Doesn't Anyone Remember
Arafat Started His Insane Intifada?

Commentary From MIchael Shore

Does anyone remember that it was Yasser Arafat who started his insane intifada 18 months ago after he was getting about 95% of what he negotiated for over a period of seven years in the Oslo Peace accords?
Yasser, just so you know, getting 95% of what you negotiate in any kind of negotiation is outstanding! Yasser, you were getting your own state, you were getting East Jerusalem as your capital, you were getting Gaza, you were getting the West bank, you were making millions of dollars a year in your casino in Jericho where Israelis came to gamble and lose their money. You were getting billions of dollars more to help with the refugee issue. You could steal this money, too, since you already had stolen most of the hundreds of millions of dollars that was previously given to the PLO by Israel, the USA, Europe, Japan and Arab states. You could levy taxes on any Israeli that would choose to live in Gaza or the West Bank or East Jerusalem because they'd be living in your new state.
Yasser, please tell the World exactly why you started this crazy intifada to fight for what you were already being given in the Oslo Peace accords??? You've never explained why you are doing what your doing.
Why didn't the US or Europe or the press or someone ask this insane sick 'leader': "What the hell are you doing? Why did you first start this insane intifada, complete with your army of sick crazy suiicide bombers - who you incite and brainwash in your media and who you recruit and send out to blow themselves up and target innocent men, women children and babies as their victims?"
To all you good people and media who sympathize with the Palestinians but still give credibility to this sick mentally, insane leader, Yasser Arafat, somebody please recognize an insane person when you see one. Let's find a good-hearted new leader for the Palestinian people; someone who is not insane and corrupt and knows how to provide an environment where the people he leads can live in Peace, happiness and prosperity.
Let it be said that every warring Nation, including Israel, the US, Europe, Great Britan, etc. could use new righteous leaders who truly work for Peace and not work for the benefit of the war corporations and the oil corporations, who are the main beneficiaries of war in the mideast and elsewhere.
Michael Shore
Maria Malewski 4-6-2
There is also something a lot of people are also not realizing, or are trying to gloss over. There has always been a Hebrew presence in Isreal.
Inspite of all the foreign invasions, occupations, and campaigns of genocide by various peoples and cultures, there has always been a "remenant" of jewish persons that survived throughout all the centuries in their land. Like it or not, it is their land, and has always been so. Arab peoples from neighboring tribes migrated in and settled in also.
There was never an Arab state named "Palastine", though many may have refered to the region as such.
After the British kicked the Turks out, It was expected that this would become the homeland for the rest of the "dispossed" Jews scattered throughout the world.
When the British carved up the Middle-East into various political entities, they made allowances as much as possible for the various tribal communities to one again rule as autonomous states, and this included the Arabs we call the "Palastinians". These tribes were supposed to have the area now called the State of Jorden. I don't remember the info on who actually took over that area, but it wasn't the deseginated, native "Palastinian" tribes, obviously. Jordon also waged war against Isreal, took over half of Jeruslam, and exterminated or ran out all the jews living there (East Jerusalem).
Isreal was immediately attacked when its Hebrew population, now reinforced with a steady inflow of refugees from mainly post WW II Europe, declared itself a state. This was not over "Palastinian refugee rights", as there was no Arab refugee problem at this time, this was a war of extermination, of all of Hebrew descent living in Isreal, proclaimed as such by ALL of Isreal's neighboring arab states. "Push them into the sea" was the slogan.
Even today, those attacking the Jewish people make total war mainly on the non-combatants, and while the world comdems the apparent excesses of Sharon, it is interesting to note that the fed-up Isrealites were condeming him for not acting against the terrorists more harshly.
Arafat had everything handed to him on a silver platter, but he wanted all of Jerusalem for his own capital, not to mention that apparently what he really would like would be no more Isreal, at all. It might also be noted that the Palastinians desecrated Jewish religious sites, such as Jacob's tomb, and are tearing up the ruins of the Temple from underground on the temple mount, something that the Jewish people have not done in kind to their Arab kin. All of the harshness of the state of Isreal has come about because of continued Arab attacks. Isreal did not start any of these actions, even including the dispossession of the refugees, which came about because of the wars started by the Arab states, and which continued with refugee camps that became perminant because neighboring states, especially Lebenon, refused to allow those disspossed into their own countries.
If there had been no continous problem with terrorism, Isreal probably would have assimulated all those refugees back into their own society by now, but that's not what is happening. There will never be peace with a people who teach their children to hate another race from the time they can learn to talk, which ruins it for everyone, both Arab and Jew. Arafat was, and still is a terrorist, pure and simple, and should have been disenfranchised after the gulf war, when his popluarity was at its lowest, instead of being given legitimacy.
The end result may be something nobody really wants, but out of necessity for survival, a tyranical police state. If the "Palastinians" can get rid of their terrorists, and their own raciest mindset, then true freedom can once again reign.
I for one, do not believe that this will happen until the area becomes once again, the focus of invading armies of greedy outside interests, and both Arab and Hebrew alike suffer because of it.
Maria Malewski

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