US Columnists & Commentators
Pro-Israel Or Pro-Palestinian

AS WE ALL TURN our attention to the "long-simmering," currently-frying Mideast, MSNBC columnist Eric Alterman has created a handy cheat sheet for figuring the bias of the pundit nearest you. Clip 'n' save:
Columnists and commentators who can be counted upon to support Israel reflexively and without qualification
George Will, The Washington Post, Newsweek and ABC News; William Safire, The New York Times; A.M. Rosenthal, The New York Daily News; Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post, PBS, Time, and The Weekly Standard; Michael Kelly, The Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly, National Journal, and; Lally Weymouth, The Washington Post and Newsweek; Martin Peretz, The New Republic; Daniel Pipes, The New York Post; Andrea Peyser, The New York Post; Dick Morris, The New York Post; Lawrence Kaplan, The New Republic; William Bennett, CNN; William Kristol, The Washington Post, the Weekly Standard, Fox News; Mortimer Zuckerman, US News and World Report; David Gelertner, The Weekly Standard; John Podhoretz, The New York Post and The Weekly Standard; Mona Charen, The Washington Times; Morton Kondracke, Roll Call, Fox News; Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard, Fox News; Sid Zion, The New York Post, The New York Daily News; Yossi Klein Halevi, The New Republic; Sidney Zion, The New York Post; Norman Podhoretz, Commentary; Jonah Goldberg, National Review and CNN; Laura Ingraham, CNN; Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe; Rich Lowry, National Review; Andrew Sullivan, The New Republic; Seth Lipsky, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Sun; Irving Kristol, The Public Interest, The National Interest and The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page; Chris Matthews, MSNBC; Allan Keyes, MSNBC,; Brit Hume, Fox News; John Leo, US News and World Report; Robert Bartley, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page; John Fund, The Wall Street Journal OpinionJournal; Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page; Ben Wattenberg, The Washington Times, PBS; Tony Snow, Washington Times and Fox News; Lawrence Kudlow, National Review and CNBC; Alan Dershowitz, Boston Herald, Washington Times; David Horowitz,; Jacob Heilbrun, The Los Angeles Times; Thomas Sowell, Washington Times; Frank Gaffney Jr, Washington Times; Emmett Tyrell, American Spectator and New York Sun; Cal Thomas, Washington Times; Oliver North, Washington Times and Fox News; Michael Ledeen, Jewish World Review; William F. Buckley, National Review; Bill O'Reilly, Fox News; Paul Greenberg, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette; L. Brent Bozell, Washington Times; Todd Lindberg, Washington Times; Michael Barone, US News and World Report and The McLaughlin Group; Ann Coulter, Human Events; Linda Chavez, Creators Syndicate; Cathy Young, Reason Magazine; Uri Dan, New York Post; Dr. Laura Schlessinger, morality maven; Rush Limbaugh, radio host; The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page (Peter Kann, Editor)
Columnists likely to criticize both Israel and the Palestinians, but view themselves to be critically supporters of Israel, and ultimately, would support Israeli security over Palestinian rights
Thomas Friedman, The New York Times; Richard Cohen, The Washington Post and New York Daily News; Avishai Margolit, The New York Review of Books; David Remnick, The New Yorker; Eric Alterman, The Nation and; The New York Times Editorial Board; The Washington Post Editorial Board;
Columnists likely to be reflexively anti-Israel and/or pro-Palestinian regardless of circumstance
Robert Novak, The Washington Post; Pat Buchanan,; Alexander Cockburn, The Nation and New York Press; Christopher Hitchens, The Nation and Vanity Fair; Edward Said, The Nation.
(That last fivesome would make a funny basketball squad, don't you think? Buchanan and Novak elbowing into the paint, Cockburn backing down the pivot and Hitchens and Said set up to

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