Are Chemtrails Causing Drought?
By Marjorie Tietjen Director for Lyme Disease Concerns,
Common Cause Medical Research Foundation

Drought is becoming widespread throughout the United States and in other parts of the world. Adverse events of all types are increasing. Evidence leads us to the conclusion that all is not coincidence. It appears that corporations and certain factions of the government are playing a large role in the creation and coverup of many of these adverse events.
This is supposed to be an article on drought and it's possible causes and what we can do to hopefully turn it all around. However, I feel it is important to share with you some brief insights I've gained from others, which are vital in overcoming the current desperate situation of our world.
Citizens understandably want to know why their government and or certain corporations would want to perhaps cause a drought, crash the economy, keep us in a perpetual state of war, take away many of our rights, create diseases in order to profit from treatments (instead of cures) or damage the environment in other ways that would also eventually affect the perpetrators and their own families. These are not easy questions to answer especially for those of us who can not comprehend this destructive, power hungry mindset that seems so alien and nonsensical.
Fear, greed, hate and a hunger for power are some of the motives behind many of these negative actions. We need to understand these basic causes of disharmony in our world and do our best not to feed into it ourselves. We must not react with those same qualities, which will only increase the negativity.
We do need to uncover and expose the evil but then we need to respond with Firmness, Wisdom, Understanding and Love. To some of you this statement may sound whimpy but the reality is that Spiritual Love is the most powerful force in the universe.
I have been observing the chemtrail phenomenon for a couple of years now, here in the northeast. There obviously appears to be more than one purpose for the spraying but we will concentrate on the weather modification aspect.
According to the mainstream media, the drought in the northeast began in the fall of 2001. I have been observing the sky every day since I saw my first chemtrails in 1999 and have begun to notice a basic or general pattern of spraying. The pattern is sometimes altered by several days of cloud cover but usually you can pretty much count on the following. One to two days before a front is scheduled to pass through, heavy spraying will occur.
Total cloud cover is often the obvious goal. When the front arrives , one will many times hear low flying jets above the cloud cover. We end up recieving absolutely no rain (even though predicted) or a very negligable amount. When the clouds break up, the air will usually have a definite opaque white cast to it, unlike the more transparent quality of fog. Many chemtrail investigators have evidence that barium salts make up part of the mixture being emitted from these jets. Barium is a dessicant and absorbs moisture. The barium and probably other chemicals may also be used in conjunction with HAARP, which is a joint U.S Air Force and Navy project, to essentially control the weather.
At this point I would like to include an excerpt from "Chemtrails" Implications Part ll...
"Tommy Farmer, a former engineering technician with Raytheon Missle Systems, has been tracking patterns of jet contrails for more than a year. After repeatedly observing aircraft spraying particulates in front of and into cloud systems, Farmer is fairly certain the contrail phenomena is one part of a military weather modification weapons system. He notes that because the chemical contrails allow much more moisture to form inside the cloud systems, severe localized storms result from the aerial seeding while surrounding areas that have surrendered their moisture to the storm cells, experience drought.
The huge Xs being traced by formations of tanker jets in the sky can be tracked by satellite and coordinated with the crossed beams of ionospheric heaters(HAARP) to heat the upper atmosphere, changing it's temperature and density and enhancing the storm's effects.
Based in Gakon, Alaska, this unclassified joint U.S Air Force and Navy project known as the High Altitude Auroral Research Project (HAARP) has for the past several years been using phased array antennas to steer powerful beams of tightly-focused radio waves "to stimulate" heat and steer sections of the upper atmosphere.
Awarded in 1985 to MIT physicist, Bernard Eastlund, HAARP's commercial patent claims that directed energy beams of more than one billion watts can be used for altering the upper atmosphere wind patterns using plumes of atmospheric particles as a lens or focusing device to disturb the weather thousands of miles away. In an interview with this reporter, Eastlund admitted "I had looked at using this intense beam, which can be angled, to do some experiments in terms of guiding the jet stream, moving it from one spot to another."
-end of excerpt
Storm Enhancement, Storm Modification and Drought Inducement, are listed objectives of an AirForce research study entitled "Weather as a Force Multiplier." The ultimate goal was stated as "owning the weather by the year 2025."
One will almost never see trails being formed the day after the front passes through. As a rule, in our area, one to 2 days of clear skies follow, sometimes 3. Then the whole cycle begins again with a storm predicted to pass through within a couple of days.
Sometimes this pattern is broken by light spraying, especially around the rising and setting sun. On some days the jets play "connect the clouds" , for what purpose is anyone's guess. Our winter of 2001/2002 has been very bizarre, consisitng of unusual severe drought and extremely warm temperatures. I get the general impression from the media that they expect the drought to continue and perhaps cause major problems.
To me, it is reminiscent of the biological warfare media propaganda. My personal gut feeling is that they are making a continued drought sound plausible so that when farmers begin to lose their land, water rationing begins and possible famine ensues, it will seem as though it was all a natural occurrence. I can not prove any of this and I do not want to be an alarmist but I feel we must follow our intuitions and spread the word of this possibility before it is too late. We cannot wait for firm evidence to begin our investigation....and it is OUR investigation. We cannot depend and never should have placed so much dependance on our government to solve all our problems. This is a very dangerous practice.
