Stalin's Ukrainian Holocaust -
65th Anniversary - 40 Million Murdered

Outstanding Article by Eric Margolis
Commentary By Ingrid Rimland
(c) 2002 - Ingrid A. Rimland

These days, the skies over America are criss-crossed with spiderweb-like chemtrails. I look at them and ask myself: "What do they mean? What are they meant to affect? Are the people right who write about them on the Internet or talk about them on talk radio - when they voice their suspicions? Are these chemtrails a weapon of war?"
Just what are these ominous patterns?
I am not one to paint the devil on the wall, but can't help thinking that there have been a lot of precedents where even agencies of the government of the United States sprayed toxic substances in the subways of New York and Washington to test them on innocent citizens. We know about the effects of fluoride in water. We know about suspicious vaccinations that caused "Gulf War Syndrome". We know about the outcome of Agent Orange, the tragedies of Thalidomide. We saw a television special in the 1980s where a bunch of Zionist terrorists bragged about how they were sent out from Israel to kill over 6 million Germans in 1945 by poisoning the city drinking water in cities like Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich - and succeeded in poisoning "only" some 3,000 German soldiers in captivity by lacing their food with arsenic.
I look at those chemtrails and wonder: "Are they meant to affect our crops? Are they meant to affect livestock? Us? Our thinking? Are they supposed to make us malleable, docile during times when alertness and initiative count?"
I am sure that many of you wonder, too.
Let me acquaint you with one of those precedents by Stalin's government that has been conveniently swept under the rug. It's known as the Ukrainian Holocaust - and it was meant to disarm an entire population through hunger - thus making them malleable, docile, unable to fight back.
When the Ukrainian Holocaust happened, my mother was nineteen years old and I was not yet born. My mother seldom spoke of it, but my grandmother did - as I grew up, she told of the "corpse cart" that came rattling along the street every day in her village to collect the dead who had simply, plainly starved to death by a cruel government's decree.
My grandmother's stories of the Ukrainian famine made a powerful impact on me, and I wrote of what my forebears experienced. I described those times in my first novel, "The Wanderers", and later in more detail in "Lebensraum", the trilogy that was confiscated four days after it was published at the US-Canadian border as "hate literature".
Hate literature my foot!
One of the many themes in my books dealt with the Bolshevik/Jewish/Communist experiment that wrought such brutal calamity in the Ukraine, including that 1932-33 politically motivated and artificially caused famine. Since my trilogy encompasses some 1550 pages in all, there was no way my novels could have been read by a Canadian censorship official in four days and banned on its (de)merits! It was clearly a political seizure, based on my name and my outreach activism on the Zundelsite, courtesy of your ever-vigilant Canadian government bureaucrats doing the bidding of the Jewish Lobby and their fellow travellers.
I wrote at the time to a number of Canadian columnists and journalists about the confiscation of my property. I asked them to speak out against censorship of politically incorrect books - not just my books, for I knew, by then, that hundreds of titles had already been banned, seized and burned by Canada Customs.
One of the professional writers I contacted was one Eric Margolis, a well-known, usually astute and often politically incorrect columnist for the "Toronto Sun". I knew that Margolis was half-Jewish, but being the eternal optimist, I counted on the other half plus what I thought I could discern of human qualities, plus kinship, hopefully, with a censorship besieged fellow scribe.
Fat chance.
Back came a rather snide, nasty reply. After all, I ran the Zundelsite, did I not? And wasn't Mr. Zundel before a Human Rights Tribunal - a hearing packed with Jewish "intervenors", not-too-incidentally - for items I had posted on my website?
So that was that. I wrote Margolis off and never again felt the respect or kinship for this fellow writer that I had felt before.
And here I am today - with a Margolis column that somebody pulled out of the "Toronto Sun" archives for me. I do not know when it was written, but it is telling and it makes my point - that Jewish factions were behind the famine that caused my forebears' very own and all-too-real "Holocaust":
(begin article)
Remembering Ukraine's Unknown Holocaust
By Eric Margolis Contributing Foreign Editor From the Toronto Sun Archives
As Britain's socialist government cleared the way for a gaudy show trial of that Great Satan of the left, Chile's Gen. Augusto Pinochet, the 65th anniversary of this century's bloodiest crime was utterly ignored. Leftists now baying for Pinochet's head don't want to be reminded of the Unknown Holocaust.
