Major 911 Oddities Revealed In
NY Firehouse Documentary

From Top View

By Lea MacDonald
Hello who-ever-you-are, (you left no name with your story.)
My name is Lea MacDonald. I am a contributing columnist for Jeff Rense, but more than that, I am a firefighter.
I read the postulations put forward in your story thoroughly and herein are some things for you to consider. I will go over the points you made in ascending order from 1 to 9.
1) With respect to Engine 7 - Ladder 1 being out at the time of the impact on the WTC, this seeming coincidence is quite typical -- emergencies are not things of convenience, they are emergencies. In such a case dispatch orders other companies fall into a slot which covers potential calls for the responding company (mutual aid) and/or the remaining personnel at the responding company cover the next potential call. The reality is that they saw the impact and were rolling more than a minute sooner than what they would have been if they had been waiting for the call -- a call that would have been paged out through typical channels. If anything, it was a serendipitous stroke of luck that they were already suited-up in their turn-out gear with only a few blocks between them and the emergency. As well, that camera crew would not have gotten the footage they did if they had been in or at the station.
2) With respect to (and I taped the documentary) the Chief "stating" it was a deliberate attack -- I do not recall that. I do recall him talking to the men and saying, "It looked like it just flew right into the tower." Even if he had stated with all certainty that the plane had attacked the tower, the dispatcher could only "pass that information down the chain of command." It would then take several precious minutes to evaluate if his perceptions were correct -- remember, the chain of command did not have the benefit of having seem the movie clip. Also, one needs to remember that such an attack would simply assail all human belief. Even the mention of such a scenario can put a person into shock -- even firefighters/emergency response personnel. Arriving at the scene can cause the on-set of CIS Critical Incident Stress --
The reality is that this system is managed by people -- people who (like you and I) believed that such a thing could not happen -- people who at the time would have been saying: "This can't be." Of course, this would stall the time required to send jets aloft.
3) With respect to your third point, you are mistaken. You wrote: NOWHERE was there ANY indication whatsoever of an incendiary-type explosion or ANY kind of fire in this area.
I will give you an example should you choose to review the tape again.
Upon entering the lobby area, the film crew noticed two people who were on fire. In a subsequent interview (on the same tape) the crew said, "We decided not to film that -- no one needed to see that." Moreover, that information, coupled with the fact that the windows were "blown out," was a significant indication that an incendiary-type explosion "had" taken place. The explanation for that explosion however, is rather prosaic. I would draw your attention to several comments made by people in the who were first on scene. If you recall, several folks made comment to the strong smell of fuel. Some even said jet fuel (I suspect JP-4). With 12 or so (I can't recall the exact number) elevator shafts concluding at the 3 story lobby, any number of which were open to ferry folks to their intended floors (remember, the lobby is the busiest place in a building), the resulting concussion from the ignition of jet fuel would have traveled the shafts upward and downward.
JP-4 is extremely volatile. It not only has to ignite in an oxygen reduced environment (30 to 40-thousand feet), but has to sustain its burn properties in such an environment. Despite the base material being Kerosine, volatile additives are added. At sea level, a thousand gallons of this fuel is nothing less than a huge bomb. Although words will probably fail me with respect to trying to help you understand the explosive expansion of volatile fuels, I will try to give you some idea. Propane expands 275 times its volume. One gallon of gas contains the explosive power of 10 sticks of dynamite. One 71.2 cubic foot tank of 02 (contained within the emergency 02 on board system) contains 1,350,000 -- one million, three hundred and fifty thousand pounds of explosive force. This is enough force to take a typical NY ladder truck, and throw it 6 stories into the air. It only takes 850,000 lbs. of continued force to send the shuttle into space.
In short, expanding explosive gas does not discriminate, it travels the route of least resistance "every time." It emerged in the lobby via the elevator shafts and blew out -- with tremendous explosive and volatile force -- the windows. Remember, fumes are different than a liquid fuel. One only needs to light a cup of gas and it will burn harmlessly away. On the other hand, if one was to ignite a 5 cubic foot container of gas fumes, the resulting expansion/explosion would be profoundly different.
