Majority Of Israelis Prefer
Withdrawal From
Territories, Settlements

By Gush Shalom, Israel
(Israeli Peace Movement)

Result Supports Message of This Saturday's Mass Demonstration in Rabin Square.
A large majority of Israelis support evacuation of most of the settlements and deployment of the IDF along the Green Line and see no solution to terrorism without negotiations for a political solution.
In a Dahaf (Mina Zemah) poll, commissioned by the Peace Coalition and conducted 5-6 May, 2002, the possibility of unilateral withdrawal of the IDF from the territories with redeployment along the Green Line (pre-1967 border) was the formula which most raises the hopes of close to 67% of the public. Some 59% believe that a withdrawal which includes evacuation of most of the settlements will lead to a renewed peace process.
Thus, of all the various plans for unilateral withdrawal, the Peace Coalition's call for withdrawal from the territories and a return to the Green Line receives the greatest amount ries. 56% of the public said that such an international force would raise their hopes -- a much higher percentage than those who said that their hopes would be raised by IDF responsibility for security in Palestinian cities.
The results of the poll clearly indicate that a large majority of the Israeli public support the positions of the Peace Coalition. In fact, today these positions unite the left, the center and even many of those who identify themselves as right-wing. These findings confirm the Peace Coalition's expectations that Saturday night's mass demonstration in Rabin Square will express the aspirations of the majority of Israelis.
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