Skolnick - Arthur Andersen And The Federal Executioners
By Sherman H. Skolnick

Old-timers were worried. They might not still be around, some grumbled, when the government finally forced the "Mafia/CIA's" book-keepers to face the music. After all, the bulk of the 20th Century passed by and only sharp-eyed, Sherlock Holmes types really understood what was happening.
Who noticed?
When Arthur Andersen and their attorneys, tied to the Kennedy Family, reportedly covered up massive embezzlement of the First National Bank of Chicago, in the 1970s. It was part of an underworld-espionage operation in Greece. A Chicago Federal Judge, a former top CIA official, admitted to us he had to go along with side-stepping certain matters for reasons of "national security".
Certainly the Queen's newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, never bothered to pay attention. Did anyone bother to check out the numerous military intelligence and other espionage agency types working as reporters at this media flagship of the Federal Reserve District Bank in Chicago? Traditionally, the head of the Tribune Company was also the head of America's conspiratorial-like PRIVATE central bank Chicago District unit.
Like us, you got on a monopoly press "black list" for publicly commenting on such details.
Some called it "Al Capone Land". The nick-name for the Chicago enclave of Cicero. When the Federal hangman in the Windy City prosecuted the female Cicero Town President for various mis-steps, the press fakers identified Betty Loren-Maltese as the widow of a late mafioso. Left-out, of course, was the background of the reputed "Mafia/CIA" operation in her town, The First National Bank of Cicero. The long-time head of the Vatican Bank, Bishop Paul Marcinkus, was from Cicero and at the Vatican continued to dominate the worldwide operation as well of his hometown bank. To confuse matters, the Cicero bank in recent years changed its name several times.
Was anyone but us alert when in 1991 Marcinkus fled Italy under the protection of his Vatican passport? The Italian authorities wanted to grill him, for possible prosecution, for various reputed criminal offenses. Such as using the Vatican Bank facilities, jointly with the mafia, the American CIA, and the Bush Crime Family, to carry out the secret sale to state-sponsored terrorists of osmium nuclear bomb triggers, stolen gold, smuggled weapons, and aiding terrorists launder dope trafficking proceeds. These criminals specialized as well in distributing superior quality U.S. and foreign counterfeit currencies.
Marcinkus, with the Bush gang and others, for the American CIA, dealt in clandestine weapons shipments used to overthrow governments not favored by the spy agency and their dirty birds.
Did anyone but us, ever examine and copy the federal court records showing a top official of Arthur Andersen handled the profound cover-up of what Bush, Marcinkus, and the First National Bank of Cicero were all about? In 1991, just after Marcinkus sought refuge in Chicago, after escaping the Italian financial police--- who really noted what was happening?
In December, 1991, we decided to test out the known corruption in the Chicago office of the Chief Federal executioner. In a joint conference with an FBI official and a hotshot assistant federal prosecutor, we demanded they do something about a top Chicago U.S. Bankruptcy Court official, Wallace Lieberman, implicated with Arthur Andersen, and officials of Daddy Bush's White House administration, in various federal court rackets---federal crimes, done right in the same building as the Chief Federal Prosecutor! As we spelled out the technical details, our specialty, Lieberman, aided by Arthur Andersen and the then Bush White House, helped the Chief Judge at that time of the Bankruptcy Court, to siphon off some 141 Million Dollars, parked in offshore tax cheat havens. [Three years later in a lengthy interview with a key official of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Chicago IRS, we were warned that it was improper for us to know the details that the Chief Judge had not paid his income taxes for the previous 30 years. Prior to being Chief Judge, he was an official of some sort of the infamous First National Bank of Cicero. The interview and details are transcribed and filed, without challenge or dispute, in various little-known state and federal court documents.]