4) With respect to the elevators being out: The first plane made a direct hit in the center of the building and (as seen on the tape) some of that plane -- the engine particularly -- managed to pass through the building and end up several blocks away. The elevators were located directly in the center of the building and there is no doubt that the impact, explosion and resulting 5-thousand degree + fire, caused a catastrophic failure of the system buy severing/melting electrical conduit. Moreover, the motors and main control centers for these elevators were located at the top of their shafts.
An aside: Did you know that by simply jumping up and down on an elevator several times it can cause a wild slapping vibration to occur in the lift cables and subsequently cause an emergency safety system to stop it? The system will take several minutes to reset itself. The explosive impact would have caused the cars to jump wildly in their respective shafts.
5) The Chief did not report the first attack as deliberate and hostile -- he didn't know -- no one did. He could only have guessed at that time. Nothing else had happened and one could have concluded it was a guidance system gone awry. By this time FAA, military officials would have been alerted to the fact that a plane had hit the tower and what type of plane it was. As it turns out, the type of plane that hit the first tower was a fly-by-wire plane which had some history of in-air guidance/flight control failures. Do a search on A-320 and Boeing 767 aircraft. We have seen failures of both on TV clips. The A-320 was shown at an air show trying to recover from wild climbs and dives. The plane's computer kept over responding to attitude inputs. The 767 was shown to crash as it was trying to take off. This crash happened as a result of, again, attitude information being incorrectly deciphered by the main computer.
The issue is, no one knew for sure it was a hostile act of any type. What they knew for sure was that a place had flown straight into one of the towers. It could have been many things -- a in-flight failure of nav-systems, a suicidal pilot, a cabin fire -- it could have been many things before, as we were later to find out, it was an attack.
6) With respect to no mention of a plane being associated with the explosion and fire at the Pentagon, the reporter you heard was in the vicinity of the towers and could only rely on what reports his news team was feeding him -- and them, from what they were getting from their sources in WA. Initial details are always sketchy at best. This is typically the way it is when we respond to emergencies. For instance, I once responded to a call in which it was reported that a woman had a stroke and her car was reported to have hit a hydro pole and electric wires were down. When we got there, yes, a car had hit a pole, but it was a telephone pole and the wires that were down were phone-lines. Moreover, she had not had a stoke, she was drunker than hell. Reports are just that, reports. The initial Pentagon explosion could have been caused by a missile, internal system failure (heating, gas, etc.) bomb or, as it turned out to be, a plane. The few people who witnessed the crash of the plane into the Pentagon would have been trying to get hold of news agencies or police, fire and ambulance, while the world was already watching the first tower burn. Their efforts would have taken much less time if the world's news agencies were not already fixated on the initial tower impact and the reports racing in.
7) You wrote: "Explosions of varying loudness can be heard going off repeatedly . . ." Sadly, these "explosions" as you say, were the sound of bodies hitting the concrete at a terminal velocity of 120 MPH. Review the tape, you will hear several horrified comments about people jumping and what the cause of those explosions are. They are horrifyingly deafening. I simply won't comment on this any further, it brings back too many memories.
8) You wrote: These trained and experienced professionals were FULLY aware of the extent and severity of the damage and destruction . . ." Simply put, no they/we were/are not. As a firefighter, we can see the destruction, but we are not always aware of the damage -- this is why so many firefighters get caught in or around collapsing buildings -- they are not aware of the damage sustained by the structure. At a burning building we are now required -- if not doing internal search and rescue -- to stay back 1 and 1/2 times the height of the burning structure. If they had been aware, they would never have deployed their men in the building. To say that they were aware is to say that the Chiefs decided to deliberately put their men in harms way -- something no Chief would ever do. To reverse the point does not make the converse true. The reality is that after-the-fact calculations have been made to determine the extent of the explosive force that day. Most conclude that the explosion was 1/20th the size of the Hiroshima nuclear explosion. The resulting explosion would have significantly damaged the building infrastructure at the point of impact -- the terrific heat from burning fuel would have done the rest. What we all saw burn off was the fumes -- the fuel would have burned for much longer, thus the "black" smoke. Once that floor buckled, the other floors came down on it. The resulting shock-load caused the floor below to buckle. The compounding shock-loads cause the building to collapse under its own shock-loaded weight.
