Saudi Press Blasts US - Calls
Sharon World's Arch Terrorist

Sharon - A 'Man Of Peace'

RIYADH - Saudi newspapers Saturday blasted the United States for describing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon a "man of peace", saying this would only encourage more massacres against Palestinians. "The former butcher of Sabra and Shatila, and the current butcher of Jenin and Nablus ... has become a man of peace," said Al-Watan in reference to Sharon. "It's an irony that the executioner becomes a man of peace, and the victim becomes a terrorist," the paper said in an editorial. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said Thursday that US President George W Bush believed that Sharon was "committed to peace."
The English-language Saudi Gazette questioned "Who is the boss?" in Washington following US Secretary of State Colin Powell's failure to force Israel to withdraw its troops from Palestinian territories. "Ariel Sharon, the world's Arch Terrorist, has not only snubbed US President Bush, who had called on Israel a week ago 'to stop its attacks, and withdraw from the West Bank now, without delay,' but has also added another massacre in Jenin. Although all these atrocities were perpetrated by Sharon's troops, Bush's spokesman Ari Fleischer had the audacity to describe him as 'a man of peace,'" the daily said.
Al-Riyadh newspaper said the problem for not resolving the Mideast conflict lay with Washington. "America, and not Israel, is the problem, because anyone who reads Bush's statements finds that he is the official spokesman for Tel Aviv. "Currently, Tel Aviv and Washington are waging two wars: one using the tools of death and the other a psychological war. Arabs pay the price in both wars," it charged. "Arabs' illusion that America is a mediator and friend has evaporated with September 11. What is happening now in Palestine is the beginning of a long revenge," against the Arabs, Al-Riyadh said.

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