WTC Bombings - Primary Issues,
Unanswered Questions
By Fred Marshall Jr.

There can be no doubt that:
1. If there were, in fact, hijackers aboard the flights, they were not in control of the aircraft.
2. Any hijacker would know that planes can be shot out of the sky anywhere in the U.S. within 15 minutes by standby aircraft, and within five minutes by ground to air missiles.
3. Not a single middle-eastern name appeared on any one of the aircraft manifests.
4. Dozens of MEN could never be held hostage with inch-and-a-half BOXCUTTERS.
5. If there were, in fact, seven cell phone calls made from the doomed aircraft, one or more of the callers would have described the hijackers as "four guys speaking German," "four black guys," "four Arabs," or "four white guys," or some such. Yet none did.
6. If there were, in fact, seven cell phone calls made from the doomed aircraft, not one of the callers would have known the plane was doomed. Hijacked planes are normally landed and demands made.
7. The planes were commandeered from remote ground control locations and no one aboard any aircraft had any control over the planes.
8. The towers could not have imploded so perfectly without the strategic pre-positioning of multiple explosive charges inside the towers, and the carefully timed sequential detonation of each.
9. The plane crashes alone would not have brought down either building.
10. No organization, outside the government, could have grounded all the Air Force aircraft for more than 60 minutes.
11. No organization, outside the government or without massive government assistance, could have planned and executed such a precision operation.
12. Only one explanation exists which can justify the awarding, within 24 hours, of the salvage contract to the same company which had a similar contract for the Murrah Building in OKC, and the immediate melting down of the steel for "recycling" without any investigation or inspection......the government knew in advance, and wanted the evidence destroyed immediately, just as in OKC, Waco, and other places.
There is so much more, but I haven't time to discuss it now. Suffice it to say that the terrorism being waged against the American people comes from the for-profit incorporated federal government (not to be confused with the Constitutional U.S. Government).

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