9) You wrote: "3-4 inch thick steel beams jutting out everywhere which showed NO sign at all of having become softened, melted or anything similar . . ." True, though your conclusion is not supported by this fact. These beams, as the beams in the other tower, were not subject to heat -- they ran the entire height of the building and we know that the building did not burn, it collapsed under the incredible forces generated by compounded shock-loads as one floor fell onto another.
I hope this helps you better understand the constituents of the 911 emergency that fateful September day.
Best regards,
Lea MacDonald
Bedford firefighter,
Lieutenant 3-3.
On March 11, 6 months after the September 11 destruction of the World Trade Center, CBS aired a film consisting largely of documentary footage on the firefighters of the FDNY's Engine 7, Ladder 1. Engine 7's firehouse is just several blocks from the WTC.
The footage was taken by a team of two French brothers, Jules and Gedeon Naudet, who'd begun their documentary on the life and times of these particular firemen some days before.
The firefighters of Engine 7 -- all of whom ended up at ground zero on September 11 -- by incredible grace, and maybe luck, all survived and lived to see another day... And many of their days since September 11 have been spent searching for the bodies of their lost comrades and the many, many other victims at ground zero.
Truly significant -- indeed crucial -- oddities, anomalies and flagrantly irreconcilable contradictions with the "official" "version" of the staggering WTC devastation are brought forth in this film, which serve to further prove the UTTER FALSITY of the federal government/Bush administration/mass media's threadbare official lies on nearly every single important aspect of this tremendous, horrific tragedy.
** First and foremost
Right off the bat, we smell something fishy in the fact that on September 11 at 8:30 AM Engine 7 -- the fire station closest to the World Trade Center -- received what turned out to be a spurious report of an "odor of gas" about a half-mile AWAY from the WTC to the north. This potentially serious but false report served to take the 7th Battalion's chief Joe Pfeiffer and a crew TRAINED in dealing with explosive/incendiary conditions AWAY from the Trade Center location... at the EXACT TIME the first plane impacted the tower.
However: nearly every member of this crew including filmmaker Jules Naudet, who filmed it, watched from the street with horrifying clarity at 8:46 as the first plane made a dead-on beeline for WTC tower one and smacked right into it.
** Second
Ranking NYC fire official Chief Pfeiffer notified higher authorities WITHIN MOMENTS of the plane's impact that the incident was CLEARLY a deliberate attack; an intentional act of mass death and devastation. As the small crew that had eye-witnessed the first plane hit the WTC was racing to the location, Chief Pfeiffer sounded red alerts over the radio and phone; specifically stating that what they witnessed was a "DIRECT ATTACK," that the plane was clearly being directed straight at the building and the incident was definitely NOT any kind of accident.
THUS: If, by some unimaginable combination of sheer stupidity, criminal incompetence, negligence, ineptitude and apparent MASSIVE concurrent near-unilateral failure of a number of (semi-)automatic air defense warning and alert systems, US government/military authorities charged with defending and patrolling the nation's airspace had somehow FAILED to have become aware of a SERIOUSLY suspicious and threatening ongoing situation occurring over the skies of the eastern US with a number of large, fully-fueled passenger jets OBVIOUSLY being in serious trouble and/or under hostile control and TOTALLY out of communication with aviation authorities, then they had a DEFINITE official report that this WAS the case once Chief Pfeiffer radioed in his red alert. The intervening TWENTY MINUTES that elapsed before the second plane hit the south WTC tower was MORE than enough time for interceptors to have reached ground zero from Air Guard bases barely TEN minutes away at LESS than maximum speed.
Now we have solid proof that a NYC fire official who EYE-WITNESSED the first plane hit the WTC DID inform higher authorities that the incident was CLEARLY A HOSTILE ATTACK!!
What's also worth noting is that even as Pfeiffer and the others were speeding downtown, the main fireball from the exploding jet fuel had almost completely dissipated and the flames had subsided significantly, as is visible in the footage taken then by Jules Naudet.
** Third
When the above-noted fire crew and cameraman Jules Naudet arrived at WTC's tower one along with other fire crews and entered the building's ground floor lobby, they were to a one completely puzzled -- actually astonished -- to find SIGNIFICANT and widespread damage to the entire lobby area; although NOT of a deep, structural kind. Moreover, NOWHERE was there ANY indication whatsoever of an incendiary-type explosion or ANY kind of fire in this area.
