CNN - The Good And The Bad

David Levy
Paris, France
Dear Mr. Rense,
Christian Amanpour of CNN just interviewed over the telephone one of the officers at Arafat's compound.
He claimed that the Israelis are attacking his compound at this moment using Palestinians as human shields. Amanpour replied that the Israelis said that they are not using human shields.
The officer responded that the Israelis are always lying.
This may be the end of the journalistic career of Amanpour as she exposed herself yet again as a most corrupt person in terms of journalistic objectivity and integrity. She did not even mention that her CNN partner Michael Holmes reported yesterday from Arafat's compound that he himself (Holmes), saw with his own eyes Israeli soldiers are using Palestinian civilians as human shields. The international peace observers also saw the same thing!
This is not the first time that Amanpour is prostituting all basic journalistic ethics and I am wondering how long will CNN continue to employ her. CNN is blatantly manipulating the news by omitting key details. Let us keep our eyes on young honest journalists such as Michael Holmes and see how long he can continue to survive inside CNN propaganda machine.
I hope you remember the chief of CNN forbidding his entire CNN staff during the height of the US bombing of Afghanistan NOT to show images of dead Afghani women and children (er, pardon me, 'collateral damage') killed by American bombs.
I am very upset CNN's destorted journalism, EVERYDAY, is helping to support the criminal behaviour of the Israeli government. Israel is becoming a very heavy liability for all of us Jews around the world who do NOT agree with Sharon's 'policies.'
Jewish synagouges are now burning in several countries, three of them now, right here in France.
Mr. Sharon was convicted as a war criminal by a special commission of the Israeli government just a few years ago. Mr. Sharon is now spreading Anti-Jewish hatred around the world, in order to force all of us Jews around the world to immigrate to Israel to exterminate the Moslems. We, the French people, see youAmericans, just as much war criminals as Sharon. Without your unlimited money, Sharon could not have done it. We do not understand why you openly support convicted war criminals while it is YOU who will suffer the most at the end. If Sharon will succeed in the present extermination of "terrorists"/ Freedon Fighters, these "terrorists" will have no choice but to shift their targets worldwide.
Untill today, CNN refused to report that this entire war is ONLY because of Sharon's refusal to return the Palestinian land confiscated by the American-Jewish settlers in the West Bank. CNN wants us to beleive that it is a "war on terrorism".
Israel deported today all the peace activists who entered Arafat's compound yesterday. And in the most recent reports, the IDF is said to have shot a number of the demonstrators.
Israel, effective this morning, does not allow any journalist to enter the West Bank. Now, the Israelis can continue their massacres uninterupted and the world will never know anything. This results in CNN and others reporting only information from one side: that of the Israeli government.
Mr. Rense, thank you for posing the truth to the world.
David Levy
Paris, France

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