In our presence, the assistant federal prosecutor was criticized by the FBI official for accidentally informing us that the Wallace Lieberman matter was then pending before a federal grand jury inquiring into Arthur Andersen and others. But, a few days later, the whole matter was resolved as to Arthur Andersen, the First National Bank of Cicero, the Daddy Bush White House, Paul Marcinkus, the Vatican Bank, and a list of their mafia-CIA confederates. As an UNPROTECTED Federal grand Jury witness, Lieberman tried to shake-down the top official of Arthur Andersen handling the whitewash at the First National Bank of Cicero, as well as attempting to put the arm on bank officials, and White House criminals. The Queen's newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, did their usual whitewash. On Christmas Day, 1991, while others had holiday things on their mind, the Trib ran the story of the murder of Court Official Wallace Lieberman, adding that he was a business partner of Robert Bellavia, a longtime reputed gangster. The Trib did not bother to detail that Lieberman was killed mafia-CIA style, and his body was found behind an auto repair shop. Hey, get this---Lieberman was found not far from the Cicero bank. How come they did not have time, Chicago-style, to put his body in a car trunk and leave the vehicle parked at O'Hare Airport? [For our television show, we later did an on-location one-hour documentary at the murder site and at the bank.]
In 1993, the topmost official of an Arthur Andersen client, Household Bank and Household International, Edwin Hoffmann, was apparently murdered at his home. A financial wizard, knowing the most about the operation, Hoffmann was thought to be hard to replace. He asked a few of the wrong questions of his mafia-CIA book-keepers. As repeatedly mentioned in little-known state and federal court records, Household is interwoven with the corrupt doings of the First National Bank of Cicero, and Arthur Andersen. Who bothers to know that Household is the successor and alter ego of the bloody worldwide money machine, Nugan Hand Bank? The General Counsel of Nugan Hand as well as Household, was former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby. Knowing the details, you can see why Colby's friends say he was murdered in 1996. In retirement, he talked too much. [For background, "The Crimes of Patriots" by Jonathan Kwitny.]
Known but only rarely discussed are the details of the role Daddy Bush played with the worldwide assassination funding and laundering apparatus, known as BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, also called Bank of Criminals and Conspirators International. [The history of BCCI is contained in part in extensive reports of a Congressional banking subcommittee.] The true history of BCCI would have to include the key role of members of the Bush Crime Family, including their Texas gang.
The environmental activists, Greenpeace, caused to be privately printed a soft-cover, large-page book on their version of the history of the garbage removal business, Waste Management, a client of Arthur Andersen. The book-keeping fakers had to pay damages by way of settlement for having apparently allowed book-cooking by Waste Management. The refuse hauling firm vigorously denies the thesis of the book, that Waste Management has a reputed gangster history background. [At the time of the posting of this story, we aired on our television show a one-hour documentary showing Waste Management committed apparent fraudulent practices in Highland Park, a northern suburb of Chicago.]
Certain traders and speculators on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and their step-sister, Chicago Board Options Exchange, reportedly put themselves in a position to enrich themselves, with prior knowledge of September 11, 2001. Prior to Black Tuesday, apparently using various trading instruments, they, in effect, sold "short" the securities of American Airlines, and United Airlines, whose planes were involved in the media and government described happenings. [Some challenge and dispute the official versions of what occurred that day.]
Naturally, Arthur Andersen are the book-keepers for the "Merc", which when the federal indictment of Andersen was announced, said they were nevertheless satisfied with the auditing firms services. Some on the Mercantile Exchange reportredly aid the Bush Crime Family with laundering illicit funds jointly with the Red Chinese Secret Police. On the other hand, the Chicago Board of Trade, dominated by Irish Catholics and with the Bush gang heavily pro-British and Queen of England, is apparently facing Bush Justice Department frame-ups for not going along with the Bush White House secret laundering through the Chicago markets. [Visit prior related website stories of ours.]
U.S. Attorney General John Ashcan [that is what we name him] and the Bush Justice Department are running a substantial risk to prosecute Arthur Andersen. Why? Well, here is a list of what key people at Andersen know about, can document, and can, if they choose, confront the Bush Crime Family.
