Israel Closes Ramallah -
Orders ALL Foreigners Out

Middle East News Online

Jerusalem (MENO) - The Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) announced on Sunday that the West Bank city of Ramallah has been declared as a "closed military zone" and that no foreign citizens, including those from the media, are allowed to enter the area.
?Anyone found in the closed zone, henceforth, will be removed. Members of the media are advised that their presence in the closed zone is at their own risk,? said the GPO in a statement.
The statement also said that foreign press offices employing Palestinians who work within Israel but lack proper entry and work permits are violating Israeli law and will be subject to fines and other sanctions in line with Israeli labor laws.
GPO director Danny Seaman warned that any Palestinian found without the proper permits will face arrest, and bureaus will face consequences, including a fine of 70,000 shekels (about 15,020 U.S. dollars).
In response, the Foreign Press Association issued a statement to protest the Israeli position.
"The media must be allowed to cover this major story. We call upon the Israeli government to allow free and independent coverage of the operation in (Palestinians) areas," said the statement.

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