The 'New War': Ready Or
Not...Here It Comes

Commentary By The 'Library'
From Joe Warren

In case you were not told, China has for the past 20 years been building a highway from the heartland to the Afghan border northeast of the Kyber pass. Since the US incursion into Afghanistan, the Chinese have been been pouring men and materials into this region. They are currently pursuing new weapons deals and secret treaties with their Pakistan and Indian contacts. The "Road into the Middle East" is through Afghanistan. In addition, they are preparing for War on two other fronts... Taiwan and the Middle East.
Chinese representatives are currently negotiating with Syria, Iraq, and Iran. They have a desire to ... sic... broker a new peace for the region. Of course they have willing participants in the area ... weapons deals in the name of peace! Their buildup on the Chinese mainland opposite Taiwan has already been reported in some of the "Sleepy" Western press releases. So does the "Brilliant" Bush Administration have a plan to "broker Peace in spite of everything"? Of course they do. But you need to understand a few things before their "Brilliant" master plan can be comprehended.
Peace for Israel
Lets cut to the chase .... any "Real" chance for peace in the Middle East died with Rabin (for those of you that missed the blurb on CNN, he was the Israeli Prime Minister that was assassinated in 1995). Prior to 1992, Rabin was "Hawkish" (Pretty much what Sharon is today). In November of 1992, documents were sent to Rabin (won't go into details here) outlining some of the "Secret Agreements" that were being formulated for the region. In 1992, Rabin full heartedly did an about face and "adopted" the land for peace plan (incidentally ... the idea of "Land for Peace" was set forth by a "Library" member to Golda Meir in the early 70's ... she of course rejected the idea ... but Bush senior and others saw some merit - The source of his "Thousand Points of Light" ... maybe another time).
The power Sharon has assembled is straight forward "Orthodox Jewry". They have long desired unfettered control of the nation of Israel without all those bleeding heart Messianic Jews and "Others" getting in the way. The Orthodox Jews are not a very pleasant bunch of people. In fact, they hate just about everything but themselves. When America hears that Israel is the promised land and God's people ... the Bible is not referring to the Orthodox Jews. They sprang up during the great Babylonian exile and have persisted in the oral fashion to this day. The blessed Israel of Isaiah refers to Christian (Messianic) Jews and they have yet to rise in full in the nation of Israel (Yes .... we have some very "Stout" Christians in "Library" membership - not the Christianity, Inc. or Washington "Spin Doctored" types).
Peace for Israel was never desired in quite the fashion you have been led to believe. Sharon struck his deal with the Orthodox which includes some of the most wealthy and influential Jews in America. The Rabin (land for peace) problem was quickly solved by certain American interests in the region (Kennedy ... Sadat ... to Rabin ... will they ever change their "Enigma wrapped in a mystery" syndrome?). With Sharon in power, the (counter to the Oslo Agreement) settlement era began in full. Israelis have "Illegally" set up homesteads on the land promised to the Palestinians. Not only have these Orthodox Israelis (primarily anyway) been illegally taking the land, they have been very instrumental in creating havoc and terrorism of their own in the region. They just love to kill people to take their land ... believe it or not .... Christian ... Palestinian ... whoever ... like I said, they don't like anyone but themselves. Sharon has promised the wealthy land owning, condo building, golf course lusting Orhodox the settlement land for development and lots of $$$$ (forgot to mention ... $$$ is what they love most). Sharon has also offered the modern day "Holy Grail" - rebuilding the temple and reconvening the sacrifice. If you are not a Bible scholar, it would be beneficial if you found one to explain the significance of "Re-instituting the Sacrificial system" (Book of Daniel and Revelation).
