Zimbabwe Terror - Slaughter
By Starvation Imminent
FromJan Lamprecht

I have warned for some months that a number of people have foreseen that Mugabe would use food as a weapon. Mugabe is a commie. And like Stalin, he is going to DELIBERATELY STARVE PEOPE TO DEATH. His aim being to st arve those who opposed him to death. Nice touch eh? The man is a mass murderer, and as an ex-Rhodesian myself, I am proud to say we fought tooth and nail to keep him out and we never handed power to him. Bishop Muzorewa, the black man we put in power was the guy who as foolish enough to cave into commie demands and he held an election in 1980 wherein Mugabe cheated and came to power. So, let the record be set straight that we whites said from the beginning he was a maniac.
As I said on the Zimbabwe Election radio shows you invited me to do - this thing is by no means over. Wait, the WORST is yet to come... it is going to be very bad... Wait and see how many black people will starve to death in droves because of this man. (Oh, and we South African Tax Payers are helping to prop this man up thanks to the orders of our President).
Uncle Bob (Robert Mugabe) is sure ending his life in style. He will be burning in Hell for a very long time...
Some MDC Mugabe Opponents Buried Alive
In 'Bush Pits' For Weeks ZANU-PF Retribution

By Tim Reid
The Times - London
President Mugabe, emboldened by his election victory and angered by suspension from the Commonwealth, has unleashed his own form of ethnic cleansing across swaths of rural Zimbabwe. Thirty thousand people have been forced to flee their homes and entire "blacklisted" villages have been cut off from the food supply. Thousands of incidents of rape, torture, murder, kidnap and arson have been reported to human rights groups and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change.
The wave of terror far exceeds the brutality witnessed before this month's vote, and before Zimbabwe was suspended from the Commonwealth for a year. In Mberengwa East district alone, in the Midlands province, 5,000 MDC supporters have fled in the face of reprisals. The internal refugee crisis has escalated so dramatically that earlier this week the Amani Trust, the Zimbabwean human rights group, applied to the United Nations and the Red Cross for tented villages to be set up in the capital, Harare, where the majority of people have fled, but was turned down.
Some MDC supporters have been buried alive for weeks in "bush pits", with the so-called "war veterans" and youth militia demanding information from them on the Opposition. Before the election Zenny Dube, 27, an MDC polling agent in Nkayi, Matabeleland North, was buried alongside two colleagues in a bush pit, covered in logs and branches, then weighed down with soil. He was kept there for three weeks. "They gave us water every three days," he said yesterday. "They wanted to know everything about the MDC, who were members, where they lived. They said they wanted us to die because we were selling Zimbabwe out to the white man."
One of the three, Thembeni Ndebele, is almost certainly dead. Suffering from malaria, he was removed from the pit after two weeks and has not been seen since. Mr Dube, a structural engineer, was dumped in the bush and left for dead.
President Mugabe's campaign against white farmers has intensified. More than 20 farmers in the Esigodini district, an irrigated dairy area south of Bulawayo, fled their properties yesterday, having been given until today to leave. Black workers on one of the farms were then beaten unconscious. In Matabeleland North, Farmers on 60 properties have been handed the same ultimatum, with some deciding to quit but most standing firm.
The Amani Trust estimates that up to 30,000 people have been forced from their villages since Mr Mugabe was declared the victor in the presidential election on March 14. The President's "war veterans" and youth militia - the feared teenage "Green Bombers" paid to spread terror - have been on the rampage across most of rural Mashonaland and Midlands province, where Mr Mugabe enjoys his strongest support, singling out whole villages suspected of being sympathetic to the MDC.
In the Midlands area of Gokwe, women and teenage girls have been raped by regular soldiers and Zanu PF militia, the trust says. Young girls have been forced to perform humiliating sexual acts in public. "Whole villages are being declared MDC and anyone living there is being targeted," Shari Eppel, an Amani Trust veteran, said. She issues a report today detailing a litany of rape, murder, beatings and torture carried out since the election.
"Food is being blatantly used as a political weapon," she said. "Even if you have money you cannot buy maize if you are declared an MDC supporter. There are entire villages in Mberengwa East where 'war veterans' are diverting maize supplies to the homes of local chiefs who support Zanu PF. You can only buy maize through the chief and whole villages have been blacklisted." She said that she received a report yesterday of two children in Tsholotsho, north of Bulawayo, starving to death. Lorryloads of maize have been driven from the area's Mataga depot to the chiefs' homesteads. MDC supporters are barred from buying it, while it is being sold to Zanu PF supporters for Z$1,300 (£10) for 110lb.
The full scale of the torture and murder of MDC polling agents is also just beginning to emerge. In Gokwe, James Nevana, 32, an MDC polling agent, was abducted the day that voting ended and taken to a youth militia camp. He had bicycle spokes poked through his genitals and was forced to drink poison. The MDC estimates that ten agents have been murdered since the polls closed. Ms Eppel said: "Mugabe's terror machine has been dramatically stepped up since the election, and especially since the Commonwealth decision. He is sending out the message that he is going to do what he wants, whatever the outside world thinks. People here are very depressed, and there is enormous insecurity."

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