Yet the incredible number of blown-out windows and other extensive though rather superficial damage throughout the lobby area was profoundly perplexing to these EXPERIENCED professional firefighters in relation to the impact of the plane eighty stories above. As one put it: "The lobby looked like the plane hit the lobby!"
But it DIDN'T: it hit EIGHTY STORIES ABOVE. There is NO WAY the impact of the jet caused such widespread damage eighty stories below. In a building which by design had easily withstood an amazing amount of flexing and swaying from high winds, the ground-floor damage witnessed by these men and recorded on camera could not POSSIBLY have been caused by that plane crash. Over and over, these professional firefighters expressed their complete puzzlement over the damage in this area. However, this glaringly anomalous factor was spin-doctored by the narrator, who said fire officials were later informed (OBVIOUSLY by "certain" federal officials) that the lobby damage occurred because "burning jet fuel" had poured eighty stories down the elevator shafts and then exploded in the lobby. Interesting fable -- but in fact there was not one SINGLE visible indication of ANY kind of burning, fire or incendiary-type explosion in the lobby area. The Feds' complete and utter fabrication about jet fuel having "exploded" in the lobby is thoroughly nullified by the clear visual evidence on the footage of the fire-crews in the tower one lobby.
According to this visual evidence, it is OBVIOUS and irrefutable that OTHER EXPLOSIVES (apparently of a non-incendiary kind such as concussion bombs) HAD ALREADY BEEN DETONATED in the lower levels of tower one at the same time as the plane crash -- before ANY fire crews and rescue workers arrived at the scene!
** Fourth
ALL the hundreds of professional firefighters massing at tower one AND their chiefs and superiors -- a number of whom had eye-witnessed the plane's actual impact -- along with other emergency services personnel familiar with and trained to deal with such disasters, were VERY surprised to find that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the north tower's elevators was OUT OF COMMISSION. Despite the obvious severity of the impact and the ensuing explosion and fire in parts of the building eighty stories above, these professional firefighters and rescue workers were at a loss to explain how EVERY SINGLE elevator could have been knocked out. Clearly, SOMETHING ELSE besides the plane crash was responsible for this truly dangerous state of affairs, which was a big factor in the large number of fatalities which ensued.
** Fifth
After the attack on the first tower, which had been reported by Chief Pfeiffer and other officials to higher authorities as a DELIBERATE AND HOSTILE ATTACK, the occupants of tower two were in the process of being evacuated. But THEN, obviously issuing from some diabolical source, word was spread throughout tower two's communications system that there was NO FURTHER DANGER and that ALL OCCUPANTS should return to their offices! Thus: Although clearly and SUSPICIOUSLY there was a VERY low attendance rate in both WTC towers that day, SOME agency or other took very deliberate steps to ensure that whoever WAS there that day was almost certain to die.
** Sixth
Clearly heard on the soundtrack of the CBS presentation of the Naudets' footage is the sound of a TV or radio announcer stating that there were reports of a FIRE and possible explosion having occurred at the Pentagon. Absolutely NOTHING was said about any PLANE having hit the Pentagon in these initial reports!
** Seventh
Explosions of varying loudness can be heard going off repeatedly throughout tower one during the time fire crews had set up their command post there after the first attack. WHAT WAS CAUSING THESE EXPLOSIONS? This is never even commented upon: but what else is there to SAY about this other than OTHER EXPLOSIVE DEVICES were DEFINITELY being detonated throughout the building after the plane had hit?!
** Eighth
ALL firefighters and rescue workers and their superiors and chiefs were FULLY CONFIDENT at ALL TIMES -- even after the attack on the south tower but before its unimaginable and unprecedented collapse -- that the dwindling conflagrations on the upper levels of the twin towers WOULD be fully contained, and that the majority of those people still up there WOULD be brought to safety. These trained and experienced professionals were FULLY aware of the extent and severity of the damage and destruction; yet not ONE of them even remotely envisioned something as catastrophic as the TOTAL, UTTER COLLAPSE of these two behemoth, tremendously solid structures. They knew they had a tough job to do -- and they KNEW -- every one of them -- that they COULD do it.
