Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian
Police Trying To Surrender - Report

Troops shoot dead Palestinian police 'as they try to surrender'
Palestine claims Israeli troops have fired on a group of Palestinian policemen who were attempting to surrender.
Five have been killed and several injured in the incident at a building near the centre of Ramallah.
The Israeli military says "suspects" were in the building and soldiers returned fire and killed a gunman.
A standoff between soldiers on the street and policemen who remained inside the building continued into the early hours.
A group of 22 Palestinian policemen had been holed up on the third floor of a residential building since the Israeli troops entered Ramallah on Friday.
The officers claim they ran out of food and water and shouted out the window to nearby troops that they were prepared to surrender.
A police spokesman said: "We spoke with one of the soldiers and he gave us instructions to come out of the building and put our weapons down."
He added: "We put our weapons at the main entrance and started to walk out when the Israelis fired on us."
He says the men scrambled back inside the building and up the stairs to take cover, but three policemen were killed at the entrance, and two died later of their wounds. He said others were also injured.
But the Israeli military said "wanted men" were in the building and one of them, wearing an explosives belt, opened fire on them. The reports cannot could be independently verified because the area is regarded as too dangerous to approach.

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