Chemtrails Over Disney World
From John Macedo, Jr.

Well, let me please start by saying this. There is a certain Dr. who has published works on his own site and has been highlighted by your own website. Because I respect his work as it has nothing to do with the chemtrail phenomena, there is no need to give his name. I will say that I was friends with him and went out on several occasions to do some field research. We parted ways however when I mentioned the chemtrail phenomena I was seeing over NJ some 2-3 years ago. He scoffed at the idea and said it was merely jet contrails. I thought this was pretty closed minded, especially for a scientist, when his body of work was primarily centered on what most researchers are loooking for, physical or visually recorded evidence.
So what kind of evidence, visually recorded, would be sufficient evidence that there is an unusual phenomena going on here? The problem is two-fold really. Even if I were to take enough photographs, even sneak onto an air base, and bring back a sample of this stuff for physical analysis, I would probably only be debunked by the likes of Phillip Klass or someone who is on an agenda or paid by the 'spooks' who don't want you to know the truth.
And second, I really don't want to dedicate to a study of Meteorolgy just so I can produce more reiterated garbage to fill up yet another webpage on the WWW. As much as I appreciate the works of many of the ufologists, ghost hunters, food awareness sites and so on, at the end of each and every program I am left wondering, "So when do we actually get out of this debriefing room and fight back for what's right?" I am beginning to think I am a patriot at heart?
I finally have decided to keep it simple and do the following. The work is subjective to both the researcher and the public alike, that is, the researcher not only has to do the work, but present it in such a way that the evidence stands up, both for itself in being factual, but also satisfies the conditions required for the public to accept it as truth, (i.e. Although I have seen the photos of those white dots over the Capitol from 1952, I was born in 1972, and I wonder, how in the hell, if it was so widely reported, and there were so many people in the Washington D.C. area back then, how come more people didn't demand an explantion?) and which cannot be refuted by any means of disinformation (like capturing an actual alien and dropping it off in front of the Today show on NBC on morning in front of a LIVE public and USA). OK, so the phenomena is isolated to me if I remain here in New Jersey and keep taking pictures from the same parking lot. Makes sense to me. Maybe there is a rational explanation for the chemtrails over one particular area. But that doesn't seem to be the case when you have so many people reporting it from all over the U.S. And with that the plan is simple. I like to travel in the summer time, especially by motorcycle, why not take pictures as I travel all up and down the East Coast? I figure in this way, if anyone wants to say it's just the particular pattern of air traffic over my town I am witnessing, or something to do with the coastal air jetstreams and so on, I can shoot back with, "So how is this happening all over the place?"
And let me first start with my trip to Disney in Florida this past week. Wouldn't you know it, Easter Day the sky was nothing but a clear blue sky. Only in the time it took to go from my hotel to Epcot, (an hour by bus and monorail), did we see skies start to fill up with mist. I got off the bus and was looking at the sky as if I was seeing a UFO or something, started a bit of a trend when I saw tourists doing the same, trying to figure out what I was looking at. I simply yelled out to my wife so they could hear me, "Yep, in about 3 hours, the sky will be clouded over with a fine mist of clouds, all because of those darn jet planes and the stuff they are SPRAYING." Hey, you plant a seed and it grows and who knows, right?
So I am sending to you the few pictures I was allowed to take with the digital camera, (my wife wanted me to save the rest for the trip) and well, you be the judge. The one of the water was incredible, notice the actual criss-cross pattern in the skies in the background. It was too much.
Keep on searching the Truth...
John Macedo Jr.

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