But then something they could never, ever have imagined DID happen. The buildings -- beginning strangely enough with the far less damaged and last to be struck south tower -- crumbled and sank from the Manhattan skyline in a vast and truly apocalyptic cloud of dust and rubble.
** Ninth
The south tower, which suffered far less damage than tower one, somehow or other crumpled to the ground. Professional fire and rescue workers on-site were in a state of near-total disbelief. THIS COULD NOT HAVE BEEN CAUSED BY THE PLANE CRASH!
And THEN the same thing happened to the north tower.
And even MORE unbelievable: other than 3-4 inch thick steel beams jutting out everywhere which showed NO sign at all of having become softened, melted or anything similar, there was literally NOTHING LEFT of these gargantuan structures but DUST.
Moreover: EACH of the Trade Center's twin towers had a TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND+ GALLON water tank atop it. That's nearly a HALF-MILE gallons of water atop those two buildings. And not a single drop of it reached the ground.
In the words of Engine 7's Joe Casaliggi: "You have two 110-story office buildings. You don't find a desk; you don't find a chair; you don't find a telephone or a computer... . The biggest piece of a telephone was half of a keypad.
"There was nothing left of those buildings BUT DUST."
And we're supposed to believe that was caused by burning jet fuel -- THAT'S BASICALLY KEROSENE, folks -- which had LONG SINCE burned off in the initial fireballs.
We don't believe it. And neither do MANY, MANY other people, including a large number of New York City firefighters -- may God bless them for their selfless, honorable and heartfelt efforts to save others; all tragically sacrificed to further the demonic and hellish agendas of the mass-murdering within the US government so DEEPLY, deeply complicit in the carnage of 9.11.
NY Fireman's Brother: 'Something other than planes' toppled WTC'
Comments on Our 9.11 Firehouse Film Article From Top View 4-3-2
We received an email from the brother of fireman Joe Casaliggi of FDNY's Engine 7. Joe was depicted in the 9.11 firehouse documentary discussed in our recent article 'Major 9.11 Oddities Revealed in NY Firehouse Documentary'. We've reprinted the entire email from Chris Casaliggi below, along with our reply to him.
Chris agrees with our basic premise that it was NOT the plane crashes which brought down the WTC towers, and with some of the other key points in our article. However, he feels that the initial extensive damage to the north tower lobby was caused by a fireball descending the elevator shafts. He also says that what sounds like explosions going off, on the footage taken by filmmaker Gedeon Naudet, is the sound of bodies and debris hitting.
We did receive an email in response to our article which stated there were NO elevator shafts directly linking the WTC lobby with levels 78 and above, where the plane struck the north tower. Reportedly, at the 78th floor one had to change from express elevators to local elevators in different shafts to reach the higher levels. This makes it even more unlikely a descending fireball of burning fuel could have caused the lobby damage.
There were also numerous reports from firemen and others that explosives of some kind were detonating continually in the WTC towers subsequent to the planes' impacts. Although this may not be what is heard on Gedeon Naudet's footage, there is no doubt explosions were going off in the WTC towers during that time.
Here is some information and links regarding these two issues.
= = = =
From: "Jim S" <>
Subject: Major 911 oddities
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 05:59:02 -0800
I just finished the firefighters point-by-point analysis of the 911 tape. I believe something should be clarified relating to the WTC's elevator shafts. To make clear, the North Tower was reported to have hit about the 93rd floor, not the 80th as commonly stated. Now for the shafts...The WTC's elevator system was made up with express and local elevators. If you needed to got to the 89th floor, you first took an express to the (I believe) 78th floor and then transferred to the 89th. This would mean the shafts at the 93rd floor would extend downward only to the 78th floor. Unless there was a bank of elevators for freight or whatever that went the entire height of the building, the idea of jet fuel descending to the lobby through the elevator shafts would be impossible. Anyway, just thought I'd throw in my two cents.
