CopVCia Site Hacked Down -
Mirror Site Up And Running

From Mike Ruppert

Dear Friends of FTW,
I am working on a two-part series focusing on two ongoing federal grand juries that reveal deep conflicts of interest with John Ashcroft and the Vice President's energy task force. The President is refusing to release information to the public - in spite of a court order - that may reveal criminal activity by both men. Apparently, preventing me from finishing the reserach for these stories has become a high priority.

Sometime between Monday, March 18 and Wednesday March 21 our locked, outside storage area was burglarized. Business records, a computer and other equipment were taken. The effect on our operations has been negligible.

But over the last few weeks our website has been attacked by sophisticated hackers on a regular basis.

We have been down twice, and on one occasion the hackers took down our entire network, wiping out several hundred sites just to get to us.

There are people out there who don't want us to get the message out. What is interesting, however, is that an obvious pattern is beginning to emerge through the analysis of the attacks. Once this investigation is completed we will tell you what we found.

We have begun to mirror the FTW website on other servers. If the main server is down, you can always go to one of the mirror sites to find almost everything. However, the member's area, the forum, polls, and some other functions will be disabled. Each week we will add more and more mirror sites to our list. Please keep a copy of this list handy. If you would like to sponsor a mirrored-site, please send an email to

Current mirror list:
In the meatnime, as a result of the outages resulting from changing serves and instituting other security measures, our sales and income have fallen off dramatically. If you have been thinking about making a purchase from FTW, now is the time when it will help us the most.

We are not down and we will not stop. You have made it clear that you undertsnad that the information we bring to you is helpful and accurate in these very perilous times.

Mike Ruppert
"From The Wilderness"


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