'Eye Of Horus' In Time Warner's
New Corporate Logo


From Mark Kirby
Jeff, As a signmaker with contracts on production on that logo I'd like to share some info that I received as part of my contract.
Designer notes: "The eye/ear logo symbolizes the audio visual entertainment we provide."
Now, I know how important the "all seeing eye" is and AOL's triangle could be viewed in a similar fashion. But I thought I'd let you know that this logo is an EYE...the descending portion (with the iris) shows an EAR.
Hope I helped clear up any misunderstanding with this particular logo. Unless you know something about the 'All-hearing Ear of Horus'...LOL!
Take care and keep up with this great website. I read it every day.
Mark Kirby Owner,
Marx Signs & Graphix


I think one thing we should all be aware of is not that the eye of horus is done intentionally here, but that as part of a collective consciousness, or unconsciousness, this occult symbol along with many others, seem to find their way into many logos and many artworks; even when our design goals are entirely without conscious effort toward anything mystical or peculiar. Thank you for your direct-from-the-source info! - Webmaster
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