NY Rabbi Requests 'Peaceful
Dismantling Of The Israeli State'

From Neturei Karta International, New York

MONSEY, New York - "Is human life so cheap that we refuse to consider alternatives?" asked Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss at a press conference here this morning, announcing Neturei Karta International's participation in the Palestine Activist Forum's protest against the "Salute to Israel Day Parade."
"All human life is sacred. The lives of both the Palestinian and Jewish people are both dear to our mutual Creator. Continued stubborn loyalty to the clearly discredited dream of Zionism, endangers both our peoples."
The rabbi maintained that his organization is interested in offering an alternative to Zionism. He stated, Zionism has always had a disregard for life. We will stand with our Palestinian friends out of loyalty to the deepest values of Judaism (Jews are forbidden to live exile and have their own state and certainly forbidden to oppress another nation, steal their land etc.) and also out of fear for the safety of world wide Jewry. There is a limit to the dangers that Zionism be allowed to drag our people."
NKI, which seeks the peaceful dismantling of the Israeli state, has experienced an upsurge of support from Jewish and Gentile sources during the recent Intifada and subsequent Israeli invasion.
"We demand the establishment of a Palestinian state over the entire Holy Land. In the interim Jews should unilaterally leave the occupied territories. The danger there is inestimable and clearly violates Torah law and basic morality."
The Rabbi said that his organization hoped to "keep open the channels of positive communication with many Palestinians and Muslims around the world. It is a far more effective way to pursue peace than the hatred spewed forth by some Jewish self appointed representatives. "
"The Creator wants us to "sanctify His name and sanctify human existence. By joining us on Sunday all Jews can show their true image of Judaism and by so doing, show their solidarity with human suffering."


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