Reality Creation
For The Ignorant

By Barry Chamish

On September 30, 2000, a twelve year old Gazan boy named Muhammed ad-Dura was shot while huddled against a wall with his father, trapped in a firefight between the PLO and the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). The shooting was filmed by French TV and the PLO exploited the incident to fuel a bloody terror war against Israel, turning the boy into an international martyr through the foreign media.
Numerous responsible Israelis such as Yaacov Verker and Yosef Doriel approached this same media with conclusive evidence that the IDF could not have shot the boy. The film proved that Muhammed ad-Dura was shot from in front and above. The IDF troops were behind him and at his side. That meant that the PLO, in an incredibly ugly act of cynicism, shot the boy and milked him for all that he was worth. And maybe even more: Yaacov Verker's research led him to the conclusion that ad-Dura survived the shooting.
For 18 months, the world media refused to accept that the PLO shot the boy, to the point that when the IDF's own investigatory team reached the same conclusion, it was subjected to derision. This week, finally, one lone producer from German TV, Esther Shapira, broadcast the filmed proof that the IDF were not in position to have done the shooting.
It was a rare instance of media truth about Israel and just watch it get ignored everywhere. The innocent boy will continue to be a victim of Israeli cruelty no matter what the the truth because the major world media are serving their political bosses' agenda of destroying Israel by pumping up the anti-semitism, especially in Europe, to pre-Holocaust levels. There is nothing accidental or random about the twisted news angles from Israel and we're going to prove it by what the media is NOT reporting.
However, before we take a look at the international media, let's see how bad things are in Israel. Turn on your sets to Channel One's 7:30 news report and you get to see a map of Israel minus Yesha. Yup, the good folks who run the government-owned station, those selfsame visionaries who brought us the joys of the Oslo peace, have removed those contentious territories from the map, along with, presumably, the quarter million Israelis who live in them.
Then, as one informant tells me, there is the issue of censorship at the communal farmsteads. The Labor Party-affiliated publishing house, Kibbutz Hameuhad published an edition of Joan Peters' book, From Time Immemorial. This is the book the PLO has had banned wherever it had the persuasive power to do so, because it proves that there is no ancient Palestinian people.
Peters' confirms what every travel writer of the 19th century saw: the Turkish province where Israel sits today, was nearly depopulated and in the few urban centers that existed, such as Jerusalem, Tsfat and Tiberius, Jews were the majority. She backs the travel writers with detailed censuses undertaken by the Turks and British. Central to her thesis that the ancient Palestinian people is a myth, is the huge jump in the population of the Arabs after the British arrived. Arabs from as far away as Iraq were being encouraged by the British to settle in the Palestinian colony they had occupied. Most of today's Palestinians have lived in the land they claim as their own, for no more than eighty years.
At the same time as the British were luring distant Arabs to the land, mostly by economic opportunities, they approved the establishment of a Jewish state on the same land. Just as they had done in Africa and on the Indian sub-continent, the British were deliberately creating future chaos, all the better to control once their forces had gone home.
My informant relates, "I wanted a copy of the Hebrew edition of Peters' book and called every bookstore in Tel Aviv. They were taken off the shelves. So I phoned the publisher, Kibbutz Meuhad to order a copy. I was told not a copy of the book was left in their inventory and they would never publish it again, no matter how many people ordered it. I asked why and was told the book harms the peace process."
Indeed it would, if the goal is to create a distorted reality of events. But everyone is doing it. Two weeks ago a bomb killed 12 people in a Jerusalem restaurant and the BBC chose to cover the atrocity with a report on Israeli occupation in Gaza. Irrelevant coverage is just as good as no coverage at all.
Still, no coverage is the prime means of distortion. Let's have a look at some of the stories that somehow, are deemed unnewsworthy.
Who Needs Christians Anyway?
