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Shot In Ramallah
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BOSTON, MA - Anthony Shadid, a Washington-based staff writer for the Boston Globe ontemporary assignment in the Middle East, was shot in the shoulder Sunday, March 31, 2002 while walking along a street in the West Bank City of Ramallah. Shadid, 33, was treated at the scene by an Israeli doctor and then taken to a nearby private Arab hospital. He was reported to be in stable condition and his life was not in danger.
It is unclear who fired the shot that hit Shadid. Colleagues in the area said there was no major fighting at the time Shadid suffered the gunshot wound just before 5 p.m. local time, (9 a.m. EST). He was wearing his bullet-proof vest at the time, but the bullet hit him in the back of his right shoulder just beyond the edge of the vest, according to colleagues.
Said al Ghazali, the Globe's bureau assistant, remained with Shadid in the hospital. Boston Globe representatives were working with Israeli, Palestinian and U.S. officials to arrange for Shadid's safe transfer out of Ramallah.
Shadid served as a correspondent for the Associated Press news agency in Cairo from 1995 to 1999 and speaks fluent Arabic. He knows the region thoroughly. He joined the Boston Globe in Washington in December 2000. He traveled to Israel in mid-March to bolster the Globe's coverage of the latest upsurge in conflict.
"Anthony has provided outstanding front-page news reporting and analysis on the situation in Israel and the surrounding Palestinian territories," said Gregory L. Moore, the Globe's managing editor. "He has been driven by a personal commitment to provide fair and balanced coverage from the Middle East, a part of the world he loves and cares deeply about. We're grateful that Anthony was not more seriously injured. Our interest is that he is safe and is getting the best medical care possible."
**Said al Ghazali is the name of The Boston Globe bureau assistant in The Middle East.

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