= = = =
9.29.01 NYC Firemen: THERE WERE 'BOMBS IN THE BUILDING' - Crucial info/evidence: Explosives toppled WTC
- - - - - - - - the movie
the notes and debate
movie by itself
Study the debate and related support images, seismic indicators, 1st-hand accounts. Notice -- the deepest crater not by the towers but away near bldgs 6 and 7
1st-hand acct's saying string of detonations went off
firemen, medics say bombs inside,11859,174592-3,00.html

9.29.01 NY Fireman: There were 'BOMBS IN THE BUILDING!'
Keep in mind the NYFD's chief arson investigator said on on TV on 9.12 that internal explosives WERE USED to bring down the WTC towers!
- - - - - - - -,11859,174592-3,00.html
Louie Cacchioli, 51, is a firefighter assigned to Engine 47 in Harlem.
September 12, 2001
We were the first ones in the second tower after the plane struck. I was taking firefighters up in the elevator to the 24th floor to get in position to evacuate workers.
On the last trip up a BOMB went off. WE THINK THERE WAS BOMBS SET IN THE BUILDING. I had just asked another firefighter to stay with me, which was a good thing because we were trapped inside the elevator and he had the tools to get out.
There were probably 500 people trapped in the stairwell. It was mass chaos. The power went out. It was dark. Everybody was screaming. We had oxygen masks and we were giving people oxygen. Some of us made it out and some of us didn't. I know of at least 30 firefighters who are still missing. This is my 20th year. I am seriously considering retiring. This might have done it.
= = = = = = = =
From: "Casaliggi, Chris [AMEX]" <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Major 9.11 Oddities Revealed in Firehouse Documentary
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 11:37:19 -0500
Hi, I was just reading the article "Major 9.11 Oddities in Firehouse Documentary" and I have a couple of points that I would like to mention to you. Let me start by saying that this article has very valid points but there are a couple of things that are off.
I just want to say I believe that these towers were brought down by something other than two planes but I have to say that isn't there a possibility that the South Tower, even though hit second, came down first because of the point of impact. Since the point of impact was lower, this would make the tower more top-heavy than the North Tower. Therefore the South Tower would come down first.
The issue on the lobby of the WTC looking like a plane hit down there. There was no explosion at the base of the WTC. When the first plane hit, the pressure of that hit sent a fire ball straight down and blew out the windows. There have been many eyewitnesses who saw the ball of fire not only in the North Tower but also in the South Tower when the second plane hit. As you watch the footage of the firemen of Engine 7 Ladder 1 enter the North Tower you here Gideon say the there were two people on fire in the lobby. I don't think those people walked down 90 flights of stairs on fire. They caught fire when the plane hit and they were standing in the lobby as a ball of fire came. You are correct in saying that there was no fire in the lobby but there was a fire ball at the point of impact.
The second point I would like to correct you on is about the several explosions that were heard in the background of the tape while the Firefighters were setting up their command post. Those were the explosions of bodies hitting the concrete floor outside and they were also landing on top of the revolving doors in the lobby. You had said in your point that the explosions were never even commented on, but everyone who saw the special heard them say that those sounds were bodies. My brother is Joe Casaliggi of Engine 7 whom you've quoted in the article, and they have seen the unedited version of the tape long before the rest of the public and there is no question about those explosions because they are shown in the unedited version. CBS obviously did not want to show that on TV.
Chris C.

= = = =

Hello Chris:
Thanks so much for writing.
Whether or not this makes any real difference, I want to say right off that I was born and raised in New York City, and lived there until the age of 22. I am and always will be in many ways a New Yorker, and so what happened on September 11 means a hell of a lot to me.
As for what you said about what we took as the sound of explosions heard on Gedeon's footage: we do have on file a statement made by a NYC firefighter, published in People Magazine Online, who said he and colleagues DEFINITELY heard other explosions going off when they were in the WTC subsequent to the plane impacts. Therefore, we assumed those were the sounds that were heard on Gedeon's film.
In regard to what you said about a fireball descending into the lobby, perhaps you would find interesting some information noted in one of many emails we received on our article.
Reportedly there were NO direct elevator shafts connecting the levels where the plane hit with the lobby: one had to change from an express elevator to a local elevator in a DIFFERENT SHAFT. This makes it even more unlikely in our humble opinion that ALL that lobby damage was from such a descending fireball. Of course we could be wrong.
Thanks again and please convey our deepest feelings of kinship and solidarity to your brother and all the incredible people in the FDNY.
Take care,
John Quinn

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