The US Shadow Government
And The Development Of AIDS

By Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

In light of the recent realization of a shadow United States and world governments, it comes as no surprise the current review of the federal virus program is moving forward ever so slowly. Even still, we the people are grateful that we can measure our progress in our march for total disclosure of the program that made AIDS. We know the government investigators are doing as good job as might be expected. Imagine if it were you, someone comes into your office and shows you a document that implicates your government in a manner that requires you to defend the American people. What will you do and when?
When we presented the evidence of the federal program to the NIH (Dr. Victoria Cargill), she gave it to the NCI (Dr. Alan Rabson). Dr. Rabson provided that the authors of the 1971 flowchart were two government scientists, Dr. Lou Caresse and Dr. Dick Rauscher. Dr. Rabson subsequently alerted the people that 'he could not provide leadership' in our call for review of this hidden federal virus program. The reason is: Dr. Rabson, the current Deputy Director of the NCI, was also a medical doctor in the development of U.S. Special (AIDS) virus program. See, Progress Report #8 (1971) U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program (1962 - 1978).
Although Dr. Cargill located the secret program in the archives of the NCI in May 2000, neither she nor Dr. Rabson have made public comments concerning the program. It is because of this built-in quagmire that a program as hideous as this, is allowed to continue unabated.
For the record, the shadow government made AIDS in accordance with the fifteen progress reports of the shadow program (1962 - 1978). The 1971 flowchart of the program is absolute evidence of design, purpose and intent of the United States to create a virus. A "special" virus that has an affinity toward the immune system of the Black populations of the world.
History reveals a scientist, Francis P. Rous, discovered a 'warm-blooded' retrovirus in chickens in 1910. He went on to receive a noble prize and died in 1970. According to the narrative discussion of the Special (AIDS) Virus program, in 1978, the AIDS development program concluded that Rous' 1910 'sarcoma' was a product of recombinate genetics. See pages 14 - 15, Progress Report #15 (1978), U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program (1962 - 1978). This is a startling discovery and validates my "History of the Development of AIDS chapter in my book, "STATE ORIGIN: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS". It does appear that mycoplasmas play an essential role in the neoplasia transactivation of AIDS.
To those of us who have downloaded the flowchart, look at the first decision point (first Black box from left). The United States had to have a virus particle as the first criteria for their "special" virus. See, Virus particle is another name for mycoplasma. See, "AIDS: An Explosion of the Biological Timebomb", Professor Robert E. Lee, see also, e.g. "Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature Accident or Intentional?", Dr. Len Horowitz
Thwarting the excessive population of Africa has been a central theme of the shadow government. They spent nearly an entire century testing and molding the mindset of humanity. Homosexuals are nobodys, Africans are scurrilous. It is no wonder we all believed that homosexuals were getting what they deserved. What do we say to African American women who are now the fastest growing group coming down with HIV? The shadow government's assault on the African (American) woman can not be taken lightly. Without our companions, mothers and sisters, we are simply not as strong or responsive as we are with them. We simply cannot allow a stealth United States to operate outside the confines of the principles of freedom and justice for all. We must work together to restore the Constitution and in essence, improve the national security of our country.
The missing medical history will change the science and medical industries into a more forthright and citizen friendly service for the people. The intentional killing of thirty million people is the greatest genocidal holocaust in the history of the world. But, they operate diligently in the shadows to ensure you 'pay no attention' to the facts and the truth.
The shadow government of the United States formed on May 1, 1776 and on July 4, 1776 they formed a corporation, the United States of America. In his over-population message to Congress, President Nixon sounds the alarm that the United States must take 'immediate action' to prevent the gross national product of the United States from being overrun by the starving mouths of Africa. See, Nixon, July 18, 1969, "Special Message to Congress on the Problems of Population". None of us were aware that at that very moment, Drs. David Baltimore, Howard Temin and Robert Gallo were well underway in their hunt for a contagious cancer that selectively kills.
The comb to vanquish the Black race has many teeth, some in shadows.
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