Chemtails - Sick In
Sprague River, Oregon

From Penny

Hi Jeff,
I checked out your Chemtrails in Oregon. I have been interested in chemtrails for a couple of years now. I was watching even when they started spraying at night. I have watched the clouds disapate when they blow into a chemtrail.
I believe that they have added some new ingredient into the chemtrails recently. The reason that I believe this is because since the last spraying everyone here is sick. Not just in Sprague River, but also in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and surrounding areas.
The symptoms are: runny noses, congested, sore and burning throats, dizzy, sick to the stomach, and a tinglie feeling all over the body.
It has started to rain here, but I am not sure if I should be happy or sad. I am not sure if they are spraying above the clouds or not.
I believe that the spray is also effecting the animals. People are telling me that they go out to feed their animals, and find a horse dead here, a cow there, a pig dead. Even some goats with labored breathing every time they spray. I do know that the dogs start gagging, and vomiting when the spraying starts. You will see a dog standing there with liquid pouring out of its nose. Why aren't the animal rights people getting upset over this abuse?
I don't believe that complaining to the government will do any good. Heck according to HR 2977 IH, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) names the chemtrails as an Exotic Weapon. So complaining to the ones that are doing this to you won't in my opinion do any good. I do have my own opinion on how to put a stop to this in a peaceful manner, but the people have to make up their minds to come together first. Either come together in a peaceful manner, and put a stop to this or keep getting sick, along with your children, and animals, and stop complaining.
Penny in Sprague River, Oregon

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