Mystery Skin Rash And Chemtrails
From Anomymous
Portland, OR

No pictures, but some interesting follow-up. I've been aware of the chemtrail situation for a few years now and living in the West Hills here in Portland, I have a ringside seat for the daily show. Every clear day and recently every clear night, they bombard us with chemtrails - every day without fail for at least the last three years; that is, until you posted the recent article. The day after that story appeared on your site was the first clear day in three years that they haven't sprayed Porland Or. The following day they did a relatively light spray, apparently realising just how quickly the brainwashed minions forget.
But now, we have a brand new situation. The last couple days they have again quit. Sitting here on a Sunday morning, now afternoon, on a perfectly beautiful and clear day they aren't spraying us - how come? Have you heard the news? There is a skin rash epidemic hitting our public schools. A couple schools have been closed - I believe they may be re-opened on Monday - while many, I think in the hundreds, of kids have come down with this'mystery rash'. It was the lead news story for a few nights. No one has been able to discover the cause, but since americans don't like the unknown, the local medical folks have come up with the concept of a "psychosomatic" rash. Can you believe that Jeff, the children in Portland Or. are so screwed up psychologically that they're all having a psychosomatic rash. All the local talking heads are pushing this 'theory'.
This rash looks just like those I've seen pictures of where those affected claim them to be chemtrail related. I'm not a doctor, I just play one on-line, but I'll bet you a cool million this rash is caused by our daily dose of chemtrails and the 'authorities' are afraid the minions may actually look up and somehow put two and two together. Personally, I don't think those in charge have anything to worry about, the people of Portland will never have the courage to face this issue.

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