So now that we have a little of the background for the region, let us consider the "Planned" peace for the region. The past 4 (at least) American administrations have been engaged in "Off the Record" but binding - nonetheless - bargains for control of the situation in the Middle East. The Sharon plan (Formulated by Jewish constituencies in America - with a fully willing American Administration now in place) was always on the order of the old Communist dogma - create social unrest and then step in amidst the confusion to solve the problem and - of course - take the reigns of "absolute" power at the request of the "grateful people" - 911 ??). The current war machine (in line with the preceding "Justified War on Terror" ) now at work in Israel has been a part of the plan from the beginning. It is pure and simple "Ethnic Cleansing" whereby the 2 most hated groups (Orthodox view) are eliminated (Palestinians and Christians). You may not know this, but there are more Christians amongst the Palestinians than there are amongst the Israelis in Israel. With the ethnic thing settled and with absolute power for Sharon and company, Voila... Peace at last!! The signing of the "Official accord" which will include Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and just about every other regime that has a fear of "Made in the USA" nuclear and bio tipped missiles not to mention the "Mother of all Fear" the banking - Economic "do you really want to eat" thing. So what we see is the culmination of the "Brilliant Plan" formulated by George Bush Senior in the late 70's (and you thought Junior was running the country).
So much for "Brilliant Plans". There is a very serious problem on the horizon ....
Peace for Israel: China Style
The "Brilliant" Bushites and company have been thoroughly outwitted. You see in this world you have the good, the bad, the ugly (according to Eastwood) and the evil and the "Absolute Evil". It is within mortal means to "out-deal" the good, the bad, and the ugly (Hollywood excluded) and occasionally the evil can be outwitted as well. But ... there is only one mind that can outwit "Absolute Evil". When this type of evil is personified (not to mention any names...but it isn't Bush...surrrrprise!) all bargains lead to the same place!!! There is another in the flesh at work through corporate wheeling-dealing and downright charismatic charm. He "duped" the Bush. He conquered the yellow man, the brown man, and the red man and binds them by secret agreement (China, India, Middle East).
With China now "Empowered" by Western corporate technological wheeling-dealing "Anything for a Buck" shenanigans, a new "Player" has entered the Middle East. Turn down the "Fear of America" fear factor ... these guys got people and weapons and they don't like the "Great Satan" either. Sounds like a marriage "Made in Hell" ... as a matter of fact ... IT WAS ... unfortunately for all of us, the Bush is not the mind to outwit "Absolute Evil". He is just the "Vehicle for the Times".
In case you are somewhat of a Bible scholar and think that WE (USA) will break the treaty that leads to Armageddon ... our signature on the treaty will be just another signing. The principle signature has already acquired separate bargains for the key players. His signing will be "mere formality" at the "appointed time". In fact, with the growth in the United Nations, look for America to recede into the background in "Real Power". Our telecommunication standards (internet, phone, networks to run our businesses, satellites, etc...) are now totally controlled by a board of United Nations representatives whereby the US of A has only a sole "Membership" vote for the technology that we in large part created (just another one of those "Secret" deals we keep referring to). Not to mention American jobs, open borders, banking-business-stock market scams (get ready ... you ain't seen nothing yet) with the Federal Reserve and World Bank in complete submission to the "Yet to be Revealed" Absolute Evil.
Hope for the Future ????
We defer to our Christian constituents when it comes to "Future Hope". We are told:
- The hand of God will come against the apostate nations (America included?)
- A taking down of land amidst bargain
- A shadowing of the moon, a striking of 3 stones ... soon (Vegas, Ca., Wash state)
- 7 kings by agreement, 3 by conquest (America by congressional and presidential signature) ... NAFTA, The Patriot Bill, etc..???
- Intervention (Hope at last) ... This is where the "Bad Guys" loose ... AMEN !!
The Library
The "Library" was formed over 50 years ago with a mandate and funding (Private) to document and at times to sit in with the constructors of the New Order (An "Old" idea with a "New" name). The only thing THEY (THEY are not a myth to us) fear is truth and the proof of it. But only when it is made available to everyone. Hence...our commission for the times. We are prepared, knowledgeable (we have our people amongst those we stand against), and committed (there is a high cost for all things worthwhile). We will continue, as directed by the times, to conduct private showings of documents to those revealed to effect sane and truthful change.

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