More Confirmation Of Israeli
Assasinations Of Palestinian Men
From Howard Middleton-Jones
Subject: Confirmation of assassinations in Israel

Much going on in the world at the moment and of course much more to come, however, I must offer you a piece of news that I watched on CNN gere in UK approximately 13:00 Z (GMT) today, March 31st 2002.
The CNN news reporter was interviewing one Adam Shapiro, an independent aide worker who, with an international group are trying to help the Palestinians in Israel. Basically he spent one night, the night before, inside Arafat's HQ, and was allowed to be set free (he is an American living in NEW YORK, and in his early 30's. He reported that he had personally witnessed Israeli soldiers forcing their way into private Palestinian homes and assassinating any males that appeared to be eligible for military age.
He also reported that they were in Ramallah hospital when the Israeli military tried to take out the Palestinian patients that had been wounded, the doctors and nurses surrounded the hopsital and prevented the soldiers from carrying out their intentions.
Any more on this I will let you know - at the moment, at 14:00 Z, a large bomb is suspected of killing 14 people in a Haifa shopping centre.

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