There is an excellent article by Dr. Vandana Shiva entitled "Monsanto's Expanding Monopolies". I would like to share a couple of excerpts. "Over the past few years, Monsanto, a chemical firm, has positioned itself as an agricultural company through control over seed-the first link in the food chain. Monsanto now wants to control water, the very basis of life."
"Monsanto is seeing a new business opportunity because of the emerging water crisis. As it states in it's strategy paper "first, we believe that discontinuities (either major policy changes or major trendline breaks in resource quality or quantity), are likely, particularly in the area of water and we will be well positioned via these businesses to profit even more significantly when these discontinuities occur." Thus the crisis of pollution and depletion of water resources is viewed by Monsanto as a business opportunity."
Is it possible that the emerging water crisis is being caused artificially? I believe the answer could be yes but we need more investigation into this issue, on a massive scale. I have been trying to determine what would be the best course of action. Many of us have already tried contacting our legislators, government agencies, universities and the mainstream media but with very minimal results. I asked myself who would be the most affected by the drought, be the most concerned, and be the most likely to join together to form coalitions. I came up with the obvious conclusion.....anyone whose livelihood centers around the use of water. Agricultural and livestock growers came to mind first. I'm sure there are many other businesses that you could come up with.
I decided to make packets consisting of chemtrail photos, congressional bills, documents, patents, newspaper articles, etc. and bring them around to several large growers in our area.
I have just begun doing this, so I don't have any results to report on yet except the fact that I was always well recieved and that a couple of orchard owners I talked to, knew immediately what I was referring to when I mentioned the jet trails that don't dissipate....after all many of these people are outside all day long. The managers and owners said they would pass the information on to their partners and wanted to know how they could get in touch with me if needed. They seemed very grateful for the information. In the past I have tried to inform the general public about chemtrails and have had mixed success. I found that I'm getting more consistently good responses when I have specific information on the specific problem, drought/chemtrails and take it all to the appropriate people/businesses that would be affected and do it all with a desire to help.
I'm trying not to appear sensationalistic about the topic and instead I'm trying to remain calm and present the facts. We do have to admit that we don't have all the answers and that we need to work together to solve this. I mention that if perhaps they take the time to observe for themselves and if they then notice a correlation between the spraying and the weather conditions then they may want to contact the other growers in the area, that I have already spoken to, and perhaps form some type of coalition for the purpose of further investigation or legal action.
I tend to be impatient and when the owners weren't available and I tried giving all the information to the workers to pass on to the owners. I was told by several workers that I should wait till the owners are present and if necessary, make an appointment, otherwise the materials will not be taken seriously. This is a very good suggestion. Always speak with the owners/managers otherwise you may be wasting all your materials. Don't be shy about firmly asking to see the owner/manager. If drought appears like it may be an ongoing problem in your area and it's going to affect their bottom line, they will not feel like you are wasting their time. People are beginning to feel that something strange and different is going on and if you approach with the right motive in your heart, people will sense this.
You may want to explain the process involving media disinformation so that when it occurs they will not be swayed and will be able to discern the lies from the truth. When agendas are being uncovered those who are responsible may scurry to come up with alternate explanantions or even partial truths to cover up and confuse the public. Give them a few possible examples pertaining to the drought situation such as the President announcing that chemtrails are solely for the prevention of global warming.
Considering that Gorbachev and others in the One world Government crowd have declared that the environment and the global warming scenerio will be the cornerstone of the "New World Order", those you are informing will be aware and not be decieved when disinformation presents itself.
Another gem I heard recently was that we have much more pollution/particulates lately and these particulates are not allowing the rain to fall from the clouds (partial truth). The trend will be towards making the crisis seem to stem totally from unintentional unregulated pollution that will require global government restrictions.
Gorbachev has formed "Green Cross", an environmental think tank which has The "Earth Charter" as it's magna carta. He hopes the Earth Charter will rival the Ten Commandments and guide us into the new millenium. He speaks of nations losing sovereignty, giving way to international laws that will dictate common beliefs, values, standards and behavior and conform to the consensus of a group of leaders he has elected which he has termed The Council of the Wise or Global Brain Trust. Remember, the environmental crisis, whether real or promulgated, is intended to be the cornerstone or the fear inducing factor that will supposedly have us all begging for the protection offered by world government.
Now is the time to act and inform. We can no longer afford the luxury of worrying what others will think of us. Working together can be a joyful and uplifting experience. When I go to others with the right motive and attitude of thought, most people are very kind and receptive. If any of you have any ideas to share, you are welcome to e-mail me.
Below is a partial list of items I have included in my packet I give out to the businesses.
1. Individual chemtrail photos or an 11x17 collage of your best photos. I found that I can fit 7 or 8 photos, when trimmed, on this size paper and then have it color copied. This color copy machine is at the same printers where I make my article copies.
2. Spotlight Article-
3.Space Weapons (Chemtrail) Bill-
4. Teller's Sunscreen -
5. Monsanto article -
6. Climate Review -
7.Carnicom Website - Barium articles Particulate photos Visitor List of govt. agencies and corporations that are apparently interested in chemtrails. Any other pertinent articles
8. Powder Contrail Generator patent
9. Welsbach Seeding patent
10. Chemtrails Implications Part ll -
It costs a little bit of money to put together these packets but you can think of this as your own private charity....and you know where your money is going!

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