Israeli Soldiers Pose With 'Trophy'...

Note - This photo is being sent around the net. It depicts the antithesis of 'civilzation' and 'humanity.' Yes, soldiers of many of the world's armies act out equally heinous behavior...this photo appears to catch some Isrealis at it. The caption under the photo came with it. -ed
From Mihalis Psylakis
Hi Jeff,
These are my comments on the "Israeli Soldiers Pose on Kill" photo. If you 'd like to append them to the article, please feel free to do so.
It is unlikely that those Israeli soldiers posed "with" "their" kill! If one suspends the emotional temptation to see what the title says - just because the title says so - and thus have critical thinking uninhibited, it will be noticed that the photographing soldier stands way too close for the lens to include the "kill".
The caption that came with the photo does not give any usefull background information as to how this happened. For all we know this could be a foiled suicide bomber. Instead we are told that "Palestinians are therefore justified to behave the way they do" and "to please spread this photo around". I sense as much maliciousness on the part of the photographer who took the photo with the caption as I am tried to be persuaded there is on the part of the one wearing the uniform. This photo could be a hoax.
Best Regards,
Mike Psylakis.
Response From Webmaster
Aren't you assuming too much? Assuming he has a cheap kodak? Assuming what kind of lens he has? Assuming he's only taking one shot? Ever heard of panorama film? Notice the angle of the camera? It's DOWN.
We feel this image is so blatantly obvious that unless someone comes up and says "I was there" and can give an account and show us the resulting photo, it remains an obvious, and classic war-time "trophy" of death shot.
Good Job, Good Hunting!
From Timothy Colman
I, for one, have zero problem with this picture. The Israelis know something the wimps in the rest of the world have yet to figure out. If we don't get the terrorists, they will kill our wives and children. We are dealing with animals. They deserve less respect than you might show a rabid dog you have shot.
I would be proud to pose with the dead body of any terrorist. I would love to be the guy that killed him. You don't negotiate with terrorists. You kill them. Period.
Tim Colman
From Gavin Curtis
It is very disturbing how the soldier on the right being photographed is smiling and looking down at the dead individual.
I agree that the soldier's camera is tilted and oriented to get a full shot of the two men and corpse lying on the groud together.
It really does look as if they are proud of the kill.
Humans are not supposed to behave like that - unless they are truely wicked individuals.
From Ira Seidenstein
The photographer is neither photographing downward, nor photographing the soldiers nor the deceased. Just look again. He is photographing the 'circle' that is red and white and whatever else is in that direction such as the dumpster looking structure. The soldiers look to be staying out of the direction of the camera. As per sending the photo around. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer except to tell the whole truth. A single image from either 'side' is deception not truth. To a large degree the actions taking place now and in recent decades are the result of outside manipulation. In truth, for thousands of years (2) in spite of differences and sporatic outbursts of violence, the Jews, the Palestineans, the Christians, the Muslims, the Druse, the Bedouins, and many visitors lived in peace - salem, salaam, spite of differences. There have always been many forms of cooperation between the Jews, the Muslims and the Christians as well as the indigenous Bedouins. The form was tolerance in spite of deep differences.

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