Chemtrails - Barium, Aluminum,
Titanium CONFIRMED In Rainwater
By Sue Miller

From Sue Miller
Dear Jeff,
I must express my respect and appreciation for Therese Aigner. To my knowlege, she is the first professional, accredited environmental expert/engineer to stand up and formally and emphatically connect unusual water test results with the unusual aerial activity.
That the rainwater barium and aluminum chem-bliz 'pollution' is directly from chemtrails is clearly stated in her cover letter of the lab test results:
Dear Ms. Miller:
1.0 Per your three (3) samples submitted to the writer (Project No.SMS 514); attached please find the Analytical Results Summary for samples number (s) 514-1, 514-2 and 514-3 This summary also includes the proper and completed Chain of Custody.
1.1 There is also a copy of your original sample labels which have been "G" 'd in with the above samples.
2.0 If you look at the "Results" of each one of the "Parameters" ; there is consistancy here. This would indicate a very controlled delivery (dispersion) of Chemtrails by aircraft in your area.
2.1 The "Results" would also indicate that the contaminants would have had to be delivered in large amounts (pounds per min.) and in concentrated form.
2.2 In addition to the above; we would not expect to find the above "Parameters" under normal circumstances (regardless of quantity) in your area.
Also: the Government Directorates that are operating the Chemtrails delivery (dispersion) aircraft should be subject to the following Title 40 (ENVIRONMENTAL) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR's):
3.1 40 CFR 1 to 86; [Air Programs ].
3.2 40 CFR 87 to 149: [Water Programs].
3.3 40 CFR 150 to 189; [FIFRA-Pesticide Programs].
3.4 40 CFR 190 to 299; [RCRA-Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste].
3.5 40 CFR 300 to 399; [CERCLA Sect. 312 & 313 (Community Right to
Know)/Superfund/SARA Title 111].
3.6 40 CFR 400 to 899; [Water Effluent Guideline & Standards].
3.7 40 CFR 700 to 790; [Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)].
4.0 Under normal circumstances these Directorates would be required to comply to ALL registration, notification, and permitting reequirements as mandated by the CFR's called out in the above section 3.0
4.1 In short: "THEY" have placed themselves above the LAW.
In closing; if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.
Sincerely, Ms. Therese Aigner, CES Consultant
cc to Clifford Carnicom and David Peterson
The sample data ("Results") is available in the original form at Click on 'Lab Tests Are Positive', then on Page 3.
Ms. Aigner is willing to test other samples if they are collected and forwarded properly. You would have to pay the testing expenses.
Contact her for information @ 1-814-628-2032
It would be very useful for concerned citizens to amass a national database of rainwater testing results with results from every state. (Assuming that there IS any rain...)
Topic Thread--* BARIUM, Aluminum, Titanium CONFIRMED in Rainwater.-- is at Carnicom's Chemtrail Board:
The presence of Aluminum, Barium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Titanium in the air over a part of the United States is now formally documented, in as reliable a way as is available to an ordinary American citizen.
Over three months, three separate rainwater and snow samples from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, have been collected and submitted for formal 'double-blind' laboratory analysis. Tests were ordered for several elements that should NOT be present in normal rain/snow. The results should have come back marked 'N/D' ('None Detected') for all tests...
But, that hope was smashed.
The substances that many of us who have been researching the chemtrail issue suspect are in the air --- ARE IN THE AIR.
And coming down in rain and snow.
Especially BARIUM.
This devastating data points to a deliberate atmospheric release of massive quantities of material containing Aluminum, Barium, Calcium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Titanium.
These bleak figures also point to the possibility of a grim outlook for the humans (and animals) under this chem-bliz 'fallout', as well as the entire physical ecosystem.
We were not designed to breathe these materials. Especially at the tiny particulate size, which has over and over been proven to cause increased death rates. (Most recently by the Journal of American Medical Association, 3/6/2002, 'Mortality, and Long-term Exposure to Fine Particulate Air Pollution')
More testing is urgently called for.
Other substances may be present -- these five were the only tests ordered, based on information collected from the Carnicom Chemtrail Site and Discussion Board. The form in which these documented five exist -- carbonates, hydrates, stearates (?) etc.-- is still unknown.
As chemtrails -- the postulated release method for these materials -- have been continually observed and documented over the United States and most of the world, more testing in other areas must be done to confirm that this is not simply a localized, temporary phenomena. The health and ecologic effects of these materials entering the groundwater, oceans, agriculture/food supply, and food chains must be considered and studied.
The health, climactic, and planetary effects of the massive quantities that must exist in the upper atmosphere to reach the ground in detectable levels must be studied.
The importance of these issues cannot be understated. Clifford Carnicom, Lorie Kramer, Kim Weber, Teresa S., David Peterson, and Terese Aigner have provided the information and encouragement for this direction. Deep gratitude is extended to them.
I am proud to be American, and standing in the Lord,
Sue Miller (aka 'Looookinup')
Links -
The official laboratory tests: Click on 'Lab Tests Are Positive'
Clifford Carnicom's Chemtrail Board:
Lung Cancer, Cardiopulmonary Mortality, and Long-term Exposure to Fine Particulate Air Pollution:
Vol. 287 No. 9, March 6, 2002
ChemtrailTrackingUSA- A group for reporting chemtrail sightings, and research
From Clifford E Carnicom
Folks may wish to become familiar with a couple of additions that have made to in light of some recently distributed false information on this matter.
Additional notes by CE Carnicom, Mar 18 2002:
Citizens may wish to begin investigating the role of the MDL in trace metal analysis per EPA 200.7 and ICP-MS methods as provided by various commercial testing labs, such as:
where the following statements are made regarding detection capabilities beneath the MDL:
"Please note that the limits included in the table are "reporting limits" (for waters) and may be higher than the actual instrument detection limit. In many cases, it is possible to report elements to substantially lower levels."
"The Reporting Limit is essentially a practical method detection limit (MDL). The reporting limit is the concentration of a parameter that can be reliably reported in the presence of a moderate amount of sample-based interferences. In many cases, lowe [incomplete sentence listed - apparently to read lower levels may be able to be reported - CEC]"

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