The Voices In Your
Head May Be Real

By John Gartner

Researchers have developed technology that can project a beam of sound so narrow that only one person can hear it. "Directed" audio sounds like it's coming from right in front of you even when transmitted from a few hundred meters away.
Inventors of the new "ventriloquist" technology say it could provide an added dimension to entertainment. The military, however, is investigating using it to confuse opponents or even inflict pain.
The Audio Spotlight is one of two competing audio transmission systems that emit a one-foot square column of sound that can only be heard by people in its direct path. Joseph Pompei, a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab, decided to develop it while working at audio company Bose, which he joined at 16 as its youngest-ever engineer.
Pompei, who used to play jazz trumpet in nightclubs in Chicago, became interested in how sound systems reproduce and distribute music. He thought it would be cool to "choreograph sound just like you would dancers on stage."
Pompei imagined that instead of loudspeakers blaring the same cacophony of instruments to all parts of the room, it would be more interesting to selectively spotlight the soloist to the left side of the audience, while featuring the percussion up front, and then switching them around.
"Sound in real life is occurring all around you. Regular speakers only go so far in reproducing an accurate environment," Pompei said.
Pompei developed the first demonstration systems of the technology for installations at Sega's Joyopolis theme park in Tokyo and the Boston Museum of Science, and he's planning to start selling it commercially soon. He said museums like the system because visitors who stand in front of an exhibit can hear the appropriate audio track without being distracted by sound from other displays.
The Audio Spotlight transmitters range from several inches in diameter to about 20 inches and generate a column of sound between one to three degrees wider than the transmitter.
The technology could also be used to prevent fights over the car's radio tuner, Pompei said. He put several Audio Spotlights in a concept truck from Chrysler, which enabled passengers to hear their own radio stations -- the kids in the back seat enjoyed heavy metal while the parents relaxed to elevator music. "It could make for much happier trips," he said.
The Audio Spotlight converts ordinary audio into high-frequency ultrasonic signals that are outside the range of normal hearing. As these sound waves push out from the source, they interact with air pressure to create audible sounds.
Pompei said the "non-linear" effect of air pressure modifies sound waves in a consistent fashion. He wrote algorithms that "reverse-engineered" the desired sound waves to determine the appropriate ultrasonic source signals.
According to University of Texas professor David Blackstock, high-frequency signals are easier to focus, and control like a flashlight, than sounds that are within the human range of hearing, which disperse in all directions. Blackstock said ultrasonic signals "decay more slowly than lower-frequency waves" so they are easier to send farther.
The Audio Spotlight emits sounds in the 60-kilohertz range, which, according to Blackstock, is well above the 20-KHz limit of human hearing.
Blackstock said the first experiments to use ultrasonic sounds were conducted underwater in the 1960s, and Japanese researchers made advances in the 1980s but were unable to create a commercial application for the technology.
Pompei said Audio Spotlights are currently being installed in Australia for the upcoming Fringe Festival. Pompei started Holosonic Research Labs to sell Audio Spotlights to corporations such as Kraft and Kodak, which are in the process of integrating them into information kiosks and retail displays.
An alternative to Pompei's invention, which also may be commercially available soon, is American Technology's Hypersonic Sound System. The HSS system similarly converts audio into ultrasonic sound waves, and Blackstock was impressed by a demonstration.
Blackstock said he heard a clear signal at about 100 meters, but then heard nothing by moving two steps out of the audio's path. "It's remarkable, a spectacular effect."
American Technology president Terry Conrad said the company is going into its first mass production of chips that convert the audible sounds into ultrasonic waves in February.
American Technology recently signed an agreement with the U.S. Army to develop the technology for a decidedly non-commercial use: psychological warfare.
According to American Technology CTO Jim Croft, the technology could be used to confuse opponents by making them think there was someone nearby. Small transmitters could be kept out of sight, and ghost sounds could be bounced off "rocks or any reflective surface" to fool people into believing they were not alone.
American Technology is also working on a stronger version of the technology called Directed Stick Radiator, Croft said. This "acoustic assault rifle" is shaped like a gun, but instead of bullets, it dispenses high-decibel sounds that would cause discomfort or even pain.
Croft said the company is developing prototypes of the debilitating weapon that could be mounted on a jeep and used for crowd control. "It could be a very effective first-level deterrent," he said.
