LaRouche - Only The US Can
Stop Israeli Suicidal Plunge


After being briefed on Friday's developments in Ramallah, Lyndon LaRouche, the Democratic Party pre-Presidential candidate in the 2004 elections, had the following to say:
There are clearly some people inside Israel--including Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and some leading figures within the Israeli Defense Force--who are so zealous to plunge over the edge into a Masada Complex suicide that they may be impossible to stop. If you cannot stop someone who is so committed to dying, you must at least take every step possible to make sure that they do not drag many others along with them in their suicidal plunge.
LaRouche added, that, in this context, the United States government must make it known, immediately, that if Yasser Arafat is killed by the Israelis, the United States will break all relations with Israel. Only by making such a public, unequivocal statement, can the United States, at this late moment, reasonably hope that the Israelis will listen.
LaRouche concluded by observing that the recent actions of the Sharon government have been so extreme, that they make Adolph Hitler look like a Zionist. ___
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