* At the behest of Daddy Bush and his bloody operations with the American CIA, long before and long after he was Director of Central Intelligence in 1976, what became known as Enron, was deeply involved in CIA dirty business, domestic and overseas. As we previously pointed out, the firm should properly be called ENRON/MARC RICH INTERNATIONAL, since Enron is a continuation and alter ego of the operations of the international swindlers who with the help of Daddy Bush, fled the U.S. for Switzerland. Marc Rich was corruptedly pardoned by Clinton as Bush Family crony. Among other things, Enron/Marc Rich have been deeply involved in fixing elections in the U.S., to get rid of Congressmen and Senators who are on the outs with the spy agency and their various layers of operations, Foundations, Proprietary so-called "Business" firms, and other adjuncts, immune from disclosure by Freedom of Information Act demands.[Visit our extensive website stories on the Red Chinese Secret Police operating in the U.S. and on the Chicago markets.]
* Jointly with members and cohorts of the Bush Crime Family, Enron/Marc Rich was used to apparently bribe officials in India regarding massive failure of an energy project. Richard Cheney, head of energy equipment firm up to the summer of 2000, Halliburton, ostensibly put the arm on high officials in India to try to force them to pay up Enron.
* Enron/Marc Rich International/Bush Crime Family crony, James Baker 3rd, a cabinet member when Daddy Bush was President, apparently was part of a team arranging to bribe southern Florida DEMOCRATS, to stop the year 2000 Presidential election ballot recount, so Bush Jr. could do the Electoral College trick. Some continue to contend that the actual elected but not inaugurated President is Albert Gore, Jr., who won the popular vote by 600,000 nationwide. Used for the bribery of Democrat officials was some 40 million dollars of dope trafficking funds of the co-founder of the Medellin Colombia dope cartel, Carlos Lehder, according to drug enforcement officials a business partner of the Bush Family. And reportedly assisting the bribery team was Marc Racicot, until January, 2001, Montana Governor. Journalists and law enforcement officials, in both Montana and Canada, assert that Racicot (pronounced ROSS-coe) should be prosecuted for assisting cross-border dope trafficking, in part for the benefit of the Red Chinese Secret Police and for the Bush Crime Family. Racicot after leaving as Governor, became a lobbyist and attorney for Enron, in Washington, D.C. and then head of the Republican National Committee.
* Daddy Bush and James Baker 3rd are part of the sinister, some say highly corrupt, Carlyle Group, tied to Saudi banks financing terrorist operations worldwide, including but not limited to Osama bin Laden.
* Arthur Andersen officials have as well documents and details, and knowledge of witnesses, showing the deep financial involvement of Daddy Bush and his cronies in the thousands of secret offshore Enron partnerships used to launder illicit funds from dope trafficking, tax-cheating, gold smuggling, weapons traffic, and such.
By comparison, Arthur Andersen's purported destruction of records, believe it or not, are almost a nothing offense compared to that of the murderous Bush circle.
* Arthur Andersen's documented details, witnesses, and knowledge of among other things, the Bush Crime Family, go back several years. A lingering hesitation is that just prior to the purported year 2000 Presidential "election", a top official of Arthur Andersen, who knew too much about Bush and their crimes, was murdered in the Chicago area.
So, questions remain. Would Arthur Andersen, by blackmail and confrontation, DARE cause the Bush Justice Department to mysteriously sabotage their own case that named Arthur Andersen as a criminal defendant partnership? It certainly would not be the first time that federal prosecutors were corrupted or blackmailed. After all, top officials of Arthur Andersen reportedly have witnesses, documents, and knowledge, going back 20 years as well as up-to-date, of, for example, Daddy Bush and the international swindlers, Marc Rich International, with Enron being the current front and face.
Another matter to consider. There have been two related "suicides", actually, murders. Prior to the short time he was Clinton White House Deputy Counsel, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., traveled worldwide as money laundry facilitator for Daddy Bush, the Rose Law Firm, and their circle of thieves including Ollie North and Bill and Hillary Clinton. And that included the ethnic Chinese, the Riady Family, interwoven with these gangsters. To silence him, Foster was "suicided", July, 1993. The press whores dare not call it murder.
In a way related to the demise of Foster, was the way J. Clifford Baxter was "suicided", yet actually murdered. As a top official of Enron, Baxter had specific knowledge of the criminal/American CIA aspects of the supposed energy giant.
So, do the savvy sorts at Arthur Andersen DARE try to help themselves, to ultimately save themselves, from the Federal Executioners, by blackmailing the highest level of the central government of the United States?
More coming.
Stay tuned.

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