Israeli Army Battalion Commander
Becomes Refusenik
5 More IDF Solders Jailed

From Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)

The cause of refusal gained an unexpected strenth this week when Lieutenant-Colonel Yoram Rubinfeld, commander of a reserve battalion, announced to the battalion's gathered officers that he would not be commanding them on the battlion's entry into the Occupied Territories. Rubinfled is not a member of any refusers' group, and seems to have taken this step on his own initiative.
Meanwhile, the petition of university lecturers expressing support for student refusniks is gathering momentum, despite - or perhaps becuase - of last week's vicious extreme right demonstration which called for expulsion of these lecturers, and also despite Education Minister Limor Livnat's call to have them prosecuted. So far, nearly two hundred faculty members of Israeli universities signed, and the signatures of more of them can be sent to Anat Biletzki (This is just for faculty members. Sorry.)
On Tuesday night, the statement will go up on the Seruv website (where you can now see two preliminary statements ).


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