Jordan And Egypt May
Expel Israeli Envoys
By Daniel Sobelman
Ha'aretz Daily

Jordan and Egypt issued stern warnings to Israel yesterday, and demanded that Israel Defense Forces troops withdraw from Ramallah and not harm Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat. In consultations held by Jordanian and Egyptian officials yesterday, the two countries considered ordering Israel's ambassadors in Cairo and Amman to return to Jerusalem, a diplomatic source said.
The source stated that Jordan and Egypt are "considering this possibility" of telling Israel's diplomats to leave their countries, and that a decision on this matter depends upon developments in the territories. The Egyptians and Jordanians would carry out such a step in unison, the source added.
But another diplomatic source speculated that should affairs worsen in the territories, and should Jordan's public become increasingly angry, the Hashemite kingdom might order Israel's ambassador to leave before Egypt does the same. This source explained that the internal situation in Jordan is more complicated than Egypt's domestic circumstances, partly because Palestinians represent a majority of Jordan's population.
Egypt's Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher said yesterday in Cairo that Israel has apparently ignored the messages which he delivered to it via Israeli ambassador Gideon Ben Ami.
Israel's ambassador to Jordan, David Dadon, was called yesterday to meet with Jordan's Foreign Minister, Marwan Muasher. According to well-placed sources, Muasher made it clear that Jordan will not risk its internal stability on behalf of Israel. Muasher warned that Arafat is liable to be harmed, intentionally or not, by any Israeli soldier who fires bullets around the Ramallah compound.
Muasher announced he informed Dadon that "there will be more steps taken [against Israel] should the Israeli government not agree to an immediate withdrawal." The statement added that the foreign minister expressed his government's "deep anger" about Israel's recent "irresponsible" steps.
Israeli officials yesterday characterized Muasher as being "hysterical" during the meeting with Dadon. Jordan's foreign minister, they added, declared that he doesn't trust Israel's promise that it won't harm Arafat.

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