Worldwide HIV-Aids
Barometer At 46 Million Infected
The Mail & Guardian

Estimated worldwide HIV infections: 45,991,989 on Thursday March 21, 2002
Little Support - Men who have sex with men receive little attention in sexual health and HIV/Aids programmes even though there is a high risk of HIV infection, a study conducted in Africa found. Of the 250 men interviewed in Dakar, Senegal, only a paltry 14% used condoms for receptive anal intercourse.
Newly appointed - New members of the Gauteng Aids Council appointed to the organisation this week include HIV/Aids activist Mercy Makhalemele, representing women, Mpho Mokone for the unions, and others drawn from the broad spectrum of civil society such as the media, people with Aids, business, religious and sports bodies. The council has to date mobilised 9 000 volunteers and has adopted a programme of action that runs from April to February next year.
Overwhelmed - The South African government, which cannot cope with the welfare and health needs of more than 700 000 Aids orphans, many of whom are infected with the virus, according to a new study. The head of the University of Fort Hare's Centre for Development Studies, Priscilla Monyai, warned that African governments and their populations are faced with enormous welfare and health needs that threaten to swamp their already over-stretched resources.

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