Joe McMoneagle Stuns
Japan Police By Finding
Missing Person

From Dick Allgire
Vice President - Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild

Confirmed - 2nd Missing Person In Japan Located By Joe McMoneagle
From Dick Allgire
Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild
Hi Jeff -
Just got word from Joe McMonagle that the second missing person has been located based on his remote viewing work. Joe recently did remote viewing sessions for Japanese law enforcement agencies. The sessions were tasked by producers for National Television in Japan. As detailed earlier he was given several targets, double blind.
The first was a woman who had been missing for 27 years. McMoneagle identified her by name, and then identified the city and actual apartment where she was living. Police were able to locate her based on RV data.
A second target involved a missing man. Again McMoneagle was given a photo enclosed in a blank envelope- no frontloading, double blind conditions. For the TV broadcast Joe gave them an apartment complex in a city. There were 12-hundred identical apartments, and while authorities felt they were close they did not actually find the man on the original broadcast.
Producers have now told McMoneagle the man (the second missing person) has also been found.
A viewer who watched the show recognized the missing man and contacted National Television to say they live in the area and knew him. He was using the different name, but they proved that the man was indeed the missing person.
The TV producers are apparently utterly amazed by McMoneagle's performance. This case is also being covered by newspapers in Japan.--

With all the claims made about remote viewing, it has been a sad fact that no remote viewers (in the civilian world) have ever been documented actually locating a missing person. Until now.
I just got permission from Joe McMoneagle to publish details of some work he did recently for National Television in Japan, under the supervision of Japanese law enforcement authorities.
Joe worked a number of targets DOUBLE BLIND for Japanese television. In the first session he was given a blank envelope with a target inside. (The name of a 48-year old woman who had been missing for 27 years.)
Joe had done the actual work on this target at his home in Virginia, prior to traveling to Japan for the video taping. Joe was able to give authorities the exact location of the missing woman- the island, the city, the specific prefecture within the city. He described the apartment complex, the apartment building, picked the right floor and even directed authorities to a specific apartment. Japanese police and television crews were suitably impressed.
"They were very surprised to find her actually residing in it under her Maiden name," explains Joe. "I think it woke the Japanese detective agency and police up. I don't think they ever expected me to find her. Especially from Virginia using only her name in a blank sealed envelope."
A second target involved a missing man, also sealed in a blank envelope. Again Joe was able to give authorities the city, prefecture, and apartment complex where the man is now living. The apartment complex has 1,200 residences that are all identical, so police are still trying to find the exact one. But they have confirmed that the man has cashed checks in that area recently and some of the local residents have identified him based on his picture.
Joe also worked another case for police, involving the murder of a family of four. That case is still active, and no details have been released yet.
McMoneagle has demonstrated remote viewing 22 times on television in 3 countries. He has worked 6 times for Japanese TV and says 5 of those demonstrations are known successes. But locating the missing woman is probably the most sensational demonstration of remote viewing ever.
Joe gave me permission to post this, but cautioned, "I just don't want to see people waving it around as extant proof of their own remote viewing capability. They can make their own tapes with someone's National Television studio."

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