Pompei, conversely, is happy to make music, not war, with his system. He said U2's Bono is a fan of the Audio Spotlight and recently flew him to Los Angeles to measure the acoustics during a Staples Center performance.
He would prefer that others adopt his invention to returning to the stage himself. "I make a much better scientist than musician."
From Eleanor White
Hi -
I've only scanned this article once, but I know it is highly significant to us mind control victims.
What this is saying is, here is a type of field, called a "torsion field" in this reference, that is generated as a normal consequence of either mechanical motion or electromagnetic fields, which UNDER SPECIFIC CONDITIONS can have powerful effects on biological entities (us).
This statement by Mojimir:
"(the generators using geometrical shapes were described as well in the excerpt of Gurtovoi's book I was mailing to the list few months ago)"
...and this new article translation point directly to so called "psychotronic shapes", or, simple, inert objects of specific shapes which were described in the book "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain" by Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Ostrander.
These devices were demonstrated to the authors on their visit to the then Soviet Union, and are the invention of Czech industrialist and inventor, Robert Pavlita, and date from the 1930s.
In addition, these torsion fields, their effects seemingly dependent on SHAPE, point to "pyramid power", and "sacred geometry", two concepts which are often dismissed as nonsense.
We know that we are not likely to be able to sit down and build a demonstrator device from this article, but it may give some clues to our 'power researchers' and that is why I'm sending it out.
MANY THANKS to Mojimir!
Eleanor (Mojimir's translation follows)
From Mojmir Babacek < Subject: torsion fields Date: 2-21-2
What follows are excerpts from the booklet by A. E. Akimov, the director of the Russian institute VENT, which was assigned in the 80s the job of building the psychotronic generators by Soviet authorities.
A.E.Akimov: "Heuristic Evaluation of the Problem of the Search of New Long Distance Effects. EGS Concept" Interdisciplinary Scientific and Technical Centre of Non Traditional Technologies Moscow, 1991
"In 1966 K.N. Perebeinos et. al. demonstrated an experimental system of transfer of information through massive screens, where the transmitter as well as receiver were produced on the principle of mechanically rotating systems (K.N. Perebeinos et. al, "Evaluation of the Possibility of the Use of Gravitation Waves for the Communication", 1966) "torsion fields come into being not only by spin, but as well by the rotation of objects.
For as long as the rotation, including the classical spin, is stationary (the angle frequency is not changing, the rotating mass is equally divided, there is no wobling, mutation etc.), the source is emitting a stationary torsion field. If the rotation is not stationary then the source emits wave radiation." "the torsion field will affect the objects with spin or angle momentum of rotation."
There are 4 types of torsion fields generators.
1) "As well as with electricity is the primary source of the field the electric charge of particles, the primary source of torsion field is a spin of elemetary particles - as well as quantums."
"The torsion field will belong to the body which will have whichever spin arrangement - nuclear, atom, molecule... a magnet arranges the space orientation of molecular flows, which give off the primary magnetic field. This arrangement has for consequence the appearance of collective magnetic field. The arrangement of the orientation of magnetic momentums automatically, as well, arranges the classical spins originating from the movement of electrons in circular molecular flows. As a consequence a collectif torsion field takes birth. Consequently every steady magnet has aside of magnetic field as well a torsion field."
2) "electromagnetic field gives off torsion field - most of electrical, radiotechnical and radioelectronical devices are sources of torsion radiations and can be used as torsion fields generators... Highly effective are radiotechnical gears where circular or spiral electromagnetic proceses take place - coil or magnetron. .. Many radiotechnical or radioelectronical devices can be used as torsion fields generators. However it is necessary to distinguish clearly what are those sources generating: static or wave radiation, what is the space structure of those fileds or radiations, what is the spectrum of frequencies (wavelike and spacial)" built generators - with voluminous resonators and various crystals with voluminous condensators and special fillers (probably the wrong word) with the use of 3 Helmholtz coils
3) generators built on principle of specially organized spin ensemble or specially organized rotation of material medium (field or body) - for example a rotating magnetic field
4) geometrical torsion fields generators (the reason why they function is not yet understood)
In the French patent from 1978 "the creation of torsion field is achieved due to the combination of topological effect and electrical polarization. Into 16 angle straight prisma are built 2 couples of ortogonally distributed electrodes with the voltage up to 300 kV. On parts of sides conuses or ovoids may be distributed. Steady electrical voltage gives birth to primary torsion field which excites intensive torsion field due to the effect of forms - according to the authors the generator was capable to diminish the gravitation field" (the generators using geometrical shapes were described as well in the excerpt of Gurtovoi's book I was mailing to the list few months ago)
"As a real source of torsion fields may be used for example crystals with polarized nuclear spins..." "Active torsion generators are used where the rotational momentum is created with the use of the external source of energy." (I am sorry, but the copy of the book I have received on microfilm is almost illegible) "Experiments prove that the activity of spin and spiral generators produces the same effects."
