Chemtrails Over New Jersey
From John Macedo, Jr.

Dear Jeff,
I have written to you in the past with a few praises and comments in regard to the website and radio shows. It is only at this time, (I'll be 30 years old in 2 weeks), that I am finally ready to do some serious work and to contribute to 'the amassing irrefutable truth' that is continually growing and educating your listening audience, and slowly, the unaware public as well.
I have been very aware of the Chemtrail presence here in New Jersey for quite sometime now. I recall the first time pointing them out to neighbors and friends, before the term "chemtrail" was even realized. The popular consensus was, of course, that it was nothing more than simple jet contrails from high flying military jets. My reply to them was, "Ok, very possible, except for one thing...why are these jets randomly flying around now, ALL THE TIME? Do you know how much it costs to keep those things flying, without really going anywhere except back and forth?" Yeah, I got looked at with that look, you know, "What do you think, it's a conspiracy or something?" Not much I could say without looking like a fool...but that was then. It's 2002 and alot has happened, so my answer now would have to be, "YES, I DO!"
I have spoken with Clifford E. Carnicom and poured over much of the info on his website. I told him that I was too lazy to record the phenomena here in New Jersey, until now. Clear blue skies turning into streaming clouds, followed by haze, cotton candy wispy haze. Attached with this letter are 3 photos I took with my NEW Kodak DX3700 Camera (for those of you who like to scrutinize every detail) and they were shot, 1 outside before leaving for work, the other 2 while moving on the way to work (pretty good and steady if you ask me).
I just want to add one more thing, more for the fellow listeners that I feel connected to even though we all have never met or spoken. The mere fact that YOU are listening to Jeff Rense and reading his website, including this post now if so published, the truth is out there, and WE are not alone. WE are searching for the truth, questioning that which doesn't make sense, some of us using more scientific methods to come to these conclusions, others simply being open minded enough to allow the truth to be revealed and learned the way it was intended.
Sincerely, John Macedo, Jr.

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