In 1992, 40,000 Christians lived in Bethlehem, and they had a considerable presence in Jericho and Jerusalem. Today, they're all but gone, maybe 8,000 remain in Bethlehem and just hundreds in Jericho. Some found refuge in supposedly Israeli-controlled Jerusalem but the long arm of the PLO is driving them out of there almost as quickly. The Christians were terrorized, threatened, molested, robbed, raped, beaten and murdered until they got the hint that they were unwanted in PLO-land.
But why report this trivial story?
Business, We Don't Need No Filthy Business!
In 1992, the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza had a thriving commerce and as good a local economy as is found in the Middle East. No more, because the PLO thugs, and those of the "radical elements" strongarmed the proprietors out of business. If you own a store or factory in PLO-land, you pay protection money or else!
With their businesses in tatters, and nothing left to lose, a significant number of such proprietors have moved their families to Israel, fearing what will become of them when the extortion capital has run out.
But who cares about greedy capitalists anyway?
We're Not Talking To That Troublemaker
A few weeks ago, a bomb went off next to a highschool in the Arab village of Sur Bahr, wounding 13 students. CNN was the first to report that it was the work of "Jewish extremists," and that's the line that was spread worldwide. But all that was needed was the most cursory of background reporting to set the record straight.
You see, Sur Bahr is the only Arab village to have openly declared that it doesn't relish the idea of being taken over by the PLO. Life is better without the PLO mucking things up. Needless to say, the PLO felt hurt by the rejection and pumped two bullets into the village mayor Zuhair Hamdam. The prime and only suspect in the bombing was the PLO, not an imaginary group of "Jewish extremists" who have not been heard from since.
However, reporting about an Arab Village which thinks the PLO isn't keen, is bad for the peace business. It's much prettier to spend airtime on hopeless experiments in reconciliation between the Jewish radical left and handpicked Arabs.
The Rabin Assassination
I can personally attest that there are lots of local and foreign media in Israel who know Yigal Amir was the patsy in the Rabin assassination. I know of one local social reporter who is convinced Shimon Peres organized the murder, but gives him glowing press for their common cause. Even the president of the Foreign Press Association here has asked me to fax documentation and has told me she suspected a conspiracy from the night of the murder.
Here's a typical incident. David Chater of Sky News interviewed me at my home for two hours. He understood the evidence just fine but when his report was aired, my portion had been edited out. I asked why and was told the decision was made in London. Instead of exploding the scandal, Chater ended up reporting that unfounded rumors of foul play found advocates in Israel. Only those condemning the "rumors" made it to the small screen.
I could name ten Israeli reporters who wrote fair articles about my work, only not to see it appear in print or on film. I can name one who told me he was warned that his career would be over if he ever reported on the Rabin murder again.
You see, it's much better for peace if Rabin was murdered by a Jewish extremist and not by the peace-loving Foreign Minister.
Now that we've proven unethical, selective or downright deceitful reporting, one must ask why do the reporters do it? An anecdote: A number of years ago, the Cuban-born Jerusalem bureau chief of the Miami Herald called me, saying he was looking for an assistant. I went to his office and before even getting acquainted, he asked me, "Who do you vote for?" I answered, "The Likud." He replied, "I'm sorry, I can't use you. Flabbergasted I said, "Do you know it's illegal to discriminate like that?" His cool retort was, "Not here it's not."
I've met enough of the "journalists" to generalize: they're not very bright and they were chosen for their assignments because of their politics and lack of ethics. They are serving the hidden masters of this planet, and I won't pull out my Council On Foreign Relations members list right now to prove it. But the chairmen of NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, Newsweek et al are all members of the CFR. And they are kind to Israel compared to the creepy characters working for the Bilderberg-controlled European media.
Now here's how you aid and abet the mini-Holocaust taking place in Israel today and prepare world opinion for more extermination of Jews: you distort reality.
You're Occupying Their Territory
Since 99% of "Palestinians" now share the subtle joy of being ruled by their own, Israel can't be accused of occupying the Palestinian people. So the big, big justification for murdering Israelis is that they're occupying their territory.
