Three More Israeli Refusenik
Officers Sentenced To Jail

By Joseph Algazy and Lily Galili
Ha'aretz Daily

Three more officers were sentenced to military prison yesterday for terms ranging from 28 to 35 days for refusing to do reserve service in the territories. This brings to 16 the number of soldiers currently incarcerated on such charges.
The three were First Lieut. Tamar Israeli, sentenced to 28 days in prison, Staff Sergeant Bar Shendon, sentenced to 28 days, and Sergeant Oded L. Shendon, sentenced to 35 days.
The sentences are the maximum which can be imposed on the officers for refusing to serve.
Yesh Gvul, which has been encouraging the refuseniks, said it has received reports that their number is constantly rising, with another 25 soldiers joining the ranks yesterday.
Several organizations supporting soldiers who refuse to serve in the territories are planning to conduct a second seder, emphasizing the quest for freedom, in front of the Military Prison 6 in Atlit, the prison where refuseniks have most frequently been jailed.
Meanwhile, 50 members of the European Parliament have sent a letter of empathy to imprisoned refuseniks. The letter, sent to Yesh Gvul, says the refuseniks show a peaceful desire to end the occupation and are marching heroically in the footsteps of others in history who have opposed oppression.

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