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Chemtrails All Over My House
From Jeffrey Alpha
At least in Mobile, Alabama they should designate Wednesday...?? Chemtrail Day. I've got at least one giant "X" and straight ones all over the sky every wednesday afternoon.
My wife and I travel from Mobile,Alabama to slidell, Louisiana quiet often and a few weeks ago over the Stennis Space center (right next to I-10) was almost a perfect triangle. This thing must have been hundreds of miles across (+/-)...
we saw what we thought was a plane, south of the triangle heading south. It apeared to turn east and dissapeared. This could have been the way the sun angle was relative to the plane. B
But when your next to the stennis space center with a dissapearing flying object and a giant triangle...what would you think?
we have been going back and forth about every 2 to 3 weeks from mobile to slidell for about 4 years and this is the first time I have ever seen something like this.
Jeff - It is interesting to read about the Chemtrails in other parts of the country. I live and work in San Jose and Modesto, CA. Heavy chemtrail activity is a routine daily event here, and has been for at least the past 6 months, if not much longer since I have started looking. Chemclouds are usually in the sky by the time I leave to go to work at 8 a.m., and spraying often continues until around 6:00 p.m. when the sun is already setting. Sometimes there will be a day or two when there is no chemtrail activity, but at the most that happens one day per week. The clouds are usually the parallel and criss-cross varieties. Sometimes the sprying planes are low enough or the light is such that it is easy to see that they are all the plain white unmarked kind. Chemtrails are just a daily fact of life now. The problem is that Modesto is part of the San Joaquin Valley--a major food-growing area in this country...
Enough Chemtrails
From Marlene LaVonne
Dear Jeff - On Mar. 5th at 9 in the morning, I was visiting the power vortexes of Sedona, AZ. I looked up in the sky and with my very own eyes observed about 3 jets (they were visible to all) doing the crisscrossing pattern. Shortly after, (about 1 hour) the skies were blocked and I noticed my breathing became impaired and my eyes burned. Jeff, when are we all going to stop talking about this and DO something about it? Kind Regards, Marlene La Vonne
Why Would The American Government Endanger Itself?
From Cossy Rosario
Dear Mr. Rense, I've been reading your fascinating and frightening material on chemtrails and their deleterious effects. When I read the article entitled "Heavy Chemtrails over Washington DC", a question popped into my mind. Before I ask the question, I would like to state the obviouis, namely, that President George W. Bush and his wife, Congressmen and women, Senators, the Pentagon, etc., live and work in Washington. (I've assumed that Dick Cheney's secret and secure location/s are outside Washington.) Now here's the question: Wouldn't they be worried that chemtrails pose health dangers for them? A related question with a possible answer: Where do the people who control the chemtrail operation from the top, where do they live and work? Probably in a part or parts of America not sprayed with chemtrails. If the government, which is as much at risk as anyone else, can identify the no-spray areas, then it would be possible to look in that location or those locations for the perpetrators of chemtrail-spraying, arrest them, and deliver the whole nation, including the President and the government, etc., from the health
risks caused by those perpetrators. Does this make sense to you? Yours

From khizer hayat
Hi Jeff,
After reading comments posted by a visitor to your site, I feel a lot better that I am not the only one obsessing about these chemtrails. Here in the high tech Silicon Valley sprayings have become a usual occurence. From San Francisco all the way down to Santa Cruz one can spot them on a clear day. Ive recently been to the hospital for an eye infection that the doctors diagnosed as pink eye. However after the medication didnt work I went back to show them that it wasnt just dryness and irritation in my eyes but rather in other parts of my body as well.
Talking to other concerned citizens around my area led us to the conclusion that since theyve started spraying heavily here, there has been a noticeable increase in irritation and dryness of skin. This chemtrail issue is getting seriously out of control and I urge everyone to speak and raise the issue within their communities to pressure our supposedly democratically 'elected' government to look into this matter. Keep up the great site.
Incorrect Analysis
From James Peters
Regarding the article found at the link below: When I look at the lab results, its looks to me like the analysis is negative, meaning below the detection limits, for all of the tests except barium. The barium is consistently positive.
I worked as an environmental engineering technician for the Army for 8 years and know how difficult the analysis can be to read for the lay person. While it's still terrible news, the results need to be reported accurately.
Best Regards,
- Jim Peters

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