A Phantom Car

Hi Brad,
I was listening to a past Halloween show with you and Jeff Rense. You told a story that hit home.

I live, with my family, in rural central Midwest. With lowering prices and more government involvement in the farming industry, I quit farming 5 years ago and went to write and design for a magazine. I was the Production Supervisor there until I left a couple of years ago.

My father retired from farming and he and my mom moved into my Grandmother's house, across our pasture, and my wife and I moved back to my childhood home.

The old two-story farm house we live in is over 100 years old, and my mother and uncle also grew up here. As far back as I can remember we have been visited by a phantom car. It comes a few times a year, but is most noticeable in the summer. (With the windows open you can hear the engine and the tires crunching the gravel.)

The phantom car can be seen just after dusk as it turns off of the highway into our long gravel lane. You can see and hear the car coming up the lane clearly and solidly. It appears to be a car from a different era, as it has large round headlights on either side of the car's hood like they are sitting on fenders. The car drives all the way up the lane and stops in front of our house on the circle drive. Then the engine shuts off, the lights turn off, and two car doors open and close. As the "occupants" come crunching across the gravel their footfalls stop. Nothing is ever out there! This phenomenon has been seen by everyone in my family, and a couple of times by a whole house full of people celebrating birthdays.

My wife had a visit by it one night while on the phone with my dad. She told him that I had just driven up. She went outside, with the remote phone, and told my dad that nothing is here, but she knows she had just been watching me drive up and thought I had someone with me because she heard two car doors. I had never told her about the car.
I found the attached picture over at my mom s. It is a picture of our house from April 1937. It was taken from the sky, as you can see, and one can only imagine what the old airplane looked like that took the photo. The original photo was brown with age and faded. I scanned the photo into Photoshop and turned it back into a grayscale picture and adjusted the levels so it is clearer.

What struck me in the photo is the car sitting on the circle drive. It is in the exact position that the Phantom Car is in when it stops, the engine shuts off, the lights turn off and two doors can be heard opening and closing. The sounds of walking also match the spot it is sitting in! I know very little of the cars from that period. But, if it had large headlights on either side and an engine that had the under-lying sewing machine sound, it could be the Phantom Car!

I found out, from my mom, that my grandparents were married in 1916 and moved into this house in 1918. The house was originally one-story. My grandfather built the second story in 1929. (Yes, during the Depression) I had told you, in an earlier email, that I thought my grandparents were also visited by the Phantom car. I was wrong. The earliest my mom remembers is in the 1960's. My grandfather died in the late 50's when I was 3 or 4 years old.

This doesn't solve the mystery, however, because two doors open and shut and two people are heard walking. (My grandmother lived to be 100 years old) It makes me wonder if the car in the drive is actually my grandparents car, or someone who came to visit. (And continues to come to visit)


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