"The construction of torsion generators and their production as industrial samples made possible realization of vast research opening the road to their use as new sources of energy, transportation, production of materials with new qualities, transmission of information, biotechnology, medicine, agriculture etc. - the material base for the new civilization of 21st century."
"Interpretation of torsion fields as metastable states of spin polarized physical vacuum makes i t possible to formulate principally new approach to the construction of quantum (torsion) generators - ZVM."
Biological Effects of Torsion Paradigma
"J. U. Little showed the analogy between neural networks and magnet systems. John Hopfield showed that such networks with symetrical connections are equivalent to spin glasses (J.J. Hopfield: Neural networks and physical systems with emergent collective computational abilities. Proc. Mat. Acod. Sci. USA 1982, v. 79, No. 8, p. 2554, Amit D.J., Gutfreund N., Sompolinsky N. Spin-glass models of neural networks, Physical Review A., 1985, v.32, No. 2, p. 1007 - could anynone find this article?) This opened the road for the construction of models of brain mechanisms. Important proved to be the analogy between the fact that every neuron is connected with many other neurons and the long distance effects in spin glasses, where every spin is immediately connected with many other spins.
Those ideas open the road to the construction of the new approach, since there is a possibility to resign on the understanding of a spin as a magnetic moment, which makes it possible to understand the spin glass as an ensemble of objects with classical spins. In a such a case that the spin-glass is conceived as a system in which arbitrary spin configurations are possible which create a torsion field. At the same time the external torsion fields may form space spin structures in the spin glass... ... to every act of consciousness corresponds its spin structure in the brain, which has for consequence a characteristic torsion radiation. At the same time, during every characteristical torsion radiation in the brain, a proper spin structure will be formed, corresponding to the particular perception in the brain... ...the concept of torsion fields makes it possible to formulate effective approaches to the foundation of this phenomenology on strictly physical basis and planing of experiments... a possibility appeared to attach to the consciousness and thinking their material bearer defined as torsion fields."
The work of the operator of the torsion ZVM generator - the consciousness of the operator, having a spin nature manifesting itself by torsion fields. The work of the generator is based as well on spinory systems of physical vacuum and manifesting itself by torsion fields. This provides for the possibility of direct acces of the operator to the processor without a translating periphery. "The operator can, on basis of arbitrarily chosen protocole, enter into such ZVM without any mediating apparatus, by way of direct interaction directly with the central processor through the channel of torsion exchange of information. With this approach the Consciousness as a specific, torsion adaptable ZVM and ZVM produced on basis of physical vacuum will function as a one single ensemble and not as two modules of one system.
If we look upon the consciousness as on a biocomputer, realized on organic spin glass, we are obliged to state that this biocomputer was produced on molecular element base.
The information on molecular level is encoded not only in the structure of molecules, but as well in the structure of the medium which surrounds it and this information is connected with spin polarization of physical vacuum, it means with torsion fields. We can assume that the consciousness as a functional structure includes in itself a biocomputer, it means a brain as a spin glass and its outside part - the torsion ZVM surrounding the spin polarized physical vacuum in the space around the brain."
In another article A.E. Akimov announces several succesfull experiments with torsion fields generators - the melted iron was irradiated by torsion fields during the cooling and did not form the crystalic lattice - the reception of torsion fields across the screen corresponding to 50 m block of concrete was not attenuated. When the transmitter was brought next to the receiver the intensity of the reception was the same as when the signal was passing through the screen.
Mojmir Babacek

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