Dentists Show Fluoridation
Is A Failure

By Tamara Traubman and Amit Ben Aroya,
Ha'aretz Correspondents
Ha'aretz Service and Agencies

NEW YORK - Unintentially, studies by dentist/researchers indicate fluoridation fails to reduce tooth decay, especially in the poor. Also, fluoride, above that found in toothpaste, confers no added benefit to the majority(14).
* In CONNECTICUT, 88.8% fluoridated for decades, cavity rates increased - average number of decayed, missing, or filled tooth surfaces (dmfs) increased from 2.8 to 3.0 and average dmfs in cavity-positive children increased substantially from 5.7 to 7.9, recently reported (1) by Connecticut Dentists.
* In fluoridated NEWBURGH, NEW YORK, despite 50 years of fluoridation, many children have more cavities than never-fluoridated Kingston, New York, according to a New York State Department of Health study (2).
* National cavity rates average 1.4 DMFT (decayed, missing, filled teeth)(3) in over 62% fluoridated U.S.A.
* A FLORIDA fluoridated county - Three- to five-year olds studied averaged 3.05 to 4.05 dmfs(4). (Children have 128 tooth surfaces, in 28 teeth. So, dmfs is a more sensitive cavity counter than dmft. Some teeth have five surfaces.)
* Non-fluoridated LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK, second-graders are more cavity-free than nationally (5) ranging from no cavities to 0.6 dmfs in 1987-88.
* NEW YORK CITY, fluoridated for decades, 7-8 year-olds averaged 2.43 to 3.14 dft (decayed, filled primary teeth) 1993, according to "Dispelling the Myth that 50 Percent of US Schoolchildren Have Never Had a Cavity," by dentists Edelstein and Douglass(6).
* Edelstein and Douglass cite studies that show:
1. CALIFORNIA, the fluoridated parts - 4.80 dfs in a group of 3- to 5-year olds - 1990.
2. Fluoridated NORTH CAROLINA - peak rates of 5.3 for 9- year-old males and 4.7 for 8-year-old females - 1990
3. Fluoridated TENNESSEE - Peak rates of 7.26 dfs and 2.61 dft at age 7
* Fluoridated TENNESSEE - five- to eleven-year-olds averaged 6.94 dfs (7)
* Fluoridated IOWA - low socioeconomic 8-year-olds 4.0 dfs(8)
* Nonfluoridated FINLAND decay rates lower than U.S. - 1.1 dmft for 5-year-olds and 0.2 DMFT for 6-year-olds.(10)
* UGANDAN (Africa) 10- to 14-year-old children, with water their only fluoride source, have less cavities than U.S children(9) that increase along with greater water fluoride levels.
* IRELAND, 73% fluoridated - 12-year-olds are more cavity-prone than 12-year-olds in four non-fluoridated European countries and 10% fluoridated U.K.(11).
* Cavities declined WORLD-WIDE, even in non-fluoridated countries
* U.S. children are over-fluoridated(12). Yet, "(t)he nation's dentists are beginning to notice an alarming rise in cavities among children and teens," reports the Wall Street Journal(13).
"It's pointless to fluoridate water when the documented health risks of fluoride far overshadow any possible benefit, if any," says lawyer Paul S. Beeber, President, NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation.
"Lack of fluoride is not associated with tooth decay, and fluoride won't help a poor diet as these studies and reports show," says Beeber
Contacts: Paul Beeber, NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation,, &
David Kennedy, DDS,, Preventive Dental Health Association
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Newspaper and other articles reporting rampant tooth decay in fluoridated areas:
* 83% fluoridation Western Australia (where children's dental care is free) experiencing serious tooth decay in five year olds:,
7034,4212083%255E2761,00. html
* Detroit, Michigan, fluoridated since 1967 "describes one visit to a metro Detroit school where the majority of the children she treated had 'at least 10 cavities.'"
* Fluoridated Water Not Preventing Rampant Decay Among Southbridge's (MA) Poor
* Dental Health Crisis in Fluoridated Miami Dade and Broward Counties, Florida,
* 88.8% fluoridated Connecticut has an oral health epidemic: 2400.html
* Fluoridated since 1983 " Bladen County (NC) about 32 percent of kindergarten children screened have untreated tooth
dept _id=92165&rfi=6
* Oral health crisis in 100% fluoridated Kentucky 11/26/01 reported by the Associated Press
* Tooth decay the least of huge problems in poor children in fluoridated Marion, South Carolina
* Children in fluoridated Washington DC, age 6, have five or six teeth with cavities -
* "Poor diet is the single biggest culprit in cavities..." Finally, the truth in an article that tells us again that tooth decay is rampant in a fluoridated city - this time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
* New York City 100% fluoridated since about 1965 "Bleeding gums, impacted teeth, rotting teeth are routine matters in the children....Children get used to feeling the constant pain. They go to sleep with it. They go to school with it....The gradual attrition of accepted pain erodes energy and aspiration." Jonathan Kozol 1991. Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools. quoted in Oral Disease: A Crisis among Children of Poverty
* Despite decades of water fluoridation in Aiken County, South Carolina, "We haven't made a significant dent in the rate of dental disease in the 0-3 age group in the past 20 years..."
* Tooth Decay Trends: Fluoridated Vs. Unfluoridated Countries
For more information, contact: Paul Beeber President New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridaton 516-378-7309 Web site:


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