In 1932, Soviet leader Josef Stalin unleashed genocide in Ukraine. Stalin determined to force Ukraine's millions of independent farmers - called kulaks - into collectivized Soviet agriculture, and to crush Ukraine's growing spirit of nationalism.
Faced by resistance to collectivization, Stalin unleashed terror and dispatched 25,000 fanatical young party militants from Moscow - earlier versions of Mao's Red Guards - to force 10 million Ukrainian peasants into collective farms. Secret police units of OGPU began selective executions of recalcitrant farmers.
When Stalin's red guards failed to make a dent in this immense number, OGPU was ordered to begin mass executions.
But there were simply not enough Chekists (secret police) to kill so many people, so Stalin decided to replace bullets with a much cheaper medium of death - mass starvation.
All seed stocks, grain, silage and farm animals were confiscated from Ukraine's farms. (Ethiopia's Communist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam used the same method in the 1970s to force collectivization: the resulting famine cased one million deaths.)
OGPU agents and Red Army troops sealed all roads and rail lines. Nothing came in or out of Ukraine. Farms were searched and looted of food and fuel. Ukrainians quickly began to die of hunger, cold and sickness.
When OGPU failed to meet weekly execution quotas, Stalin sent henchman Lazar Kaganovitch to destroy Ukrainian resistance. Kaganovitch, the Soviet Eichmann, made quota, shooting 10,000 Ukrainians weekly. Eighty percent of all Ukrainian intellectuals were executed. A Ukrainian party member named Nikita Khruschchev helped supervise the slaughter.
During the bitter winter of 1932-33, mass starvation created by Kaganovitch and OGPU hit full force. Ukrainians ate their pets, boots and belts, plus bark and roots. Some parents even ate infant children.
The precise number of Ukrainians murdered by Stalin's custom-made famine and Cheka firing squads remains unknown to this day. The KGB's archives, and recent work by Russian historians, show at least seven million died. Ukrainian historians put the figure at nine million, or higher. Twenty-five percent of Ukraine's population was exterminated.
Six million other farmers across the USSR were starved or shot during collectivization. Stalin told Winston Churchill he liquidated 10 million peasants during the 1930s. Add mass executions by the Cheka in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; the genocide of three million Muslims in the USSR; massacres of Cossacks and Volga Germans and Soviet industrial genocide accounted for at least 40 million victims, not including 20 million war dead.
Kaganovitch and many senior OGPU officers (later, NKVD) were Jewish.
The predominance of Jews among Bolshevik leaders, and the frightful crimes and cruelty inflicted by Stalin's Cheka on Ukraine, the Baltic states and Poland, led the victims of Red Terror to blame the Jewish people for both communism and their suffering. As a direct result, during the subsequent German occupation of Eastern Europe, the region's innocent Jews became the target of ferocious revenge by Ukrainians, Balts and Poles.
While the world is by now fully politicised with the destruction of Europe's Jews by the Germans, the story of the numerically larger holocaust in Ukraine has been suppressed, or ignored. Ukraine's genocide occurred 8-9 years before Hitler began came to power, and was committed, before the world's eyes. But Stalin's murder of millions was simply denied, or concealed by a left-wing conspiracy of silence that continues to this day. In the strange moral geometry of mass murder, only Germans are guilty. Socialist luminaries like Bernard Shaw, Beatrice and Sidney Webb and PM Edouard Herriot of France, toured Ukraine during 1932-33 and proclaimed reports of famine were false. Shaw announced: "I did not see one under-nourished person in Russia." New York Times correspondent Walter Duranty, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his Russian reporting, wrote claims of famine were "malignant propaganda." Seven million people were dying around them, yet these fools saw nothing. The New York Times has never repudiated Duranty's lies.
Modern leftists do not care to be reminded their ideological and historical roots are entwined with this century's greatest crime - the inevitable result of enforced social engineering, Marxist theology and Stalin's execution.
Western historians delicately skirt the sordid fact that the governments of Britain, the U.S. and Canada were fully aware of the Ukrainian genocide and Stalin's other monstrous crimes. Yet they eagerly welcomed him as an ally during World War II. Stalin, who Franklin Roosevelt called "Uncle Joe," murdered four times more people than Adolf Hitler was accused.
None of the Soviet mass murderers who committed genocide were ever brought to justice. Lazar Kaganovitch died peacefully in Moscow a few years ago, still wearing his Order of the Soviet Union, and enjoying a generous state pension.

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