'Mind-Blowing Chemtrails'
Over Pennsylvania

From Steve Evets

Dear Jeff, I'm a longtime listener and I was very skeptical when I first heard about chemtrails. But now, I definitley believe we're being lied to and we may never know the true intentions of the sprayings or what they're comprised of. It's obvious that this is part of a serious agenda. I'd like to be proven wrong. I've included a photo I took when I arrived at work today. I've included the original and a copy which I digitally filtered out some of the sunlight/glare to make the trails more visible.
The sprayings have become much more blatant now. I wake up around 6:00 to clear skies and by 8:00 the sky is discolored with a nasty haze. This picture was taken near King of Prussia Mall in southeastern PA about 30 minutes from Philadelphia. I find it strange they would spray over a Lockheed Martin office complex. Maybe it's some sort of immunization? If it was a good thing, wouldn't they be blabbing about it on CNN? I know they're allowed to talk about chemtrails on Canadian TV.
Some people only believe TV, maybe this link will help them be slightly aware of the issue. Anyway, paranoia makes people weak, so I advise people not to fall into mind traps. Nothing is said to the US public in order for the curious to drive themselves into a mental cycle of doubt, loathing, and self discreditation. I can take these pictures all day and everyday. Let me know if you want more.

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