United States
Versus America

By Doug McIntosh

A house divided against itself cannot stand; therefore, the United States of America has already fallen. It has fallen because America has been replaced by the United States. It has fallen because the American Republic has been replaced with the United States Empire. And it is the US Empire that the rest of world despises and will eventually destroy. It's a long story from the American Revolution of 1776 to the Corporate Police State called the United States of America in 2002. A multigenerational effort has been successful in perverting and capturing the American Republic and turning it into an empire. Partly the people's apathy has allowed a global elite to do this; partly, the global elite has simply done what they wanted, bribing or killing anyone who got in their way. A series of specific economic, political, military, educational and cultural policies have essentially replaced America's Constitutional Republic with globalist imperial policies. Understand this simple fact and the current situation comes into clear focus.
Take economics for instance: American citizens believe in the constitutional definition of sound money, i.e. precious metals, with Congress controlling monetary policy. Citizens of the United States believe in a central bank, fiat money, deficit spending and congress reduced to a lap dog. Obviously, the American Republic, in terms of economics, doesn't exist. It has been replaced by the United States Empire with its globalist, elitist, aristocratic banking infrastructure. The economic policies of the American Republic: excise taxes, no national debt except in time of declared war and congressional control of issuing money no longer exist. Hence, why all the talk of the American Republic? It's a delusion used by the corporate oligarchy to maintain control of an ignorant populace.
What about the political policies of the American Republic versus those of the United States Empire? The American Republic's foreign policy was based on moral principles that in turn led to specific policies. George Washington's sound advice to avoid foreign entanglements was the centerpiece of American foreign policy for generations. The American Republic had no standing, professional army to encourage imperial pretensions. The American Republic had no income tax to fund a large central government with global entanglements. The American Republic had no central bank to finance deficit spending to bypass limited federal powers. The American Revolution was fought against the idea of monarchy, aristocracy and oligarchy. Yet, now we find the American Empire supports client monarchs around the world. The American Empire has used tax laws to create an internal aristocracy of leading families (Bush, Dupont, Kennedy et al) and allowed economic policy to be controlled by a Federal Reserve with banker owners. No, the current American policies are that of the United States Empire and not of the historical American Republic.
Often the refrain is heard in the United States about, "Why do they hate us?" The implication is we are just innocent Americans being attacked by evil people. The reality is innocent Americans are being murdered for the corrupt policies of the United States Empire. The rest of the world despises the United States, while remaining quite in love with both America and Americans. Americans like you and me, but not the Imperial institutions arrogantly crushing the rest of the world. By and large, the American Republic has ceased to exist and our leaders are not Americans at all. Our leaders are from the United States Empire and they plan, execute and enforce the policies of the United States, not America. It's this reality that has led to America's current state of chaos and war. What we have in America today is a global, imperial elite, and their home grown lackeys, ruling a nation they have seized through deceit, control through cunning, manipulate for their own benefit- just as they do everywhere else on our planet. Bluntly put, America is like a submarine that has been hijacked. This new crew is incompetent and will be the death of us all: United States Empire citizens and American Republic citizens alike. Gives new meaning to the phrase ship of fools, doesn't it?
Not convinced the rest of the world despises the United States Empire and will take any action to crush it in the next few months and years? OK I will examine one recent United States foreign policy situation and show why it caused the rest of the world to seethe with hatred towards the US Empire. That's seething with rage when they are not howling with laughter mind you. Bushoccio isn't the kind of leader to inspire much of anything as his recent trip to Japan shows. If I were a rich man, which I'm not, I would have gambled some money that President Pretzel would do something stupid and cause chaos in the currency markets. I would have won big on that one as the difference between devaluation and deflation shows.
Enron shows us the current system is geared to crushing anyone trying to make the first million and protecting those who already have the multi billions. A blow is being prepared to strike the United States and destroy its economy. A blow is being prepared to crush the United States and its insolent New World Order pretensions. The rest of the world will not tolerate the United States for much longer I'm afraid. But the 2/3 of the people who live in the state of denial called the United States don't have a clue. They don't understand since the leaders, media and the elite want them ignorant. I tell you the truth but I'm a fringe dweller and few will hear my warnings until it is too late. So be it: let the blood be on our leaders hands. Let the innocent blood be on their souls and charged to their spiritual account. As for me, death before dishonor.
The day is coming when the world's people will rise up, cut off Uncle Sam's head - use it for a hood ornament - and then use the hole for a toilet. If you think my words are harsh, then you need to understand the world is mobilizing to destroy an empire they regard as arrogant and ruthless. Cause and effect shows us that since the United States economic, political and military hubris knows no limits the global reaction will also know no limits. Here in America we rely on the whore media and so are usually ignorant of current reality. For instance, less than a month ago President Pretzel set off a firestorm with his "axis of evil" description of Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Only when Pakistan's reigning dictator showed up at the White House last week North Korea selling them missile technology wasn't even brought up for discussion. Likewise, North Korea selling missile technology to Egypt isn't on the agenda either. Can't let anything interfere with real politics now can we? It's precisely this kind of arrogant, pandering, hypocritical Imperial mind games that is going to get people like you and me killed by people sick of being looted and pillaged by the capitalist rapists. I see no indication the 2/3 of my brain dead countrymen realize 2/3 of the Arabs despise us, much less why. A good hint might have something to do with our military, political and economic support for an out of control Ariel Sharon.
The United States is collapsing around my ears. It's mixture of politically correct lunacy, corporate fascism, media spin control and economic decay is simply not sustainable for much longer. What the whore media parades as strength is really weakness. What we are told is wisdom is stupidity. What we are told is economic prosperity is a rigged fraud careening into a black hole of bankruptcy. Anybody notice the 20% rise in those last year? Or how about the chemtrails I see almost every day but don't exist. The reason they don't exist is not because I don't see them, but because the system says that I don't see what I see. Welcome to the United States police state. We've had nearly six months of Air National Guard combat air patrols over our major cities since 9-11-2001. We are told our urban skies are safe while we are being Chemtrailed almost daily. Are the pilots blind, or are they being told to shut up? And you think I'm full of it? The United States where people talk about reforming the economic system that produced Enron. What fools! Just wait till JP Morgan goes. Will the Fed and Mr. Magoo bail themselves out? Or will the economic system come crashing down just like our enemies have planned?
I believe each of us has a specific destiny. Each human being on this planet has one task to complete before they die and move on to the next phase. I have now completed mine. My destiny was to write this essay and tell my countrymen and countrywomen, Americans and Imperial drones alike, exactly what was happening and why it is happening. Everyone physically living in the America now called the United States Empire after reading this essay will have a crystal clear understanding of the current reality. The United States Empire is finished. The negative energy back blast coming onto the geographical space occupied by the entity called America/United States is something fierce. Understand why and then be prepared. This is my free gift to you. Use it wisely or foolishly.
Prepare for chaos or not.
The choice is yours.

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