Canadians Wonder What's
Happened To Americans?
From Just Sherlock

As a Canadian I'm very puzzled over what has happened to our neighbours to the south. There has been a series of events that began before September 11th. Many Canadians have watched in bewilderment, some in anger. This final insult from our southern neighbours is almost unbelievable.
Sports fans will know what I'm talking about and for others I'm referring to American fans booing the Canadian National Anthem at recent sports events.
This, by itself, although it shows great disrespect and extremely poor sportsmanship, could be dismissed as being "just a sports event." Yet, this is not something that was a common occurance at events before, so why now?
I tend to think it is a reflection of the disrespect that the American government has been showing for Canada since George Bush became president.
Many Canadians watched stunned as President Bush made a great show of calling Mexico America's best friend and closest partner shortly after he came to office. For the most part it was dismissed as politics and Canadian citizens didn't make too much of the slight.
September the 11th was another matter. On that day American commercial planes became flying bombs. Your airports were shut down and with no thought of danger to Canada we opened our airports and our hearts to all the planes with no place to land. Canadian citizens came out to offer food and shelter and comfort to our stranded neighbours. Within a few short hours we all sat a little stunned as the American president made a great show of listing all who helped - except Canada. When Canadians began to speak out about the insult President Bush added insult to injury when he said, "You don't thank a brother, do you?" A brother is the first one you thank so the whole belated thank you was rather lame.
Canadians were very upset with their Prime Minister for not visiting the US sooner, but some of us were beginning to wonder just how deep the slights were going. Suddenly Great Britain was our neighbours new found best friend - Mexico got ditched too I guess. All in all though, Canadians grumbled but for the most part tried to be understanding and compassionate for the turmoil that Americans were enduring.
We watched our American neighbours blame us for terrorists coming into the US through our borders. We quietly shook our heads when Americans seemed to forget that one drives out of one country - but it is the country one is entering that does the screening. If there was blame at the border it was not the Canadian Customs offials who let them out of Canada but the American Customs who let them in. We tried to understand that our neighbours were a little paranoid but with good reason.
A few days ago the American Military dropped bombs killing four Candian soldiers and seriously wounding eight others. Accidents happen and until all the facts are known it would be unfair to comment or lay blame. However, what disturbed Canadians was the American reaction and response.
The news was being reported on Canadian channels a full two hours before any mention was made of it on the US news. That seems incredible considering the nature of the news! The American President had to be reminded several days later that, as the leader of the US, he should be extending an official apology. Or is it now acceptable to kill your brother and not have to say you're sorry?
This is a time when Americans should be waking up and asking why other countries are so hostile to them. Why are there groups who are not only willing but eager to blow themselves up in the hopes of taking a few Americans with them? This is a time when Americans should be waking up and being more aware of, and respectful to, other nations and other cultures.
So, is it just sports event, or is it a deeper reflection of American attitude and disrespect of others? Are Americans just reflecting their government?

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