent Palestinian state st_78
Despite walkout, EU pushes Israel, Arab neighbors to make peace "EU Foreign and Security Chief Javier Solana urged Israel and the Palestinians to implement a "clear, firm and quick calendar" for a cease-fire and the start of negotiations."
Recommended sites:
Finally, The European plot against Israel, a version that jibes with the author's on many points but differs on a big one:
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