Now who says it's their territory? Barbara Walters for one. She told a colleague of mine that it's a given in the media that Yesha is Palestinian land and there is no hope of ever reverting the concept.
Not as long as the truth isn't being told. What truth is that? That there never was a Palestinian state or people. That both are mid-twentieth century inventions. That from 1948, 800,000 Jews were expelled from Arab lands with all their assets confiscated, That the 500,000 Arabs who left Israel at the same time could have been compensated from the stolen Jewish assets. That Israel settled its refugees and the Arabs left theirs in squalour. That the whole conflict could have been settled back then with a, 'you take in your refugees, we'll take in ours,' deal.
Judea and Samaria not Jewish? Well then, the PLO had better change the Hebrew names of their towns. Hebron in Hebrew means Little Friend; Ramallah, Great Heights; Jericho; Moon Town; Bethlehem, Bakery.
And why should the media mention that before being massacred by the Arabs in the 1920s, a Jewish community had existed in Hebron from King David's time? Or that a string of Jewish villages existed from Jerusalem to Hebron before they were razed by the Arabs in 1948? Or that not one Arab village existed in the Jordan Valley from Jericho to Bet Shean before the Israelis settled there and made the land worthwhile enough for "Palestinians" to claim today that somehow they have a right to it.
Then there is the fact that not only did the British settle Arabs from throughout the Middle East in their Palestine, but after 1948, Egypt shifted thousands of its people to the Gaza Strip to maintain control. Gazans and West Bankers are not one happy family because a good chunk of the Gazans are, in fact, Egyptian.
All those unpleasant historical facts, must never be hinted at; after all, they could harm the war process.
There Is Cycle Of Violence In The Middle East
Now here is what's really going on. The PLO and associated gangs take great pains to murder civilians, the younger the better. The Israeli army takes great pains to kill those shooting at its civilians. If Israel kills a non-combatant, it's an accident. If the PLO kills a soldier, odds are he's out of uniform sipping coffee at a cafe, or, an accident.
Now how come the great institution of the free press doesn't ask, what kind of a people sends its teenagers out to blow themselves up? Because the answer is, a monstrous people. Back in the 30s, the media reported on the achievements of Nazi Germany in terms not unlike those used to describe the "Palestinian" enterprise. When asked to cuddle monsters, they end up fondling them for their masters.
And this kind of raw lying, hiding, twisting and distorting won't end because Saudi Arabia owns controlling shares of UPI and a sizable piece of CNN. The Saudi leadership, long ago appointed by British and American oil companies, walk hand in hand with their buddies from the CFR and Royal Institute Of International Affairs.
And why shouldn't they? Without Israel as the whipping boy, Arabs might begin to question their own repressive leaders, religion and culture.
Which, of course, is the true road to peace. If the Arabs ever wake up to how they've been impoverished in every way by the outsiders who control their leaders, they might begin to see reality, instead of the distorted picture shown in the media, which is keeping them ignorant and turning them barbaric.
If the Arabs don't snap out of it, then they should know: after Israel, them.
It's nice to have proof that these sendouts actually have the effect of a counter media. Last week's report led to some 200 copies sold of Rabbi Marvin Antelman's new book, To Eliminate The Opiate - Volume Two. Pretty decent for it's first week. His book and my books are available at:
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From Hany Hanna
Barry Chamish is incorrect about the names of Palestinian towns being of Hebrew father's family comes from Ramallah, a town which was first settled and named by a man from Syria in the mid 1500' means "mountain of God" (obviously) in Arabic and remained a Christian Palestinian town until recently.
Bethlehem is pronounced Bait-laham in Arabic which means house of something... I forget because my Arabic is not so good but there are similarities in Arabic and Hebrew.
He's dead wrong about Ramallah and quite possibly the others mentioned.

Note: Bethlehem in Hebrew means "House of Bread." - Webmaster

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