Israelis Choose Jail Over Being
Prison Guards Over Palestinians

From Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)

Five prisoners are threre behind bars becuse they refused to be prison guards over Palestinians. Shay Biran, Yiftah Admoni, Alon Dror and Tomer Friedman, four 20-year-old conscripts, were sent to guard Palestinian detainees in the Ktziot detention camp (also known as 'Ansar 3'). In this detention camp, people are held in exceptionally poor conditions. (A detailed report of the situation there and of efforts to ameliorate it by judicial appeals is available from the Adalah human rights organization
All four soldiers refused to perform this duty and were sent to 28 days in prison on April 25. This is the first known case of four soldiers from the same unit refusing together; hitherto, a refusnik was usually alone in his unit, with perhaps a few others sympathising but not sharing his act.
(Prison addresses: Shay Biran, Military ID 6993743: Yiftah Admoni, Military ID 6961658; Alon Dror, ID 7014088; Tomer Friedman, ID 6993743 - all of them at Military Prison no. 6, ilitary Postal code 01860, IDF, Israel.
Three of the four objectors wrote letters explaining their refusal. Highlights from these letters in English were posted on IMC-Israel:
The full Hebrew text is available on the website of Yesh-Gvul, at: adir-letters0402.doc
A fifth guard-turned-prisoner is First Sgt. Rafram Haddad, 26, a reservist with the military police, and in civilian life an art student and journalist with the Jerusalem weekly "Kol Ha'ir" was sentenced on April 29 to 28 days jail for refusing to serve as a guard at the Megiddo detention camp.
(Prison address: Rafram Haddad, Military ID 5118505, Military Prison No. 4, Military postal code 02507, Israel.)

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